37th geomechanics colloquy

37th geomechanics colloquy

October 6-7, 1988 Salzburg, Austria 37th Geomechanics Colloquy Organized by the Austrian Society for Geomechanics, this symposium will emphasize the...

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October 6-7, 1988 Salzburg, Austria

37th Geomechanics Colloquy

Organized by the Austrian Society for Geomechanics, this symposium will emphasize the following themes: rock slope protection--costs and risks; NATM in fault zones; water occurrence in tunnelling; and discussion: differences between soil mechanics and rock mechanics. For more information contact: Osterreichische Gesellschaft fur Geomecahnik, Paracelsusstr. 2/III, A-5020 Salzburg, Austria. Tel. 43/662/75519. October 9-12, 1988 San Diego, California U.S,A.

Geothermal Resources Council Annual Meeting

Sessions at this annual meeting will cover the following aspects of geothermal resource use: exploration and development (geology, geophysics, geochemistry, hydrology); operating case histories; drilling technology; production technology; reservoir testing, stimulation, engineering and modeling; high and lowtemperature power generation; direct use; legal and institutional aspects; economics, financing and marketing; and environmental aspects. Topics to be emphasized are: experiences and operational history of Imperial Valley Power Plants; case studies of Imperial Valley geothermal systems; pipelines and power lines engineering and environmental problems; drilling in geothermal systems; and hydrogeology and geochemistry of geothermal systems. For more information write: Geothermal Resources Council, P.O. Box 1350, Davis, CA 95617-1350 U.S.A. October I0-13, 1988 Twelfth International Berlin, Symposium on the Scientific Basis West Germany for Nuclear Waste Management This symposium, held by the Materials Research Society, will focus on the science underlying the following subjects: waste forms (vitreous, ceramic, spent fuel, cement); waste isolation (container materials, backfill, repository); and modeling and performance assessment. For more information contact: Ms. Helga Fuchs, Hahn-Meitner-Institut, Berlin GmbH, D-1000 Berlin 39, West Germany. Tel. (30) 80092291. Telex: 185 763. October 12-14, 1988 Golden, Colorado U.S.A.

Short Course on Blind Drilling

Co-sponsored by the Institute of Shaft Drilling Technology and the Colorado School of Mines, this intensive course is designed to provide a fundamental review of blind drilling practices for underground mining and civil construction projects. The program will include presentations on drilling equipment, drill string, raise bits and cutters, drilling oeprations, muck disposal, contracting practices, case histories, box hole drilling, new developments, and future trends. The course will be of particular value to engineers, planners, and managers associated with underground construction in the areas of mine development and production, transportation, hydroelectric projects, utility, water conveyance, defense, and underground storage structures.

Volume 3, Number 2, 1988

For more information contact: The Office of Special Programs and Continuing Education, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO U.S.A. TeL (303) 273-3321. November 8-10, 1988 Theoretical and High Tatra, Technological Aspects of Czechoslovakia Rock Cutting and Drilling and Mechanical Activation of Minerals This symposium, organized by the Mining Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, will cover the following themes: (1) technical properties of rocks and rock mass in rotary drilling of small- and large-diameter boreholes and in the ful-face driving of roadways and tunnels--current state-of-the art; (2) grinding and mechanical activation of minerals; (3) development of new technologies for the production of new materials for cutters; and (4) technical properties of rocks and rock mass, from the points of view of roadheading, coal and ore mining and preparation. Languages of the conference will be Czech, English, German, Slovak, Russian. For more information contact Ing. Michal Keel, CSc, Banicky Ustav SAV, Solovjevova UI. 45, CS-04353 Kosice, CSSR. April 3-5, 1989 Nottingham, England

Geotechnical Instrumentation in Civil Engineering Projects

This conference, organized by the Institution of Civil Engineers through the Ground Engineering Group Board, will be co-sponsored by the British Geotechnical Society, the British Tunnelling Society, and the British National Committee on Large Dams. The program will include main papers, poster papers printed as short technical notes, and an associated exhibition. The following sessions are planned: earthworks and retaining walls; buildings; landslides and excavated slopes; tunnels and underground chambers; buried services; dams, For more information, write: Conference Office, Institution of Civil Engineers, 1-7 Great George St., London SWIP 3AA England. April 11-13, 1989 Manchester, United Kingdom

International Conference on Immersed Tunnel Techniques

The Institution of Civil Engineers is organizing this conference through its Maritime Group Board. The conference aims to assemble the varied international experiences in the techniques of planning, design and construction of immersed tubes, not only for use as vehicular tunnels, but for other uses such as for services, effluent outfalls, water intakes and building substructures. Immersed tunnel projects are in progress worldwide, from western Europe to the U.S.A., the Far East, and Australasia. The programme will cover all stages of immersed tube projects, from establishing the requirement through environmental considerations and site investigation, to design and construction. A site visit to the Conwy Crossing, part of a major road improvement where an immersed tunnel is being placed across the tidal estuary of the River Conwy in North Wales, will be included. For more information write: Mrs. B. O'Donoghue, Conference Office, Institution of