4661349 Herpes simplex virus subunit vaccine

4661349 Herpes simplex virus subunit vaccine

PATENT ABSTRACTS A method is disclosed for the diagnosis of diseases having an arthritic Component such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis whi...

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PATENT ABSTRACTS A method is disclosed for the diagnosis of diseases having an arthritic Component such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis which comprises determining the deficiency of galactose in a sample of the patient£3 s blood serum or plasma, or synovial fluid, or an Ig component or fragment thereof in comparison with the corresponding normal values of galactose. + RE

~5~92 CATIONIC OLIGOPEPTIDES HAVING MICROBICIDAL ACTIVITY Robert I Lehrer, Michael E Selsted assigned to The Regents of the University of California Novel microbicidal compositions are provided which find use as preservatives, disinfectants. antigens and the like. Particularly, cationic oligopeptides of up to about thirty-five amino acids are provided having amino acid sequences substantially comparable to the amino acid sequences of cationic oligopeptides produced by macrophage. A conserved framework structure is provided. The invention described herein was in the course, or under a grant from the United States Public Health Service and the National Institutes of Health.



Bernard L Horecker assigned to Hoffmann-La Roche Inc A new biological polypeptide hormone has been isolated from mammalian thymus and has been given the designation prothymosin alpha. This peptide contains approximately 107 to 113 amino acid residues depending on species and is distinguished by having the thymosin alphal sequence at its amino-terminus. Prothymosin alpha appears to represent the native polypeptide from which thymosin alphal, thymosin alphal 1 and other fragments are generated during the isolation of thymosin fraction 5. Prothymosin alpha is one of several peptides isolated from thymic tissue which participate in the regulation, differentiation and function of thymic dependent lymphocytes (T cells). The new peptide appears to be more potent on a weight basis than thymosin alphal in the protection of subject animals against opportunistic infections.




James W Schilling, Robert T White, Barbara Cordell assigned to California Biotechnology Inc The complete coding sequences and amino acid sequences for both canine and human alveolar surfactant protein (ASP) are disclosed. Methods and vectors for obtaining these proteins in recombinant form are described. The availability of large amounts of these proteins through recombinant techniques permits the use of ASP in suitable pharmaceutical compositions in the treatment of respiratory deficiency syndromes.

4661348 BABESIOSIS ANTIGEN AND METHOD FOR PREPARATION lan G Wright, Sherwood, Australia assigned to Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization A method of preparation of babesiosis antigen including the steps of: (i) forming a crude babesiosis antigenic fraction which is derived from a lysate of Babesia infected erythrocytes or soluble fraction thereof: (ii) forming monoclonal antibody to said babesiosis antigen fraction by cloning antibody producing cells from an animal having been administered thereto said babesiosis antigen fraction; (iii) absorbing said monoclonal antibody onto an absorbent and passing said babesiosis antigenic fraction through said absorbent whereby an antigen specific to said monoclonal antibody may be bound thereto; and (iv) separating the specific antigen from the monoclonal antibody. 4661349 HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS SUBUNIT VACCINE Yoichiro Kino, Nobuya Ohtomo, Kumamoto, Japan assigned to Juridicial Foundation The Chemo-Sero-Therapeutic Research Institute An improved herpes simplex virus subunit vaccine being effective against both of HSV type I