4NRg secures funding for renewable offshore desalination unit

4NRg secures funding for renewable offshore desalination unit

MARKET PROSPECTS NTU’s Nanyang Business School, a former investment banker with DBS Bank and Normura Singapore. Managing director of Nano Sun Adjunct ...

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MARKET PROSPECTS NTU’s Nanyang Business School, a former investment banker with DBS Bank and Normura Singapore. Managing director of Nano Sun Adjunct Professor Wong said that the applications and implications for their new technology are wide-ranging. “Apart from our capabilities to improve wastewater treatment and desalination plants, multinational companies in the food and beverage industry have also expressed interest in using our technologies in their production processes,” said Adjunct Professor Wong, who teaches finance at NTU. The NTU invention is now ready for sale in the market.

By-pass pumping project in Florida


MCOR Group Inc subsidiary Harry Pepper & Associates Inc has secured a contract from the US Army Corps of Engineers for rehabilitation and structural replacement work on the Herbert Hoover Dike in Clewiston, Florida, USA. Harry Pepper will be responsible for the demolition and removal of two of the existing Herbert Hoover Dike culverts and construction of new water control structures. The work includes installation of temporary cofferdams, dewatering systems, placement of surcharge fill, by-pass pumping, and grassing and turbidity barriers and monitoring.


California American Water awarded US$1mn grant for test well


alifornia American Water’s desalination test well project is to receive a US$1 million Proposition 50 grant. The grant will help pay for the installation of a US$4 million slant test well, which is intended to prove the viability of beach wells as feed-water for the company’s Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project. Proposition 50, the Water Security, Clean Drinking Water and Coastal and Beach Protection Act, is a US$3.4 billion bond passed by voters in 2002, which allocates US$50 million in grants for brackish water

September 2014

and ocean water desalination projects throughout California state.

4NRg secures funding for renewable offshore desalination unit


NRg has secured £42 000 of grant funding from a renewable energy programme for its offshore desalination unit. The UK Supply Chain innovation for Offshore Renewable Energy (SCORE) programme awarded a grant to develop the unit. Most desalination units require a large commercial power source and as such are often located near to power stations. This method is therefore not suitable for remote areas and is very energy intensive. 4NRg’s desalination unit can harness the power of the sea, through wave or tidal energy, in order to create fresh drinking water. The unit is currently only at the prototype stage so the next step for 4NRg is to upscale the prototype to a large enough size for it to be tested. It will then be independently assessed and have the amount of water produced and its quality evaluated in order to illustrate its potential to commercial developers. This initial pilot project is planned to take nine months, with the first up-scaled device being ready for testing in three to six months, either in a large testing tank or potentially in the sea. “There are other desalination units on the market and in the development stages, but none are comparative to this one due to it not requiring electricity,” said Mark Aspinall, business development director for 4NRg. “If all goes to plan this unit could also be widely used in disaster areas where fresh water is often a scarce, yet crucial, resource.”

Oasys Water’s FO technology to treat Chinese power plant’s wastewater


he Changxing Power Plant, in China’s northern Zhejiang province, will use Oasys Water Inc’s patented forward osmosis technology to treat the coal-fired

power plant’s wastewater from flue gas desulfurization. This is Oasys Water’s first international commercial application. The project also marks China’s first commercial application of forward osmosis based Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), a desalination method that Oasys Water has pioneered. The planned wastewater treatment system will desalinate up to 650 m3/day of the FGD wastewater for reuse. “Being selected as part of the Changxing Power Plant ZLD project being developed with Beijing Woteer is an important milestone for Oasys Water. The win marks the first of many potential ZLD projects for our company, it highlights Oasys’s growth and momentum in the Asia-Pacific region and it also underscores the successful commercialization of forward osmosis technology,” said Jim Matheson, president and CEO of Oasys Water.


Outotec adds office in the Philippines


utotec has strengthened its presence in the Philippines with the opening of a new office in Manila. The new office, which is part of Outotec’s expansion in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, will focus on serving customers, driving sales in the growing market and supporting project implementation in the Philippines. Stuart Sneyd, president of Outotec’s APAC region, said: “Apart from the mining and metals sector, this market also offers attractive growth opportunities for Outotec in industrial water treatment and renewable energy sectors. With the opening of our Manila office, we will take our capability to deliver sustainable technology solutions and local customer support services to a whole new level in the Philippines.”


Tallgrass Pony Express considers expanding crude oil pipeline


allgrass Pony Express Pipeline LLC is looking to potentially

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