05300 The estimation of energy consumption and CO2 emission due to housing construction in Japan

05300 The estimation of energy consumption and CO2 emission due to housing construction in Japan

Environment 15 (pollution, health protection, safety) 95lO5297 Thr Meets of fullerenss on ths lnltlatlon and promotlon atagaa of BALB/3T3 call tran...

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(pollution, health protection, safety)

95lO5297 Thr Meets of fullerenss on ths lnltlatlon and promotlon atagaa of BALB/3T3 call tranatormatlon Sakai,A. et aL, Fullerene Science & Teck, 1995, 3, (4), 377-388. and C,,, were solubiliied in a

Energy conaarvatlon wlth optlmlaad alr condltlon95/05288 Ing systems gezaE ef aL, Ki Lufr. Kalrerech, Mar. 1995, 31, (3), 112119. (In Discuss& the energy consumption of modem air conditioning systems which the authors argue can be reduced significantly. Optimised au handling units are able to save more than 50% of the energy costs as compared to conventional recirculating units. Describes the exam le of the German z$oo%, which has reduced operating costs in the last ! IVCyears by more

95lO5209 Enar y mlxtura wlth powdered Luaatlan llgnlta In the scope of applPcation of the German Tachnlcal Alr Pollution Control Act Schulze, H. Energieanwend, Energ.-Umwelttech., 1994, 43, (12), 477-479. (In German) Envlronmant protactlon In Baden-Wuarttenberg 95105290 Slgnlflcance of ratlonal and rageneratlvs energlaa Glockner, E. Stung. Ber. Siedlungswasserwirtsch., 1994, 124, 137-150. (In German) The paper disqssts environTe$al protection in Baden-Wuerttenberg, Germany in relation to CO, enusslons m 1990 due to traffic, power generation, household, industries, and refineries; power generation from different sources (nuclear energy, coal, water power, natural gas, heating oil, wastes). 95105291 Envlronmant, ?? ecurlty snd UN reform Imber, M. F. St. Martin’s Press, New York, NY, USA, $65.00,1994, MO PP. liticization of environmental issues and the The author discusses the background of the Stc&bo E and Rio conferences. He refers to the international agreement on chlorofluorocarbons and suggests that scientific consensus followed the political agreement. 95105292 Envlronmant: New pollclea of the European Unlon Club de Bruxelks, 12 rue du College Saint M&l, B-1150 Bruxelles, Belgium, BF13,800,

1994, 356 pp.

95105293 Envlronmental catalysis Armor, J. N. (ed), American Chemical Society, 1155 Sirrrcnth Street, N.W., Washington, DC.20036, U&4, $99.95, 1994, 467~~. The first comprehensive volume on the ma’or aspects of environmental catalysis. Focuses on NO, removal, motu*/e engine emission controls, power plant emission% control of volatile organic compounds, SOXemissions, and waste minimization. Overview chapters introduce each section and rovide added perspective and coverage.Includes corn rehensive technica reports on automotive and diesel emission contra catalysts, NO= removal, and removal of chlorinated hydrocarbons from various process streams.



95105297 Envlronmsntal law and ?? col ical responslblllty. The concept and practice of acologlcal eelsp-organlzatlon Teubner. 0. et a& (Cdr.), John Wiley & So& [email protected] Lane, Chicester, west sussex$ uK$ f4S.00, $72.50, 1994, 411 pp. 95tO5298 Envlronmantal regulation and lntsrnatlonal trade Lava1 (GREW, Cite Sartzetakis! E. S. and Constantatos, C P. Universire Universitarre, Quebec, Que. GlK 7P4, Canada, 1994, 1Opp. The authors discuss two countries imposing the same environmental standa& through different regulatory regimes. 95105299 Eatlmatlng the health affects of alr pollutanta: A method wlth an appllcatlon to Jakarta Ostro, B. Pa er No. 1,301. World Bank Publications, 1818 H Street, NW, Washington, g C.20433, USA, 1994, 65 pp. The report describes a method for quantifyin the benefits of reducin air pollution coming from particulate matter, su fphur dioxide, nitrogen %IOXtdc, ozone and lead. The methodology is then applied to Jakarta. 95lO5300 Ths astlmatlon of energy conaumptlon and CO, amlaalon due to houalng conatructlon In Japan Suzuki, M. et al., Energy & Buildings, 1995, 22, (Z), 165-169. Basic sector classification Input/Out ut Tables of Japan (Research Committee of International Trade and Pndustrv. Tokvo. Janan. 1988‘1were applied to quanti the total energy consurr$ion df &) ‘em&ion including direct and in3 erect effects due to the construction oI various types of houses. As a result, energy consumption for construction is calculated as 810 GJ per square meter of floor area for multi-family SRC (steel reinforced concrete) houses, 3 GJ for wooden single-family houses, 4.5 GJ for lightweight steel structure single-family houses. CO, emission resulting from construction is 850,250 and 400 kg/m’ respectively. 95105301 An aatlmatlon of sadlmentatlon rates along the Fllbbla estuary, Lancaahlra, UK, baaed on radlocaealum profllea preserved In lntertldal aedlments Mamas, C. J. et al., Envirdnmenr In&. 1995, 21, (2). 151-165. Radiocaesium has been measured, using a Ge amma-ray spectrometer, to a depth of lm in the intertidal sediment at four sitea alop tbe Ribble Cs, and the Estuq Lancashire, UK Using depth profiles of ‘“Cs, “‘W Cs ratio together with the published release rates from Sellafield nuclear fuel reprocessing plant. net sedimentation rated have been drived for the four sites. 95/05302 The European Commlaslon ExternE Project Valette, P. Revue de I’Energic, Apr. 1995, (467), 248-265. The ExtemE project, begun jointly in 1991 by the European Commission and the U.S. Department of Energy, consists in establishing an accounting framework for evaluating the external environmental costs of enerav. So far, tbe project has concentrated on the main forms of energy u2 for producing electricity. The environmental costs of coal technologies, nuclear, as, petroleum, and certain renewables (hydraulic, wind) have been evaBuated for European locations. Some thirty research teams have been participating in the project in Europe. The project was original1 prompted by the desire to establish a wmmon concept based on physica r, techrucal and economic evaluation methods, and on new clarified definitiosn of external costs that would be tbe same in the various countries and for future users. The article presents the main wnclusions of the project at early 1995.


Environmental change: oil tradlng and risk management lmpllcatlona Fusaro, P. C. Paper No.23, ICEED, Campus Box 263, University of

Coloradq Boukier, CO.80309-0418, USA, $10.00, 1994, I7pp. The report examines the potential effects of environmental regulations,

especially the US regulations on oil product trading patterns and distribution systems as well as on risk management structures. 95105295 Environmental comoarlaon of ?? lr-condlUonad and non air-condltlonad bulldlnga . Potter, I. N. et al., BSRL4 Reporr 76510 No.4 f395.00, BSRU, Old

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the environmental difference between air-conditioned and non air-conditioned buildings and their relationship to building-related illnesses. 95105296 Envlronmantal Impact of coal energy Landrieu. 0. Revue de 1’Enerke. Am. 1995. (46n. 232-247. (In French) Of the r&nv wavs that the c&~utiiiiation id o;bduction ~&cess ma; impact the ehvi&ment, there seems to be a few tliat are phy&ally qua&tiable and expressible in monetary terms. When evaluated this way, these external costi are sometimes high. But this external costs figure is meaningful only if we remember exactly what is being evaluated and what the inherent uncertainties are in the evaluation method. In order for external costs to enter into common use as an analytical tool, such informationmust be expressed in terms the unspecialized public can understand.


Fuel and Energy Abstracts September 1995

95105303 Evaluatlon of different alloya for waata water treatment of flue gas deaulfurlzatlon plant8 Altpeter, E. et aL, Werkst. Korros., 1994.45, (lo), 539-549. (In German) 95105304 Evaluation of radlonucllde transfer functlona from drilnaga baslns of fresh water ayatema Monte, L J. Environ Radioacdvity, 1995.26, (l), 71-82. Radionuclide transfer functions_ defined as the amount of radionuclide flowing per unit time from an bpstream drainage basin to a water body followmg a single pulse deposition of radioactive su~tance, were evaluated using a contamination data collected by some European Laboratories in the rivers PO, Prypiat, Dnieper, Teterev, Uzb and Rhine following the Chernobyl accident. 95105305 Evaluatlon of the luminescent bacteria bloasaay for the eatlmatlon of the toxlcologlcal potential of affluent water ?? amplea - Comparlaon with data from chamlcal analyaas. Nohava, M. et al., Environment Ink, 1995, 21, (1). 33-37. Investigations of toxic effects of water samples from industrial plants and landfii effluents on bioluminescent bacteria were carried out. The results of a standard&d bioassay (LUMIStox) were compared to chemical analysis data (heavy metal concentrations, COD, and BOD). A reduction of bioluminescent activity was observed in most of the samples. The degree of reduction showed good correlation with the concentration of anorganic and organic pollutant indicators.