A Scientist Speaks About Salmonellae and Eggs

A Scientist Speaks About Salmonellae and Eggs

Children and Youth; Selected Health Characteristics; United States 1958 and 1968, National Center for Health Statistics, DHEW, Feb. 1971. For sale by ...

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Children and Youth; Selected Health Characteristics; United States 1958 and 1968, National Center for Health Statistics, DHEW, Feb. 1971. For sale by Manager, Public Documents Distribution Center, 5801 Tabor Ave., Philadelphia, PA, 19120, 86 p., $1.00. This publication contains selected statistics based on data collected in household int.erviews relating to the extent of illness and disability, the use of medical services and health insurance coverage by age, with emphasis on all health states of persons under 25 years of age. The data would be useful to persons concerned with the health care of children. The Health of Children-1970; Selected Data from the National Center for Health Statjstics, DHEW, 1970. For sale by Manager, Public Documents Distribution Center, 5801 Tabor Ave., Philadelphia" PA 19120, 47 p., 50 cents. This is a summary chart book, including statistics on acute and chronic conditions, use of health services, and related areas such as prenatal care, illegitimacy and divorce. Of special interest t,o nutrition educators would be ,the charts on the times children 6 to 11 years usually go to bed, the home tasks performed, and the degree of selectivity with food. Looking at Nutrition 12 Ways, Seelig, R. A., 1971, United Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Assoc., 777 14th St., N.W., Washington, DC, 20005, 24 p., $1.25. This pUblication brings together 12 short articles which appeared in the monthly United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Supply Letter. These are not complete reviews of current literature bu~ rather are stimulating, interesting articles on 12 of the current "hot" topics in nutrition. These articles are written primarily for non-professionals. Food Buying and 'Preparation

Handbook of Fo6d Preparation, Sixth Edition, 1971, American Home Economics Assoc., 2010 Massachuset~ Ave., N.W., Washington, DC, 20036, 116 p., $3.00. This booklet is a must on every nutrition educator's bookshelf and also is highly recommended for homemakers, students, and food researchers. It groups together for handy reference information on food and food preparaFALL, 1971

tion not found in anyone ,text on food. In the general food information sectjon, some examples of information are: tables of equivalents, ingredient substitutions, and a glossary of food terms. Each of the following chapters deals with a different food commodity with information on purchasing and preparation. Inspection, Labeling and Care of Meat and Poultry, A Consumer Education Guide, Agriculture Handbook 416, Consumer and Market,ing Service, USDA, July, 1971. Single copies free from Office of Information, USDA, Washingt,on, DC, 20250, 49 p. This publication is intended as a teacher's guide. It gives ,background information about USDA inspection, labeling, and household care of meat and poultry. There is information about the publications, movies and other visuals available as aids in 'teaching ,such a unit, and some sample tes~s. This could be used in high school or adult education classes. Also available on grade standards from USDA Office of Information: USDA Grade Standards for Food-How They Are Developed and Used, 1971. The Egg and The Law, Picture Story 238, April, 1971, Consumer and Mar-

keting Service, USDA. Copies free from Office of Information, USDA, Washington, DC, 20250, 4 p. This leaflet explains the new Egg Products Inspection Law which requires mandatory continuous inspection for all egg processing plants. A Scientist Speaks About Salmonellae and Eggs, Poultry and Egg National Board, 1971. Send 10 cents plus a selfaddressed stamped envelope to the Poultry and Egg National Board, Dept. E-7, 18 So. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL, 60603. This is a very good little leaflet which explains the hazards, control,and tips for protection against salmonellae poisoning in eggs. This is a good reference publication. Food Selection for Good Nutrition in Group Feeding, Home Economics Research Repo~ No. 35, Peterkin, B. B., slightly revised 1971. Single copies available free from Agricultural Research Service, USDA, Washington, DC, 20250, 35 p. This publication is of interest for the food consultant, nutritionist, or dietitian who works with food managers and administrators in group feeding situations


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Program Evaluation-Nutrition Education The Agency for International Development (A.I.D.) invites responsible qualified firms to submit proposals for conducting a. program evaluation project in nutrition education based upon a previously completed feasibility study report, a copy of which will be forwarded to each prospective offeror upon request for RFP /CSD-2000 I. This project will consist of: (I) development and refinement for the successful offeror's methodology designed to measure the effectiveness of alternate approaches of nutrition education in causing fundamental change in dietary attitudes and habits as related to desirable food consumption behavior in one or more developing countries; (2) pilot field studies of the applied methodology at one or more specified sites, which for purposes of this RFP will include one site each in Latin America, Africa, and East Asia. A.I.D. contemplates negotiation of a cost-reimbursement, completion type contract with an estimated period of performance approximately 18 months in duration to accomplish the above stated work. Inquiries and requests for RFP /CSD-20001 should be directed to Robert Carpenter, Office of Procurement, Contract Services Division, Agency for International Development, Washington, DC 20523; phone (703) 557-9360. A non-refundable remittance of $3.00 for each RFP sent prior to mailing is required by check or money order payable to Agency for International Development. JOURNAL OF NUTRITION EDUCATION I 77