A textbook of physiology

A textbook of physiology

HOOK REVIEWS Oliven has attempted to accomplish just this, in this text. He brings a lifelong experience in both the psychiatric clinics of a large ...

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Oliven has attempted to accomplish just this, in this text. He brings a lifelong experience in both the psychiatric clinics of a large city hospital and the private xervice This book. moreover is not replete with of the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center. psychiatric falderal, but is written in a simple, direct style. While aimed primarily ut the practitioner there are enough theoretical data and suticient emphasis on the unknown to stimulate interest and to give an adequate referentee text. Space does not permit any detailed description of the broad scope of this t)ook, t,ut Divided into four sections, namely, Sexualit: mention of a few parts may be indicative. in Childhood, Sexuality in the Second Decade, Sexuality of the Karma! Adult, and Sexual Pathology, the book contains many informative chapters. Those on childhood arc particularly thorough and contain data on sex education, domestic nudity, sex aggression, and so forth, which would be difficult to find elsewhere. In the second section there is a particularly worth-while chapter on sex problems of the adolescent with items un petting, The section on adult sexuality discusses premarital co,~pornography, and masturbation. The seling, problems of intercourse, contraception, marriage counseling, and divorce. section on Sexual Pathology is concise and clear. This book is not overdocumented, containing in all about 150 references. The one surprising thing to this reviewer is that the factual data obtained by Kinsey are referred to only once in the chapter on masturbation. A Textbook with

of Physiology. 600 illustrations.

Edited by Philadelphia,


F. Fulton. Seventeenth edition. 1955, W. B. Saunders Company.

1375 $13.50.


For most of the twentieth century this text has been used in many medical schools. The new edition contains many revisions and the first seven chapters on nervous function, as well as those on respiration, body fluids, and kidney function have been completely (In the last-named chapter the author enters his wholly gratuitous disagreement rewritten. with Homer Smith’s mechanistic outlook.) including diction and grammar, but this does not Specialists may criticize details, detract seriously from the great value of so well-established a textbook. Vaginal Ill.,

Hysterectomy. 1954, Charles

By Laman A. Gray. C Thomas, Publisher.

137 pages $4.75.


31 illustrations.


This monograph in the American Lecture Series deals with the indications the technique and complications of vaginal hysterectomy. It is well written and page illustrations are excellent. 9 new approach to closure of the vaginal vault duced which appears to be anatomically sound, simple in manner, and a step forward. In the words of the author, the purpose of the book is to teach how to perform It does not miss its mark. hysterectomy successfully. Gynaecology. illustrations.


D. H. MacLeod and C. D. Head. Fifth Boston, 1955, Little, Brown & Company.

edition. $16.00.



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The authors of the new volume are men of repute and vast experience in the field of gynecology. They have made many valuable contributions to the progress and development of their specialty. Both men enjoy a prominent position in medicai literature. Hence, the publication of Gynaecology was looked forward to with great anticipation. The introductory chapters on anatomy and physiology are quite well done. Thereafter, this voluminous fifth edition of MacLeod and Read is somewhat of a disappointment. Although practically every aspect of gynecology is covered, many sections are very sketchy and nonspecific. The quality of the illustrations varies a great deal. Tn some chapters, they are excellent., in others, their clarity leaves much to be desired. For the student of medicine, the volume is weak in organization and development of subject material. As an example, carcinoma of the vulva is briefly corered in a few pages