A textbook of surgery

A textbook of surgery

502 American Journal of Surgery Book Reviews ney and Ureter, ” “Operations on the Bladder,” “Operations on the Prostate and SeminaI VesicIes,” and ...

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American Journal of Surgery

Book Reviews

ney and Ureter, ” “Operations on the Bladder,” “Operations on the Prostate and SeminaI VesicIes,” and “Operations on the Urethra.”

A TEXTBOOKOF SURGERY. By W. Wayne Babcock, co.7


Ed. 2. PhiIa. W. B. Saunders


The second edition of this textbook first pubIished in 1928 has been thoroughIy revised and brought up-to-date. ConciseIy written, we11 iIIustrated and thoroughIy practical, this work by one of the Ieading American surgeons may be recommended as one of the best textbooks of surgery avaiIabIe today.


Iiographers owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. FuIton for his BibIiography of Robert BoyIe, this work, and others which he has in preparation. These books are a distinct contribution to medica Iiterature. DISEASES OF THE THYROID GLAND. By Arthur E. HertzIer, M.D. With a Chapter

on HospitaI Management of Goiter Patients, By Victor E. Chesky, M.D. Ed. 3. St. Louis, C. V. Mosby Co., 1935.

Like a11 of Dr. Hertzler’s mdnographs, this book is entireIy an expression of his persona1 experiences and opinions. A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF FRACASTORO’S It is interesting to note that this work on SYPHILIS. By GiroIamo Fracastoro of the thyroid, written by a surgeon, is dedicated “To Henry S. PIummer, M.D. In Expression of Verona. By Leona Baumgartner and John Appreciation for the Great Service He Has F. F&on. New Haven, YaIe Univ. Press, Rendered Goiter Surgeons.” 1935. WhiIe not agreeing with a11 of Dr. Hertzler’s ideas, the reviewer finds this work stimuIating This bibIiography by Drs. FuIton and and, if used with proper judgment, it wiI1 Baumgartner, dedicated to Dr. ArnoId C. make a spIendid work of reference for those KIebs, wiI1 be of great interest to bibIiophiIes and Iibrarians. Medical historians and bibinterested in the thyroid gland.

BOOKS RECEIVED Ed. by Car1 E. BIack. AI1 books received by THE AMERICANJOURNALOF NAMESOFSURGICALOPERATIONS. St. PauI, Bruce Pub. Co., 1935. SURGERYare listed in this coIumn as soon as possibIe NOUVEAU TRAITS DE M$DECINE.Ed. by C. H. Roger, after their receipt and this must be considered as Fernand Widal and P. J. Teissier. Paris, Masson, adequate acknowIedgement. Books that the Editor considers of specia1 interest to our readers wiI1 be 1935. PARENTHOOD: DESIGN OR ACCIDENT. By Michael reviewed in a Iater issue. FieIding, N. Y., Vangard, 1935. ANESTHESIA IN DENTAL SURGERY. By SterIing V. PRAKTISCHEANATOMIE. Bv J. von Lanz and W. Mead. St. Louis, Mosby, 1935. Wachsmuth. BerIin, Springer, 1935. CANCER PROBLEM AND ITS SOLUTION (THE). By PUERPERAL GYNECOLOGY. By J. L. Bubis. Bait., Hastings GiIford. London, Lewis, 1934. WiIIiams & Wilkins, 1935. CRANIOCEREBRALESCHEMATA FUR DIE RBNTGENORATS, LICE AND HISTORY. By Hans Zinsser. Boston, GRAPHISCHE LOKALIZATION. By A. SchuIIer and Little, Brown, 1935. H. Urban. REACTIONSLABYRINTHIQUE ET ~QUILIBRE.By G. G. J. DISEASES OF THE RECTUM AND COLON AND THEIR Rademaker. Paris, Masson, 1935. SURGICAL TREATMENT.By J. P. Lockhart-Mummery. ROMANCEOF EXPLORATION AND EMERGENCYFIRST-AID Bait., Wood, 1934. FROM STANLEY TO BYRD (THE). By Burroughs DOCTOR’SBILL (THE). By Hugh Cabot. N. Y., CoIumWelIcome and Co. N. Y., Burroughs WeIIcome, bia Univ. Pr., 1935. ETUDE SUR L’INVAGINATIONINTESTINALE.By RoIf 1934. GuIIochsen, Leipzig, Barth, 1935. SYNOPSIS OF REGIONAL ANATOMY (A). By T. B. INJURIESANDTHEIRTREATMENT.By W. EIdon Tucker. Johnston. Ed. 3, Phila., Lea & Febiger, 1935. N. Y., Oxford Univ. Pr., 1935. THEORY AND PRACTICEOF ANAESTHESIA.By M. D. INTERNATIONAL CLINICS. SER. 45, VOLS. I, 2. Ed. by Nosworthy. London, Hutchison Scient., 1935. Louis Hamman. PhiIa., Lippincott, 1935. TRANSACTIONSOF THE PACIFIC COAST SOCIETY OF LILLY RESEARCH LABORATORIES-DEDICATION. InOBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY,1g3r-1933. Portland, dianapoIis, I 934. Western J. Surg., 1934. MEDICAL MAN AND THE WITCH DURINGTHE RENAISTUMEURS DE L’ENC~PHALE. By D. Paulian. Paris, SANCE (THE). By Gregory ZiIboorg. Bait., Johns Masson, 1935. Hopkins Pr., 1935.