A Vapour Inhaler

A Vapour Inhaler

A Vapour Inhaler. 3. I consider that we do not receive the official recognition we are entitled to as educated professional men, in the matter of exem...

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A Vapour Inhaler. 3. I consider that we do not receive the official recognition we are entitled to as educated professional men, in the matter of exemption from service on juries, proper fees being paid for expert evidence, meat inspectorships, and inspectors hips under the Board of Agriculture being in the hands of layme n, together with the constitution of that Board as far as we, as the profession, are concerned. 4. I am convinced that these matters will not be set right until we have one of our profession returned as a Member of Parliament to guard our interests, and to this I consider we ought now to devote our attention. 5. Owing- to the growth of the empire the profession requires protection in our colonies and dependencies, and of these I have, perhaps, a somewhat larger knowledge than most, having visited man)' of them. 6. Being permanently stationed in London for some time, if I have th e honour of being elected, I hope to be a working member of the Council, without being a London practitioner, and, in short, I will us e my best endeavo urs in forwarding the interests of the veterinary profession. I am, Gentlemen, yours obediently J OSHUA ARTHUR NUNN, F.R.C.V.S., C.LE., D.S.O. Veterinary-Captaill, Army f/eterillary Department. London, Febrllary 24tiz, 1897.


The illustrati on represents an inhaler, devised by Professor Hobday, for use wi th patients suffering from catarrhal discharge of th e nostrils such as is present in some forms of distemper, influenza, and ot her diseases. It consists of a cylinder of leather having a canvas top which expands, and so fi ts any size of horse or dog, and a wire gauze bottom, on the lower end of which is fitted a second gauze cap for the purpose of containing a hot sponge medicated with some drug such as creosote, eucalyptus, &c. The whole thing is fitted to the nostrils by straps. Its advantages are that it enables the steam to be thoroughly applied and carefully inhaled without fe ar 01 scalding, a nd with the least possible objection on the part of the sick ani mal. Beiug made of material which is able to be disinfected it can be readily cleansed each time after use . • The inhaler is mad e by MESSRS. ARNOLD & SONS, WEST SMITHFIELD, in sizes suitable for th e horse and dog. ----------~----------

ABORTIO~ AMONG THOROUGHBRED MAREs.-The epidemic of slipping foals is said to be on the increase in Kentucky, and many of the breeding farms have already lost heavily by the scourge, and there seems to be no positive means of checking the calamity. Seven of the choicest mares at the Castleton Stud of Messrs. J. R. & F. P. Keene are reported as slipping, and the studs of J as. Galway, F. B. Harper, and C. B. Hawkins have suffered grcatly from the trouble.-Breeders' Gazette. VOL. XLIV. I9