Air Liquide hydrogen station in Anaheim is already very popular

Air Liquide hydrogen station in Anaheim is already very popular

NEWS contract by H2 Frontier in California for an H2Station® hydrogen refueling station, to be installed in Los Angeles. Nel has also received the fir...

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NEWS contract by H2 Frontier in California for an H2Station® hydrogen refueling station, to be installed in Los Angeles. Nel has also received the first H2Station purchase orders from Shell under their previously announced California framework contract. The H2Station for H2 Frontier will replace existing equipment at a hydrogen station in Los Angeles, operated by H2 Frontier, to provide more fueling capacity and improved performance. The contract is worth more than $1 million, with shipment towards the end of 2017 and installation expected in early 2018. The effort is supported by the South Coast Air Quality Management District. ‘It is great to be trusted with equipment delivery from yet another leading hydrogen fueling company in California,’ says Jacob Krogsgaard, senior VP of Nel Hydrogen Solutions. ‘The increasing need for highercapacity stations also underlines the ongoing successful rollout of hydrogen vehicles in this important state.’ This contract expands Nel’s market entry in the state by adding a station in the Los Angeles area, in southern California, shortly after being awarded the contract to deliver a network of hydrogen stations in northern California by Royal Dutch Shell [FCB, March 2017, p8, and see below]. Nel Hydrogen Solutions was established last summer as a division of Norwegian-based Nel ASA, as a system and integration provider for the global hydrogen industry [June 2016, p10]. ‘We are now moving forward at full speed to finalise the pre-certification of our H2Stations to the US market,’ adds Krogsgaard. ‘As we have seen in Europe, this enables a significantly more streamlined permitting and installation process, and contributes in setting a new industrial norm and benchmark for safety level and legal compliance for hydrogen fueling stations. Being the first in the market to offer such a certification has given us a competitive advantage in the US market.’ Nel Hydrogen Solutions has also received the first purchase orders from Royal Dutch Shell for H2Station equipment and services, through Equilon Enterprises LLC, under their California framework contract. The purchase orders have a total value of just over NOK140 million ($16.4 million), also with equipment shipments starting in the second half of 2017 and installation expected during 2018. Shell may issue additional purchase orders at a later stage. Nel Hydrogen Solutions, Herning, Denmark. Tel: +45 9627 5600,


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H2 Frontier Inc, Gardena, California, USA. Tel: +1 951 741 3631, Shell, Hydrogen:

Air Liquide hydrogen station in Anaheim is already very popular


ir Liquide’s first hydrogen station installed in California, in the city of Anaheim, achieved its 1000th refueling of a fuel cell electric vehicle after just 100 days in operation. The station, which opened to the public last December, has already enabled hydrogen-powered vehicles to cover 250 000 km (155 000 miles). The station in Anaheim, installed and operated by Air Liquide, is part of a State of California programme to support the deployment and use of hydrogen vehicles, with some 50 hydrogen stations planned in California by the end of 2017. This rollout is supported by the California Energy Commission, which is funding a significant number of additional retail stations throughout the state [FCB, May 2014, p7 and June 2014, p6]. The Anaheim station was first announced in 2013 [June 2013, p1]. Air Liquide is also busy on the US East Coast, with long-term leases recently agreed for two new hydrogen stations in New York state [March 2017, p7], joining four stations previously announced in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York [May 2016, p9]. These are part of a deployment of 12 facilities planned by Air Liquide in the northeastern US in collaboration with Toyota Motor Sales USA [December 2014, p8]. In other news, Air Liquide Japan has completed construction of two more public hydrogen refueling stations, with the Kobe Shichinoniya Hydrogen Station now open in Kobe, on the main island of Honshu, and the Fukuoka Miyata Hydrogen Station in operation in Miyawaka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, on the southern island of Kyushu [November 2016, p5]. These two additions mean that Air Liquide Japan now has five public hydrogen stations: it already co-runs two stations in Aichi Prefecture on Honshu through its joint venture with Toyota Tsusho [November 2013, p8 and October 2014, p7], and one in Saga City on Kyushu [January 2016, p7].

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Hydrogenics wins P2G contract in Germany, electrolyser deal in UK


anadian-based Hydrogenics has entered into an agreement to deliver a 2.4 MW PEM Power-to-Gas (P2G) system for hydrogen production using wind energy in Brunsbüttel, Germany. The company has also been awarded a contract by Doosan Babcock in the UK, to install two alkaline electrolysers at the new Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre in Aberdeen, Scotland. The 2.4 MW Power-to-Gas system for hydrogen production is for German utility Wind to Gas Südermarsch GmbH, which will use PEM electrolysis technology to directly convert excess wind energy into hydrogen at the facility in Brunsbüttel, in northern Germany. The hydrogen will be fed into the local natural gas pipeline, helping to reduce the region’s carbon footprint. Incentives for wind energy that cannot be fed into the grid will be phased out in the coming years, so wind investors are looking for innovative long-term solutions. The Südermarsch plant is expected to be up and running this year. Hydrogenics has previously supplied a 1 MW electrolyser P2G system for a wind farm at Grapzow in Germany [FCB, October 2013, p8] and a 1.5 MW electrolyser P2G system for E.ON in Hamburg [November 2015, p9], and is delivering a 1.2 MW PEM electrolyser for the HyBalance P2G demonstration project in Denmark [March 2017, p9]. It is also targeting the P2G market in Asia, with wind-tohydrogen P2G contracts in China [November 2015, p1] and a wind-hydrogen hybrid project in Thailand [August 2016, p7]. Hydrogenics has also been awarded a contract by Doosan Babcock Ltd to install two HySTAT®100 alkaline electrolysers, along with compression and hydrogen storage equipment, at the new Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre (AECC) in Aberdeen, Scotland. When complete the AECC will have the largest fuel cell installation in the UK, with three 460 kW Doosan Purecell® phosphoric acid units providing a total electrical output of 1.4 MW [January 2017, p6]. The Hydrogenics electrolysers will convert up to 1 MW of fluctuating power into 20 kg/h of hydrogen, complementing the combined heat and power (CHP) natural gas fuel cell application installed at the AECC. Hydrogenics expects to deliver the electrolysers in late 2017,

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