Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting

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E r r o r in S ta tem ent on W o r k P e r fo r m e d by N avy D en tists In reporting the remarks of Gapt. Robert S. Davis, Chief of the N avy D ental Corps, at the open meeting of the W ar Service Committee of the Am er­ ican D ental Association, the following statement was attributed to him : “ It m ay be interesting for you to know that, at a training station not far from here, there are some 250 dental officers inserting about 60,000 permanent dentures each month.” Obviously, the word dentures is in ­ correct and should be replaced by the word restorations so that the phrase would read “ some 250 dental officers inserting about 60,000 permanent res­ torations each month.”

D ir e c t o r o f C h in ese D ental P rogram A tten d s A nnual M e etin g D avid S. K . D ai, Chengtu, China, director of the dental public health pro­ gram for the Chinese government in Chungking, attended the Annual M eet­ ing of the Am erican D ental Association in Cincinnati to seek consultation on the development of a m odem dental program for China. D r. D ai sought advice in planning the different types of state- dental service, in determining the need for dental personnel and equip­ ment, in allocating funds for providing an extended dental service to the C h i­ nese people and in obtaining trained personnel to train more Chinese den­ tists. 3 0 0 d e n t i s t s . — “ There are fewer than 300 trained dentists in China today,” Dr. D a i said, “ and they are called upon to serve a population of more than 400,000,000. Whereas the American




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dentist is called upon to serve approxi­ mately 2,500 of population, we in China have more than 1,000,000 of the popu­ lation for every trained practitioner. “ Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek is in­ tensely interested in the public health program. W e are trying to plan a sound one for the peace which will come some day, but to do so means we must have advice, equipment and personnel. W e hope that Am erican dentistry, which is the finest in the world, will help us fill that need.” Dr. D ai, who has served as a colonel in the Chinese Arm y M edical Corps, was educated at West China Union University and has studied in this coun­ try for two years. H e w ill return to China this month, traveling to Chung­ king by way of India and completing the journey by air.

C o rrectio n s M ade in R e p o r t on A nnual M e et in g in C incinnati In reporting the election of Henry Hicks, Greenwich, Conn., as Trustee of the First District, it was stated* that he held the minority of a 13 to 5 count in the district’s votes. This vote should have been stated as 13 to 9. T h e following corrections should be made in the list of committee appoint­ ments published in the same issue: Appointed to the Membership Com ­ mittee are L . C . Hemsworth, T . L. Stangebye and C . J. H ollister; Council on Dental Therapeutics, Thom as J. Hill, M ilan A . Logan, H. Berton M cCauley and Charles Sheard; Am erican Red Cross, George A . C o lem an ; Dental M u ­ seum, Grant V a n Huysen, H. L . Bunker and J. Hi Birkett; Pan Am erican Rela­ tions Committee, Daniel F . Lynch, Spen­ cer R. Atkinson, Stanley D . Tylm an, Fernando Sacassa, C lau d e R. Wood, C. J. Caraballo, W. T . Foster, John W. Ross, Ralph H. Brodsky and Don J. Aubertine. *J.A.D.A., 30:1627, October 15, 1943.