ASHRAE, REHVA partner to encourage sustainability

ASHRAE, REHVA partner to encourage sustainability

4 Industry news In brief The UK’s University of Surrey and DelAgua Water Testing has secured investment to extend and improve DelAgua’s microbiologi...

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Industry news

In brief The UK’s University of Surrey and DelAgua Water Testing has secured investment to extend and improve DelAgua’s microbiological water testing products. Initially, £500,000 has been committed to research and development at the University of Surrey with financial backing from DelAgua Water Testing’s new chairman, Neil McDougall. The collaboration between the University of Surrey and DelAgua Water Testing will concentrate on developing new and improved water testing kits by extending the range of parameters tested, enhancing portability and improving ease of use, and, in the longer term, developing an instant, simple, low-cost microbiological water test for community use. Eco-Tec has expanded its web site to include both English and Chinese versions. The website has been re-launched to provide easy navigation for desired information about Eco-Tec’s capabilities and market strengths. Both versions of the website will enable users to access information about products and services as well as related technical information, the company says. Degremont, SA, the wholly owned subsidiary of SUEZ Environment, today announced the unification of its eight North American and European brands under the newly formed Degremont Technologies (SUEZ) umbrella. The companies – which include Ozonia North America and Infilco Degremont in the United States, Anderson Water Systems and Degremont Ltd. in Canada, and Aquasource, Innoplana, Ozonia, Schreiber Technology and Triogen in Europe and Asia, all have assumed the Degremont Technologies (SUEZ) name.

Filtration+Separation April 2007

Turboflow purchase for Thermo Fisher

How the Turboflow technology works.

International scientific analyst specialist Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc has acquired Cohesive Technologies Inc, a manufacturer of advanced sample extraction and liquid chromatography products.

sample preparation in LC, especially for drug discovery, drug development and clinical research applications. This allows scientists to reduce matrix effects during pre-clinical bioanalysis.

Cohesive Technologies’ products includes the TurboFlow, which, Thermo Scientific says, enhances its liquid chromatography (LC) and mass spectrometry (MS) product portfolio by minimizing

TurboFlow technology works by retaining small molecules, filtering out proteins and larger materials by diffusion, size exclusion and column chemistry. This enables users to directly inject biological samples into

ASHRAE, REHVA partner to encourage sustainability ASHRAE and the Federation of European Heating and AirConditioning Associations (REHVA) have formalized a long time relationship through the signing of a new memorandum of understanding. The memorandum, signed today at ASHRAE’s 2007 Winter Meeting, calls for increased cooperation between the two associations. “The challenges of the insecure energy situation and the public’s request for better and more secure buildings are huge,” Olli Seppänen, president of REHVA, said. “ASHRAE and REHVA must work together to find the best sustainable technology for superior indoor environment for buildings. Coordination and cooperation is needed so that duplication of efforts is avoided and that the

limited resources are used most efficiently.”

the LC-MS/MS system prior to analysis, a significant advantage in pre-clinical bioanalysis, where extensive sample preparation is too time-consuming due to the high sample loads, the company says. TurboFlow technology can be coupled with the Thermo Scientific TSQ Quantum triple quadruple mass spectrometer combined with FAIMS (HighField Asymmetric Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry).

Kruger and Norit to partner on UF Kruger Inc, a Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies company, is to distribute Norit X-Flow products along with Kruger ultrafiltration products in the US and Canada.

Europe is committed to a strong energy policy, Seppänen said. The goal for energy saving is set at 20% by the year 2020 in Europe. Steps toward this goal include an energy efficiency and energy services directive from April 2006 that sets the goal for energy savings in the member states at 1% per year during the next nine years, and requests national energy efficiency plans in June 2007. The European commission is also preparing a directive for minimum energy performance standards for 14 priority energy products in 2007. ASHRAE is pursuing a similar goal, with hopes of achieving netzero energy use by the year 2020.

Kruger will supply Norit XFlow membranes not only as a stand-alone solution, but also as a combined solution with other Kruger processes such as ACTIFLO® High Rate Clarification (ACTIMEM®) and as a final polishing step following their biological systems.

“We believe that membrane technologies will continue to grow and play an even more significant role in water and wastewater treatment throughout the US,” said Kruger’s president, Mike Gutshall.