Asian Paints 1Q Sees Good Demand

Asian Paints 1Q Sees Good Demand

FOCUS INDUSTRY NEWS Asian Paints 1Q Sees Good Demand Asian Paints' consolidated income from operations amounted to €518.10 M in the quarter ended 30 ...

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INDUSTRY NEWS Asian Paints 1Q Sees Good Demand Asian Paints' consolidated income from operations amounted to €518.10 M in the quarter ended 30 Jun 2015, up by 7.8% year-on-year from €480.76 M. PBDIT (before exceptional item) rose by 24% year-on-year to €97.73 M from €78.84 M. Net profit after minority interest grew by 34.4% to €65.09 M from €48.3 M. This growth is attributed to reduced raw material costs and growth in industrial coatings JV amid strong demand from powder coatings and industrial liquid paints segments. Original Source: APCJ, Asia Pacific Coatings Journal, Aug-Sep 2015, 28 (4), 5 (website:, © dmg events 2015.

Cerakote enters Distribution Partnership with Suzutomo Cerakote Ceramic Coatings and Prismatic Powders has selected Suzutomo Co Ltd to distribute the Cerakote ceramic and clear coatings and Prismatic Powders custom powder coating to automotive, industrial, firearm, off-road and high temperature coating sectors in Japan. Suzutomo recently completed a hands-on training programme in Cerakote for proper training and certification. Original Source: APCJ, Asia Pacific Coatings Journal, Aug-Sep 2015, 28 (4), 20 (website:, © dmg events 2015.

Axalta Develops Warranty Program for its Alesta® Architectural Powder Coatings Line Axalta Huajia Coatings, a joint-venture of one of the leading global suppliers of liquid and powder coatings, Axalta Coating Systems and Huangshan Yongjia Group Co Ltd, has developed a new warranty program for its Alesta® architectural powder coatings premium line in China. Alesta® powder coatings are established performers that meet rigorous architectural specifications set forth in American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 2603 and 2604 or equivalent standards. Axalta's Alesta® AD, SD and UD premium powder coatings offer superior




durability and come in a wide selection of colors and gloss levels. Alesta® powder coatings also contain virtually zero VOCs and no targeted HAPs. The new program offers a warranties for Alesta® AD, Alesta® SD and Alesta® UD powder coatings. Alesta® AD polyesterbased powder coatings come with a 10year Gold Warranty and meets AAMA 2603 requirements or equivalent. Alesta® SD polyester-based powder coatings surpass AAMA 2604 requirements or equivalent and come with a 20-year Platinum Warranty. The fluoropolymerbased Alesta® UD series powder coatings come with a 30-year Diamond Warranty and offers many advantages such as superior weathering and mechanical properties. Original Source: Axalta, 31 Aug 2015. Found on SpecialChem Coatings and Inks Formulation (website: http://www. Copyright Axalta Coatings 2015

AkzoNobel to Build Pilot Plant for Coating Resins at its Performance Coatings Site in UK AkzoNobel is to invest more than €1.3 M to build a pilot plant for coating resins at its performance coatings site located in Felling, UK. The state-of-the-art facility - which will create three new jobs and safeguard a further 28 positions at the site - will provide resin samples for product testing and the possibility to scale up to commercial manufacture. Start-up is expected in 1Q 2016. The new facility was part-funded by the UK government's Let's Grow Regional Growth Fund. It represents the latest addition to the Felling location, which is the performance coatings business' largest R&D site worldwide, employing around 300 scientists. Original Source: Axalta, 1 Sep 2015. Found on SpecialChem Coatings and Inks Formulation (website: http://www.specialchem4coatings. com) Copyright Axalta Coatings 2015.

PPG Completes Acquisition of IVC Industrial Coatings PPG Industries has completed its acquisition of IVC Industrial Coatings Inc., a US-based specialty powder and liquid coatings manufacturer with 2014 sales of more than $100 M. Financial terms were not disclosed. IVC, based in Brazil, IN, US, focuses on the development, manufacture and sale of powder and liquid coatings for the general industrial segment. Its

C OAT I N G S industry-leading coatings are used on a wide variety of products, including metal office furniture, material handling and storage products, automotive parts, motorcycles, industrial containers, small appliances and electronics such as printers, servers and audio-visual equipment. IVC employs more than 300 people and operates five plants in the US (two in Brazil, IN, and one each in Grand Haven, MI; Atlanta, GA; and Casa Grande, AZ), one plant in Guangdong, China, and a small development lab in Manchester, England. The company also has operations in Malaysia through a joint venture. Original Source: PPG Industries, 1 Sep 2015, (website: © PPG Industries 2015

Axalta Coating Systems Partners with National Coatings & Supplies in Utah, US Axalta Coating Systems, through its North America powder business, and US-based coatings distributor National Coatings & Supplies (NCS) have entered a deal to distribute Axalta's Abcite, Alesta, and RAL decorative powder coatings in Utah, US. Original Source: Coatings Today,, Copyright American Coatings Association 2015. Original Source: Coatings Today, 2 Sep 2015, (website: © Axalta Coatings 2015

Quickly: Asian Paints Transfers Holdings Asian Paints (International) has moved its holdings in its subsidiaries Asian Paints (Tonga) and Asian Paints (West Asia) to Berger International Ltd, Singapore, to consolidate the firm's investments in overseas subsidiaries. REF Original Source: Business Line, 15 Sep 2015, 22 (221), 13 (Website: http://www. © The Hindu Business Line 2015

Sapa and PPG enter into Agreement to Administer PPG’s Coatings Warranty on Aluminum Products Sapa has announced an 18-month exclusive agreement with PPG Industries, providing Sapa with exclusive rights to administer PPG's coatings warranty on completed aluminum products. As part of this exclusive

November 2015