Asian Paints' biggest plant

Asian Paints' biggest plant

FOCUS in the mill and pipework, but also isolates the strong pressure shock from the cyclone. A barrier valve is installed between the filter and the ...

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FOCUS in the mill and pipework, but also isolates the strong pressure shock from the cyclone. A barrier valve is installed between the filter and the cyclone, and under normal operating conditions the air floated powder passes through the barrier valve with a small pressure drop. In the event of an explosion in the filter or cyclone, the barrier valve poppet moves to the other side of the original explosion site and can be locked, thereby preventing the explosion pressure and flames from spreading to other equipment via the barrier valve. Venting panels are used for the filter and the cyclone. These prevent pressure from exceeding the specified strength of the equipment. In addition, supplemental measures such as earthing and utilizing electrical explosion-proof equipment should be considered. Article entitled “Explosion risk evaluation during Production of Coating Powder” by Gang Li et al, published in the Journal of Hazardous Materials, 22 Oct 2007, 149 (2), 515-517

INDUSTRY NEWS In the heart of Europe The Czech and Slovak republics have mature paint markets, with demand for paints growing at 35%/y. Significant acquisitions have taken place in the Czech and Slovak paint industry. Akzo Nobel became a significant player in the market with the 2006 acquisition of Balakom, a producer of paints, varnishes, laquers, enamels and powder coatings, with 180 employees. It posted sales of €16 M in 2005. Industrial paints account for about 60% of the paint market in the Czech Republic, with architectural paints accounting for almost 65% of the domestic coating products. Opava’s Balacom and Prague’s NOVEMBER 2007



Jotun produce 3000 tonnes/y of powder coatings. Demand for industrial coatings is projected to grow by 2010 and beyond. The Slovakian paint industry yields 46,000 tonnes of paint, decorative emulsion-type accounting for most of the production. Chemolak produces about 20,000 tonnes/y of paints for a variety of applications. A table shows key figures in the Czech and Slovak republics, including paint production and demand. PPCJ, Polymers, Paint, Colour Journal, Sep 2007, 197 (4516), 12-13

Asian Paints’ biggest plant Asian Paints aims to cope with future demand by constructing its largest paint plant in Rohtak, Haryana in northern India. The company intends to start operations in the proposed plant by the end of 2009 with the production of wall finishes. PPCJ, Polymers, Paint, Colour Journal, Sep 2007, 197 (4516), 5

VOC-free finishes a reality: Asia takes the lead A paper by Degussa projects global production of powder coatings to reach 1300-1400 ktonnes in 2007. Production breakdown puts Asia at the lead with 38%, Western Europe with 35% and Eastern Europe with 3%. China accounts for 26% of the Asian total, while Japan reportedly will produce more than 40,000 tonnes of powder in 2007. DuPont and SigmaKalon were reportedly planning investments in South Korea between 2007-2010. BASF aims to boost neopentyl glycol production, while Cytec aims to boost powder resin production by 20,000 tonnes to 200,000 tonnes. Powder coatings have been shown by the coatings industry to be capable of being VOC-free coating systems. PPCJ, Polymers, Paint, Colour Journal, Sep 2007, 197 (4516), 14

C OAT I N G S Arkema with its star products At the K2007 International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber, Dusseldorf, Germany, 24-31 Oct 2007, Arkema exhibited its wide range of plastics for the processing sector, including PVC, PMMA, technical polymers and functional additives. New applications for PMMA include flat screen TVs. Rilsan 11 and 12 polyamides are suitable for fuel lines, air pipelines and electrical components. Arkema’s fluoropolymer Kynar Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) is suitable for coating chemical engineering equipment, electrical cables and high performance metallic coatings. Rilsan polyamide fine and ultrafine powders can be used for the protection of automotive components, water pipes and dishwasher baskets. Rilsan Active, a PA11 powder coating, also protects against bacterial build-up. Functional polyamides such as Evatane ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) are used in adhesives, films and solar panel encapsulation. Lotryl ethylene acrylate copolymers are suitable for use in adhesives, cables, protective films and extrusion coatings. Revista de Plasticos Modernos, Aug 2007, 94 (614), 106,108 (in Spanish)

PPG and Agion for partnership in biocides PPG and Agion have set up a partnership to develop antimicrobial coatings for portable computers. The development is to use the silver ions technology from Agion. Chimie Pharma Hebdo, 15 Oct 2007, (397), 11 (in French)

PPG and Bain Capital sign agreement for sale of SigmaKalon: process continues on schedule PPG Industries has announced that its offer to acquire SigmaKalon Group, a worldwide coatings producer, from global 3