Automatic rubber testing

Automatic rubber testing

-New equipment High speed X-ray diffraction analysis Used in conjunction with traditional angular measurement devices for X-ray crystallography, Dosop...

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-New equipment High speed X-ray diffraction analysis Used in conjunction with traditional angular measurement devices for X-ray crystallography, Dosophatex can rapidly help obtain diffraction radiographs without distortion by the texture of the material under study. Available from the French company Transvalor, it allows nondestructive analysis of a wide range of samples, including solids and powders, textured or non-textured materials, and those with a wide range of crystal sizes. Conventional X-ray diffraction machines find it difficult to identify and measure certain phases in textured materials. This is particularly true for analysing the amount of carbon in tool steels and white iron alloys, th6 austenite content in steels and ferrite in certain stainless steels. It is usually necessary where possible to carry out extraction beforehand. Using Dosophatex makes analysis possible without any particular preparation. It also allows multiple measurements to be made simultaneously on the same area of the testpiece, providing systematic examination of heterogeneous materials. Movement of the device is controlled by high performance

stepping motors. This is under software control, as is the data acquisition and processing. Designed to be multi-functional, it can, depending on the angular examination mode and the program selected, identify phases, the amount of textural phase, the texture, the orientation of single crystals, measure strain, and analyse thin layers using grazing incidence.

Soci~t~ Transvalor, 60 Boulevard Saint-MicheL 75272 Paris C~dex 06, France

Automatic rubber testing Automatic measurement of specific gravity and hardness in rubber testing can be carried out with the latest units from Monsanto Instruments. Their simplified design of the 2000 series Densitron and Duratron results in lower maintenance, reduced labour and improved sample handling. The reduction of operator influence produces high accuracy and optimum repeatability of test results. Sample identification has been simplified with 40 character entry. Collation of SG and hardness

results can be achieved when both the Densitron 2000 and Duratron 2000 are operating together with a single D-Link. The instruments will test sample sizes from 35 mm to 45 mm in diameter and 4 mm to 10 mm thickness in a cassette holding up to 20 samples.

Monsanto Instruments, Edison Road, Dorcan, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN3 5HN, UK

Weld flaw identification kit The weld flaw identification kit from Sonaspection International contains a selection of macro sections and radiographs to be used by students, welders, weld inspectors and engineers who require an understanding of the type of flaws that can occur during the welding process. Each kit contains 30 macro sections and 30 weld flaw radiographs. The macros provide a selection of surface, sub-surface and weld-body flaws, and the radiographs depict the typical images which would be obtained from the naturally occurring flaws. The combination of these two products in a single training package enables a wide range of personnel to identify commonly occurring flaws and to familiarize themselves with the typical physical characteristics of these flaws. The new kits complement the company's traditional range of purpose-induced weld-flaw products. The company can supply most types, shapes and sizes of weld flaws for personnel training and certification, proving new N DT procedures, testing automatic equipment and demonstrating the viability of advanced N DT techniques prior to live testing on site.

Dosaphatex,from Transvalor, helps obtain distortion-free diffraction radiographs

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