CEP partner Shell opens new hydrogen station in Hamburg

CEP partner Shell opens new hydrogen station in Hamburg

NEWS UK H2Mobility: www.ukh2mobility.co.uk HyFive project: www.hyfive.eu Ricardo-AEA, hydrogen refueling stations grants: http://tinyurl.com/ricardo-a...

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NEWS UK H2Mobility: www.ukh2mobility.co.uk HyFive project: www.hyfive.eu Ricardo-AEA, hydrogen refueling stations grants: http://tinyurl.com/ricardo-aea-hrs-grants ITM Power: www.itm-power.com Air Products, Hydrogen Energy: www.airproducts.co.uk/h2energy Fuel Cell Systems Ltd: www.fuelcellsystems.co.uk University of South Wales, Baglan Hydrogen Centre: http://tinyurl.com/baglan-h2-centre Honda of the UK Manufacturing: www.hondamanufacturing.co.uk/about-us Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking: www.fch-ju.eu

Air Liquide hydrogen station for forklifts at FM Logistic in France


n France, Air Liquide has been chosen by FM Logistic to provide support for its projected deployment of hydrogenpowered forklift (pallet) trucks at its large 85 000 m2 (915 000 sq ft) Neuville-aux-Bois logistics platform, located near the city of Orléans. Air Liquide has installed a hydrogen refueling station that will initially service 10 fuel cell powered forklifts at the busy Neuville-aux-Bois logistics platform. Eventually, the facility’s 84 forklifts could be switched to hydrogen, which would make it the first logistics hub in Europe to convert its entire fleet of forklift trucks to hydrogen. The use of hydrogen at logistics hubs was first developed in the US and Canada, where more than 6000 materials handling vehicles are now running on hydrogen [see the fuel cell forklift features in FCB, September and October 2010]. FM Logistic anticipates gradually introducing hydrogen fuel cell materials handling vehicles at its other facilities, in particular at new sites with more than 50 pallet trucks. The fuel cell units for the forklifts are supplied by HyPulsion, a joint venture between Air Liquide subsidiary Axane and US-based Plug Power, which is developing, manufacturing and marketing a range of fuel cells for forklifts in the European market [FCB, November 2011, p3]. The fuel cells replace electric batteries, and offer flexibility and improved productivity due to the greater autonomy resulting from their use in forklifts. Air Liquide’s hydrogen station can fully refuel a forklift in just 3 minutes, for 9–10 hours of continuous operation. This project for the large-scale deployment of hydrogen fuel cells demonstrates the competitiveness of this solution for forklifts. It


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is the result of a cooperative effort involving the partners of the HAWL (Hydrogen And Warehouse Logistics) project, financed in part by the European Union. The HAWL project aims to support the launch of a European market for hydrogen fuel cell powered forklifts in logistics hubs. The project partners are forklift manufacturers Crown and Toyota Material Handling Europe, fuel cell module manufacturer HyPulsion, Air Liquide for the hydrogen station and the hydrogen, supply chain management services company Diagma, and enduser FM Logistic. Air Liquide, Hydrogen Filling Station: http://tinyurl.com/airliquide-h2filling HyPulsion: www.hypulsion.com FM Logistic: http://corporate.fmlogistic.com/eng-gb HAWL project: www.hawlproject.eu

CEP partner Shell opens new hydrogen station in Hamburg


hell Deutschland has boosted the growing hydrogen refueling infrastructure in Germany by opening a new hydrogen station in Hamburg, based on H2Station® technology from Danish company H2 Logic. The station is the latest addition to the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP), which has expanded to 20 member companies with the addition of OMV Deutschland GmbH, part of the Austrian oil & gas company. The station on Schnackenburgallee in west Hamburg is Shell’s third hydrogencapable service station in Germany, and the first with hydrogen produced onsite. The station is supported with funding from the National Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NOW GmbH). Other Shell hydrogen stations will follow soon in Frankfurt, Wuppertal, Geisingen, and Wendingen. As a member of the E350 million H2 Mobility Initiative in Germany – alongside Air Liquide, Daimler, Linde, OMV, and Total – Shell will help grow the public hydrogen infrastructure, which currently comprises 17 hydrogen stations. The goal is a nationwide network of 400 hydrogen stations by 2023, allowing fuel cell electric vehicles to refuel all over Germany [FCB, October 2013, p6]. Last autumn CEP reported continuing progress on its plan to roll out 50 new hydrogen stations across Germany by the end of 2015 [see the CEP feature in FCB, June 2011], with six additional stations announced for NordrheinWestfalen (NRW) and eight for Baden-

Württemberg [FCB, December 2014, p9]. The new 700 bar Hamburg station is the first in Germany to achieve CEP approval in accordance with the latest version of the SAE J2601 standard [FCB, August 2014, p7], following extensive third-party acceptance and verification tests. The station features onsite hydrogen production, which enables gridbalancing and storage by turning electricity production on/off as required, to help integrate the increasing share of fluctuating renewable electricity in Germany. In other news, CEP has added OMV Deutschland GmbH as a strong new partner for infrastructure development in Germany. In 2009 OMV opened the first public hydrogen station in Baden-Württemberg, at Stuttgart Airport, allowing fuel cell cars and buses to refuel with gaseous hydrogen at 350 and 700 bar [FCB, August 2009, p9]. This station is now part of the CEP hydrogen station network, and OMV plans to build three more stations in southern Germany. OMV is also planning to build a basic hydrogen mobility infrastructure in Austria. In addition to its existing hydrogen station in Vienna [FCB, November 2012, p5], between three and five additional stations will go into operation in the next few years, including one that will open shortly in Innsbruck. Clean Energy Partnership: www.cleanenergypartnership.de/en NOW GmbH: www.now-gmbh.de/en Shell, Hydrogen and Electrification: http://tinyurl.com/shell-h2 Shell Deutschland: www.shell.de (in German) H2 Logic: h2logic.com OMV Group: www.omv.com

Air Products hydrogen dispenser first on UK supermarket forecourt


he UK’s first supermarket hosted hydrogen station has opened, to kickstart a public hydrogen refueling network in London as part of the London Hydrogen Network Expansion (LHNE) project. The flagship Air Products SmartFuel® hydrogen dispenser is hosted by Sainsbury’s at its Hendon store. Owned and operated by Air Products, this latest addition strengthens an existing network of hydrogen stations in London, including a newly upgraded, publicly accessible dispenser at Heathrow [FCB, August 2014, p7]. Together these stations meet demand from a burgeoning number

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