Chemical company earnings retreat in 2Q 2012

Chemical company earnings retreat in 2Q 2012

FOCUS desired, Sungate 600 glass can function as a traditional highperforming passive low-e glass. In this configuration, the coating is on the Number...

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FOCUS desired, Sungate 600 glass can function as a traditional highperforming passive low-e glass. In this configuration, the coating is on the Number 3 surface of a 1 inch insulating glass unit (IGU), which is the air-space side of the interior lite. The coating of Sungate 600 glass reduces heat loss and provides a U-value of 0.33 while maintaining ample levels of heat and visible light transmittance with a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of 0.65 and visible light transmittance of 71 %. For colder climate zones where even higher insulating values are desired, the coating of Sungate 600 glass can be placed on the Number 4 surface (facing the building interior) of a 1 inch IGU with a solar-control low-e glass such as Solarban 60 glass on the Number 2 surface (the airspace side of the exterior lite) and a 0.5 inch air space. This configuration yields a 20% net gain in U-value without the need for triple-glazing. When paired with a tinted or reflective glass from the Oceans Of Colour or Earth and Sky glass collections by PPG Industries, or with any solarcool or vistacool glass, Sungate 600 glass can improve U-values by up to 30% when the coating is placed on the Number 3 surface of a 1 inch IGU. This combination improves both SHGC and U-value performance in a wide variety of aesthetics. Sungate 600 glass features a pyrolitic coating developed to provide the smoothness and durability needed when used on the Number 4 surface of a double-pane IGU. Because the coating is chemically bonded to glass while molten, Sungate 600 glass has a durable hard coat. The resulting star-crystalline structure also makes the surface up to 25% smoother than the coatings on traditional pyrolytic coated glasses. Original Source: PPG Industries Inc, One PPG Place Pittsburgh, PA 15272, USA, tel: +1 412 434 3131, website: (15 Aug 2012) © PPG Industries 2012




Hitting the bull’s eye with sustainability, expansion and R&D In an interview with the Chairman of BASF Companies in India and Head South Asia, Prasad Chandran, BASF’s Indian projects and plans are outlined. A polyurethane hub will be established at the Dahej Petroleum, Chemicals and Petrochemicals Investment Region (PCPIR), Gujarat, in a project costing Rup 1000 crore. A polymer dispersions production plant will also be built, with output destined for the paper and coatings sectors. On completion, the site will provide jobs for 250 personnel. The project will strengthen BASF’s operations in Inida, especially in the west and north of the country. Reference is made to feedstock availability issues in the speciality chemical sector in India, the need for energy efficiency and environmental projects being carried out by BASF under the Responsible Care initiative. Future investments will target R&D and sustainability, along with plant expansions. (1 crore = 10 M). Original Source: Chemical Engineering World, May 2012, 47 (5), 93-95 (Website: © Jasubhai Group 2012

Chemical company earnings retreat in 2Q 2012 Several US chemical firms reported lower revenues and shrinking earnings in 2Q 2012. The 23 firms tracked by C&EN posted an average drop in earnings of 6.1% year on year. Chemical executives attribute the decline to lower sales volumes because of weak prices, customer destocking and currency exchange losses brought about by a relatively strong dollar. Of the chemical firms surveyed by C&EN, seven registered lower sales and earnings in 2Q 2012: Albemarle, Celanese, Dow Chemical, Eastman Chemical, Ferro, Kraton Performance Polymers and Mosaic. Michigan-based Dow saw its earnings in 2Q 2012 plunge 34.4%

C O AT I N G S year on year to $649 M. Sales were down 9.6% to $14.5 bn. Meanwhile, DuPont reported better results, benefiting from the acquisition of Danish food ingredient firm Danisco. The core profit engine for the firm is its flourishing agriculture business. DuPont disclosed that agriculture prices were up 7% and volumes increased by 6%. The firm’s performance chemicals and performance coatings business registered a drop in volumes but higher prices. A table lists the US chemical industry leaders for 2Q 2012, in terms of sales, earnings and profitability. A second table presents financial results of 23 chemical firms in 2Q 2012 and 1H 2012. Three bar graphs respectively show the chemical industry’s quarterly sales, earnings and profit margin from 3Q 2010 to 2Q 2012. Original Source: Chemical and Engineering News, 13 Aug 2012, 90 (33), 18-21 (Website: © American Chemical Society 2012

Targeting markets in Turkey The Turkish coatings market is an attractive location for raw material importers and distributors given the economic nature and location. The demands of the large Turkish paint industry, which consists of around 350 formulators, are not being met by the country’s raw material sector, increasing the market opportunity for raw material importers and distributors. The building paints segment often accounts for about 60-66% of the market, while the industrial coatings segment accounts for 3440%. Turkey’s white goods industry, valued at about $7 bn, is among the key markets for the country’s powder coatings sector. In 2010, the white goods industry generated revenues of about $3.5 bn. The booming urban life development and the growing retailing business in Turkey also make the country’s paint and coatings market an attractive location. A bar graph shows Turkish white goods exports value during 2005-2010. A table presents 7