Combined fuel cell flow plate and gas diffusion layer

Combined fuel cell flow plate and gas diffusion layer

2002 13-18January2002 26th Annual International Conference on Advanced Ceramics 61Composites (inc. Material Technologies for Fuel Cells & Power Electr...

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2002 13-18January2002 26th Annual International Conference on Advanced Ceramics 61Composites (inc. Material Technologies for Fuel Cells & Power Electronics) Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA Contact: American Ceramic Society, PO Box 6136, Westerville, OH 430866136, USA. Tel: +1 614 794 5890 Fax: +I 614 794 5892 Email: [email protected] http:l/ ECD2002/finaLasp


6-7 February2002

Conference on the Commercialization of Energy Technologies NewYork City, USA

(rescheduledfrom OctoberkW1) Fuel Cell Dynamics 2002

Contact: Glen Manseau, The Center for Business Intelligence, 500 W. Cummings Park, Suite 5100, Wobum, MA 01801, USA. Tek i-1 781 939 2513 Fax: +I 781 939 2466 Email: wc.dll?CBEvent-GetMorelnfo-PB209

4-7 February2002

Fuel Cell Vehicle Workshop

4th Annual tnternational Colloquium on Envhonmentally Preferred Advanced Power Generation (ICEPAG)

Washington, DC, USA Contact: Linda Hill, Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California-Davis, One Shields Avenue, Davis, CA 95616-8762, USA. Tel: +l 530 752 6548 Fax: +I 530 752 6572 Email: [email protected]

Newport Beach, California, USA Contact: ICEPAG 2002, Kim Bergland, Advanced Power & Energy Program, University of California, Irvine, CA 92697-3550, USA, Tel: +1 949 824 1999 ext. 118 Fax: +I 949 824 7423 Email: [email protected]


New York City USA Contact: Allied Business intelligence Inc, 69 Hamilton Avenue, Oyster Bay, NY 11771,USA. Tel:+1 5166243113ext.32 Fax:+1 5166243115 Email: conferencesBalliedworld,com http://fcd20Q2com

12-14Februaty2002 Global Alternative Fuels Forum 2002 Stuttgart, Germany Contart: Claire Pallen, The Energy Exchange Ltd, 25 St George’s Road, Cheltenham, Glos. GL50 3DT, UK. Tel: +44 1242 529090 Fax: +44 1242 529060 Email: [email protected] http:/ conferencecalendarhtm

27February2002 Workshop on ‘Fuel Celfs Generate Future Products’ Berlin, Germany Contact: DipL-lno. Marco Voiot,

Integrated hydrogen generation/ fuel cell operation using low-cost hydrogen generation zone

Applicant: Plug Power, USA

Applicant: UOP, USA

Pntentnumber: US 6280870

Combined fuel cell flow plate and gas diffusion layer

Patent number: US 6280864

Fuel cell with hydrogen


Applicant: Plug Power, USA Patent number: US 6280865

Flow distributor for improved durability and performance Applicant: Northern Research & Engineering Corporation,


Patent number: US 6280866

Pumping fluid in a fuel cell system Applicants: Griff Consulting Inc, USA; Thomas Pfeiffer (Germany)

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Electrical interconnect for planar SOFC with oxidation-resistant coating on anode

Gas diffusion electrodes containing carbon particles modified with functional groups Applicants: Cabot Corporation, Termoelettrica

USA; and

SPA, Italy

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Double-layer for improved collection

gas diffusion structure electrode electrical

Applicant: Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan Patent number: US 6280872

Applicant: Nexant Inc, USA Patent number: US 6280869

Fuel Cells Bulletin No. 40

Detroit, Michigan, USA Contaet: SAE InternationaL, Mee&gs & Exhibits Promotion, 400 Commonwealth Drive, Warrendale, PA 150869905, USA. Tel: +I 724 772 4027 (1877 SAE CONG) Fax: +I 724 776 0790 http:/lwww.s ;ae.on$congress

17-21March2002 7th EPRI Distributed Resources

Conference & Exhibition Dallas, Texas, USA Contact: EPRI DR Conference, Laura Goldie, EPRI, 3412 Hillview Avenue, Palo Alto, CA~94304,USA. Tel: +I 650 FI55 2560 Fax: +I 650 855 2287 Email: IgofdieDeprLcom htto://

Applicant: IFC, USA Patent number: WO


Compact selective oxidizer assembly for fuel cell power plant Applicant: IFC, USA Patent number: US 6284206

Improved rotary piston blower to supply oxidant stream to fuel cell Patent number: US 6284397

Methanol reformer making effective use of entire catalytic layer Applicant: K. Kiryu (Japan) Patent number: US 6284398

Scanning measurement of stack cell voltages using different ground references Applicant: Plug Power, USA

Fuel cell system with humidification membranes that prevent contamination of reactant gas stream

Patent number: US 628 1684

Applicant: Plug Power, USA Patent number: US 6284399

Fuel processing with desulfurization Applicant: IFC, USA

Simple, reliable stack with no gas leakage and minimized cell cracking

4-7March2002 SAE 2002 World Congress

Applicant: Ballard Power Systems, Canada

Applicant: Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd, Australia Patent number: US 6280868

VDINDE-Technologiezentrum Informationstechnik GmbH, Rheinstrasse IOB, D-14513 Teltow, Germany. Tel: +49 3328 435277 Fax: +49 3328 435105 Email: [email protected] h~://

Patent number: WO

Metal alloy electrocatalysts for highly efficient fuel cell electrodes


Integrated selective stack manifold



Applicants: Pennsylvania State University and Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

Patent number: US 6284402