CommScope to supply Hydrogenics fuel cell to cable engineers' HQ

CommScope to supply Hydrogenics fuel cell to cable engineers' HQ

NEWS boiler tuning/calibration issue identified in its current wave of field trials for its SOFC combined heat and power (CHP) system for residential ...

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NEWS boiler tuning/calibration issue identified in its current wave of field trials for its SOFC combined heat and power (CHP) system for residential applications. And in a surprise move, Dr Peter Bance has resigned as CEO, with Dr Brian Count now appointed as executive chairman. Ceres Power reported at its interim results presentation that initial results from the first wave of five field trial products, installed and operated in a range of occupied family homes, had highlighted an intermittent system reliability issue involving boiler tuning/calibration within the CHP product. In some cases this caused the boiler to automatically lock-out after ignition. As with standard boilers today, if the ignition sequence is not successful after three attempts, then the boiler locks-out, requiring a manual reset. The engineered solution, involving a new software release, has been developed in collaboration with Ceres Power’s supply chain partners. The improved software has been approved by Kiwa Gastec as complying with Ceres Power’s existing CE safety certificate. Ceres has tested the solution, and validated that it satisfactorily resolves the identified boiler tuning/calibration issue. The company has now uploaded this new software to all CHP products in the field trial, confirming the solution works in occupied homes. No reason was given for the resignation of CEO Peter Bance, which was announced ‘with immediate effect’ in mid-June. Bance was widely seen as a dynamic and well regarded leader in the UK’s clean energy sector, for his strategic vision and commercial insights. The company’s chairman Brian Count has subsequently taken on an executive role, while the board of directors searches for a new chief executive with a proven track record of commercialization of innovative technology products and a focus on operational delivery. Ceres Power, Horsham, West Sussex, UK. Tel: +44 1403 273463,

Ensol Systems powers oil & gas units with SFC’s EFOY Pro


erman-based SFC Energy has announced its cooperation with the Canadian oil & gas system integration specialist Ensol Systems. The collaboration will see BC-based Ensol integrate

July 2011

EFOY Pro direct methanol fuel cells from SFC into chemical injection, air compression, and independent power packages for oil & gas pipelines and facilities that are remote from the grid. Providing reliable off-grid power to instrumentation and electronic devices servicing and monitoring oil & gas pipelines and facilities is a major challenge for operators. The conventional solutions – solar modules or diesel generators – have limitations in such demanding applications, especially in the cold, dark Canadian winters. EFOY Pro fuel cells ensure 100% power availability in a wide temperature range from 45°C down to –20°C, in any weather, season or climate. Integrated into an insulated and specially engineered Ensol enclosure, they will produce reliable power to extremely cold temperatures of –40°C. All EFOY integrated products manufactured by Ensol Systems have passed CSA and ETL Electrical Equipment Inspections, and are engineered for use in the harshest environments. The EFOY Pro uses methanol (also called wood alcohol) as a fuel, and this environmentally friendly technology can even be used in protected areas and natural reserves. The use of EFOY Pro fuel cells supports the oil & gas industry in its efforts to significantly reduce CO2 emissions, and eliminate the propane/ methane venting and waste required for pneumatic power or thermal electric generators. ‘System outages due to power failures are a severe problem in the oil & gas industry, as they may adversely affect production, cause data loss, and negatively impact logistics costs,’ explains Brad Scott of Ensol Systems. ‘Just the cost associated with sending operators to remote sites to replace batteries or address a generator failure is very significant.’ Last year SFC announced a partnership with Evergreen Energy Technologies in Calgary, to market fuel cells as a clean power solution for remote oil & gas production sites in Canada [FCB, April 2010]. Their stand-alone, intelligent Power Pod System can be retrofitted into existing systems on well sites, replacing pneumatic pumps. For reliable autonomous operation, the system is powered by a hybrid combination of SFC’s EFOY Pro fuel cell and solar power. SFC Energy AG, Brunnthal-Nord, Germany. Tel: +49 89 673 5920, or SFC Energy Inc, Rockville, Maryland, USA. Tel: +1 240 328 6688. Ensol Systems Inc, Surrey, BC, Canada. Tel: +1 604 576 8333,

CommScope to supply Hydrogenics fuel cell to cable engineers’ HQ


n the US, CommScope – a leader in infrastructure solutions for communications networks – has supplied a Hydrogenics-based fuel cell solution to the headquarters of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) in Exton, Pennsylvania as a backup power solution. CommScope’s hydrogen fuel cell solution is now providing 64 h of backup power to the SCTE data center in Exton. The fuel cell system is the second alternative energy project in which the SCTE has invested, following the installation of 48 solar panels on the building’s roof last August. ‘The trend is under way within the cable industry to find innovative ways to improve the reliability and environmental impact of backup power solutions,’ says Jim Hughes, senior vice president for broadband sales at CommScope. CommScope’s hydrogen fuel cell solution provides a DC backup power solution for cable network head-ends and hub equipment. The PEM fuel cells – manufactured by Canadianbased Hydrogenics – are housed inside an environmentally secure cabinet for outdoor deployment, and offer a smaller footprint and more dense power backup than what is on the market today. In other news, Hydrogenics has closed the fourth and final tranche of common shares issued pursuant to its previously announced strategic alliance with CommScope [FCB, September 2010]. CommScope now owns more than 2m common shares of Hydrogenics, representing 33.1% of the outstanding common shares. Hydrogenics Corporation, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Tel: +1 905 361 3660, CommScope Inc, Hickory, North Carolina, USA:

AFC Energy to reveal first commercial-scale alkaline system


K-based AFC Energy has been commissioning its first commercialscale, ‘Beta’ alkaline fuel cell system. This is a significant step for AFC Energy as the company finalizes preparations for commercialization.

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