Contents First ONR International Indium Nitride Workshop

Contents First ONR International Indium Nitride Workshop

Contents of the Proceedings of the First International Indium Nitride Workshop Preface K.S.A. Butcher Plasma-assisted MBE growth and characterization ...

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Contents of the Proceedings of the First International Indium Nitride Workshop Preface K.S.A. Butcher Plasma-assisted MBE growth and characterization of InN on sapphire S.V. Ivanov, T.V. Shubina, V.N. Jmerik, V.A. Vekshin, P.S. Kop’ev and B. Monemar



Ultrafast carrier dynamics in InN epilayers F. Chen, A.N. Cartwright, H. Lu and W.J. Schaff


MOVPE growth of InN films and quantum dots B. Maleyre, O. Briot and S. Ruffenach


Absorption and Raman scattering processes in InN films and dots O. Briot, B. Maleyre, S. Ruffenach, B. Gil, C. Pinquier, F. Demangeot and J. Frandon


Investigation of multiple carrier effects in InN epilayers using variable magnetic field Hall measurements C.H. Swartz, R.P. Tompkins, N.C. Giles, T.H. Myers, H. Lu, W.J. Schaff and L.F. Eastman


Electron mobility in indium nitride B.R. Nag


Vacancy defects in epitaxial InN: identification and electrical properties A. Laakso, J. Oila, A. Kemppinen, K. Saarinen, W. Egger, L. Liszkay, P. Sperr, H. Lu and W.J. Schaff


The potential of ion beam techniques for the development of indium nitride H. Timmers, S.K. Shrestha and A.P. Byrne


A Raman spectroscopy study of InN M. Kuball, J.W. Pomeroy, M. Wintrebert-Fouquet, K.S.A. Butcher, H. Lu and W.J. Schaff


MBE growth and properties of InN-based dilute magnetic semiconductors P.P. Chen, H. Makino and T. Yao


Piezoelectricity in indium nitride I.L. Guy, Z. Zheng, M. Wintrebert-Fouquet, K.S.A. Butcher, P. Chen and T.L. Tansley


Absorption and photoluminescence features caused by defects in InN D. Alexandrov, K.S.A. Butcher and M. Wintrebert-Fouquet


Growth mechanism, structure and IR photoluminescence studies of indium nitride nanorods Z.H. Lan, W.M. Wang, C.L. Sun, S.C. Shi, C.W. Hsu, T.T. Chen, K.H. Chen, C.C. Chen, Y.F. Chen and L.C. Chen


0022-0248/04/$ - see front matter doi:10.1016/S0022-0248(04)00833-4



Growth of In-rich InGaN/GaN quantum dots by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition H.J. Kim, H. Na, S.-Y. Kwon, H.-C. Seo, H.J. Kim, Y. Shin, K.-H. Lee, D.H. Kim, H.J. Oh, S. Yoon, C. Sone, Y. Park and E. Yoon


The composition dependence of the [email protected] bandgap K.P. O’Donnell, I. Fernandez-Torrente, P.R. Edwards and R.W. Martin


Scanning tunneling and cathodoluminescence spectroscopy of indium nitride M.R. Phillips, M.H. Zareie, O. Gelhausen, M. Drago, T. Schmidtling and W. Richter


The influence of structural properties on conductivity and luminescence of MBE grown InN P. Specht, R. Armitage, J. Ho, E. Gunawan, Q. Yang, X. Xu, C. Kisielowski and E.R. Weber


Optical properties and electronic structure of InN and In-rich group III-nitride alloys W. Walukiewicz, S.X. Li, J. Wu, K.M. Yu, J.W. Ager III, E.E. Haller, H. Lu and W.J. Schaff


Evolution of surface morphology and film stress during MOCVD growth of InN on sapphire substrates A. Jain, S. Raghavan and J.M. Redwing 128 InN grown by remote plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition M. Wintrebert-Fouquet, K.S.A. Butcher and P.P.-T. Chen


MOVPE growth and photoluminescence of wurtzite InN T. Matsuoka, H. Okamoto, H. Takahata, T. Mitate, S. Mizuno, Y. Uchiyama and T. Makimoto 139 Visible emissions near 1.9–2.2 eV from hexagonal InN films grown by electron cyclotron resonance plasma-assisted molecular-beam epitaxy T. Yodo, Y. Kitayama, K. Miyaki, H. Yona, Y. Harada, K.E. Prince, K. Scott and A. Butcher 145 The effect of substrate polarity on the growth of InN by RF-MBE H. Naoi, F. Matsuda, T. Araki, A. Suzuki and Y. Nanishi


Estimation of band-gap energy of intrinsic InN from photoluminescence properties of undoped and Si-doped InN films grown by plasma-assisted molecular-beam epitaxy M. Higashiwaki and T. Matsui 162 Characteristics of InN thin films grown using a PAMBE technique R.J. Kinsey, P.A. Anderson, C.E. Kendrick, R.J. Reeves and S.M. Durbin


Relationship between the optical properties and superconductivity of InN with high carrier concentration T. Inushima, T. Sakon and M. Motokawa 173

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