CSIRO Division of applied geomechanics

CSIRO Division of applied geomechanics

~5A Geomechanics Abstracts General 454 MU~.L~ L UNIV .KARLSRUHE, D Introdactory lecture - A brief review of problems in rock mechanics considering ...

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Geomechanics Abstracts


454 MU~.L~ L UNIV .KARLSRUHE, D Introdactory lecture - A brief review of problems in rock mechanics considering the different approaches to their solutions. 7F,2T,12R. INT.CERT.MECH.SCI.UDINE, ITALY,1974,COURSES & LECTURES NO. 165, SPR ING~.V~LAG, 1974, I>2-13•

Companies, institutes and laboratories 455

REPORT CSIRO Division of Applied Oeomechanics. Research Report 1975 .Refs. CS IRO,MOL%IT WAVERLEY, VICTOR IA, AUSTRALIA, 1975,90P. This report reviews briefly the research undertaken during the year 1975 in the following areas: Applied geomechanics and the civil and mining engineering industries, Participation in national and international geomechanics activities; Urban and regional engineering; Mining engineering; Coastland and offshore engineering; Defect structure mechanics of earthen materials; Interactive stressdeformation responses-structures and earthen masses. Support research, staff members and publications by the Division are noted.


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Conferences See also abstract: 573.

459 M~I'ING Proceedings o f t h e V I I N a t i o n a l S o i l Mechanics Meeting, 1974. 644R. SOC.MEXICANA DE MECANICA DE SUELOS, AC,COYOACAN, MEXICO, 2 VOLS, 567P. These volumes contain papers dealing with the geology, stratigraphical zones, dams, dikes, highwaysj airports snd foundations, located in the northwest region of Mexico.


MULLER, L UNIV .KARLSRUHE,D Rock mechanics. Course held at the Department of See also abstracts: 492,496,551,568. Mechanics of Solids, Udine, 1974. INT.C~3TT.MECH.SC I.SPRING~_VERLAG, UDINE, ITALY,197h, 456 39P. G~J~RT,W This volume contains a collection of int~'oductory and K~,H review papers on aspects of rock mechanics. The papers ~T~41CH,M are l.Introductory lecture, L.Mueller; 2.Technlcal paraM a t h ~ t i c s at a glance. T~tbook.950F. meters of rock and rock masses, L.Mueller; 3.Geology in VEB B]BLIOGRAPHISCHES INSTITUT,LEIPZIG,1975. rock mechsmics, L.Broili; 4.A review of fracture criteria Part one of this book considers the traditional branches of brittle rock, F.Ru~mel; 5.Brittle fracture of rock, of elementary mathematics. Part two introduces the reader F.Rummel; 6.Failure mechanisms of Jointed rock, H.K.Kutto higher mathematics, and part three contains brief sur- ter; 7.1ntroductory lecture of finite eleme~%t analysis veys of contemporary mathematics. The overall emphasis for Jointed rocks, R.E.Goodman; 8.Rock anisotropy . theory is on applications of matheanatics in science and technoand laboratory testing, G.Bsrla; 9.Engineering properties logy. of Jointed rock, K.W.John; lO.Friction properties and frictional behaviour of rock separation planes, N.Rengers; 457 ]/.Analytical methods for rock slope analysis, H.K.Kutter; BETZ,F 12.Mechanisms of slope failure other than pure sliding, Environmental geology. Textbook. H.K.Kuttar; IS.Graphical methods for slope stability anaJ.WILEY & SONS,GB.1976,600P. lysis, K.W.John; 14.Rock stabilization, P.Fgger; 15.UnderThirty readings providing an overview of the environmenground openings - principles of design, P.Egger; and 16. tal ~u=pact of the geosciences are presented. Rock hydraulics, C.Louis.

458 OCONNOR ,M WOODFORD, FP Writing scientific papers in English. 9F,5T,h6R. ELsEVI~ SCI.PUBL. CO.,1975,108P. Because few scientists are t~,=~ht how to prepare their work for publication, few enjoy writing for Journals.

461 CONF~ENCE Proceedings of the 15th Muskeg Research Comference, May 1973. Edited by J.Cuman. NAT.RES.COUNC .CANADA,TECH.MEMORANI~ NO.IIO,O%~gAWA, 1974, 68P.