Dual-flavoured layered chewing gum

Dual-flavoured layered chewing gum

New Patents Additives Deodorized garlic-based antibacterial spray Sakai, I. (Sakai, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan) United States Patent US 5 453 42...

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New Patents

Additives Deodorized garlic-based antibacterial spray Sakai,






United States Patent US 5 453 420

Garlic essence is produced by extracting garlic with ethanol, and is deodorized with phytic acid. The essence has high antibacterial activity when sprayed onto food, and can thus be used as a food preservative. The essence is used alone or in combination with e-polylysine at a concentration of l-256 kg/ml.

Natural antioxidant enzymes from melons Cinoux, J.P., Dreyer, A., Roth, P., Baccou, J.C. and Lacan, D. (Bio-Obtenition SC, France) French Patent Application FR 2 716 884 Al [in French]

Soluble protein extracts of melons (Cucumis me/o) with superoxide dismutase activity >30 units/mg protein and, preferably, catalase activity >45 units/mg protein can be used as antioxidants in foods, cosmetics and pharmaceutical preparations. Preferably, these protein extracts should be prepared from melon cultivars obtained by genetic crossing and with a shelf life of 14days, especially the line 95LS444 or a hybrid derived from this line.

Stable crocetin-containing Tanaka,





colorant Kuwahara,


content of the cheese block as a function of temperature may be studied by slicing it into sections. The apparatus comprises an insulated chamber with heat-exchange surfaces disposed over and closing its two openings, which are separated by the length of the chamber. The temperatures of the two heatexchange surfaces are different and a temperature gradient is established in a block of cheese within the chamber.

Beverages Lysozyme for improved wine quality control Dell’Acqua, E. (LHC Lysozyme Holding Co., Road Town, Tortola, VI, USA i Dell’Acqua, A.) PCT International Patent Application WO 95/20644

A method of monitoring and preventing changes in wine resulting from bacterial contamination during vinification and storage. Lysozyme is used in association with synergistic acidic materials with the general formula R-COOH, where R denotes an alkyl, hydroxyalkyl, carboxyalkyl, carboxyalkenyl or carboxy hydroxyalkyl with a carbon chain of 2-9 atoms in all possible optically active forms or in the racemic form.

Cereals Competitive inhibition of bacterial growth in malting barley Boivin, P. and Malanda, M. (Institut Francais des Boissons de la Brasserie Malterie, France) French Patent Application FR 2 717 494 Al [in French]

A stabilized crocetin-containing colorant. Crocetin is a hydrolysate crocin and its properties include bility to light and chemicals.

Fungi of the species Geotrichum candidum are used to control microbial contamination of barley grain during malting.



Development of a uniform temperature gradient in a block of cheese Mehnert, D.W. (Kraft Foods Inc., Northfield, USA) United States Patent US 5 433 141


A method and the apparatus for the development of a uniform temperature gradient in a block of cheese. The moisture


in Food Science

& Technology

July 1996

Quick-cook precooked barley Messick, D.L. (Kraft Foods Inc., Northfield, USA) United States Patent US 5 464 647


Method of manufacture for a quickcooking barley and a method for cooking the product. The texture of the cooked barley is 75-90 lb/force when measured by shear press value. The moisture content of pearled barley is raised to 55-60% by cooking; the barley is then subjected to ambient pressure in an

[Vol. 71



Effervescent frozen confectionery Caron, P. and Jousset, S. (Societe des Produits Nestle SA, Vevey, Switzerland) European Patent Application EP 0 674 841 Al [in French]

An effervescent frozen item contains longitudinally layers of frozen material gredients that react in release CO, gas.

confectionery juxtaposed containing inthe mouth to

Dual-flavoured layered chewing gum Kabse, K. and Hager, WJ. (Warner-Lambert Co., Morris Plains, NJ, USA) United States Patent US 5 437 879

A multi-layered chewing gum that provides an initial temporary flavour, followed by a second sustained flavour. The initially soft texture of the layered chewing gum is converted to that of standard chewing gum after several minutes of chewing. Chewing gum is used to sandwich a layer, or layers, of a gel-cream confection; the initial flavour is provided by hydrophilic components of the gel-cream, and the subsequent sustained flavour by the chewing gum composition.


(Ensuiko Sugar Refining Co. ttd, Yokohama, Japan) United States Patent US 5 424 407

food of sta-

atmosphere saturated with steam, and sprayed with hot water to achieve a drained moisture content of 70-80%. The barley is then drained and dried to a moisture content of 12% or less. The barley product is cooked by hydration in an equal volume of boiling water for 5-15 min, followed by 5 min standing in the cooking liquor.

Flavour enhancement in cultured dairy products Mehnert, D.W. (Kraft Foods Inc., Northfield, USA) United States Patent US 5 462 755


Methods, and compositions, for flavour enhancement and development in fermented dairy products, particularly reduced-fat fermented dairy products, which identify and select fat fractions from sources such as milk (butter) fat for use as flavour precursors. The selected fractions are added to the product during the manufacturing process, where they are available for flavour development by means that are characteristic of the product. The selected fractions are preferably enriched in fatty acids and have low melting points. The flavour precursors are usually added in combination