DuPont fellow

DuPont fellow

ELSEVIER Progress in Organic Coatings 24 (1994) 381-384 Announcements Roy W. Tess Award in Coatings The American Chemical Society’s Division of Poly...

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ELSEVIER Progress in Organic Coatings 24 (1994) 381-384


Roy W. Tess Award in Coatings The American Chemical Society’s Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering (PMSE) seeks nominations for the Roy W. TessAward in Coatings. This award, for $1000, will be presented at the 210th meeting of the ACS, Aug. 20-24, 1995, in Chicago. This major award recognizes outstanding individual achievements and noteworthy contributions to coatings science, technology and engineering. The Tess Award is chaired by George R. Pilcher (Akzo Coatings Inc.), and the distinguished members of the Nominating Committee are: Professor Gordon P. Bierwagon (North Dakota State University); Dr Donald W. Boy (PPG Industries, Inc.); Dr Robert F. Brady, Jr. (Naval Research Laboratory); Professor Frank N. Jones (Coatings Research Institute, Eastern Michigan University). Nominations will be welcomed from all sections of industry, academia, and government, and should be forwarded to the Chairman at: Akzo Coatings Inc., PO Box 489, Columbus, OH 43216-0489. Upon receipt of names, the Chairman will provide a documentation form requesting information on the nominee relevant to patents, publications, over-all qualifications, etc. All finalized nominations for the 1995 Tess Award should be submitted prior to Sept. 1,1994, although nominations received after that data will be considered for the succeeding year’s award.


DuPont Fellow John A. Simms has been named a DuPont Fellow, one of the company’s highest levels of professional recognition for scientists. He will continue his work within DuPont Research & Development on polymer synthesis for automotive finishes. “John Simms has demonstrated his creativity in a continuing stream of technical developments, including three resins that have been commercialized in the last

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Progress in Organic Coatings 24 (1994) 381-384

three years by DuPont Automotive Finishes,” said James M. Meyer, director, Material Science and Engineering, DuPont Research & Development. “His expertise in coating technologies is broadly recognized among his peers, and he is a role model within DuPont’s technical community for communicating about new technology.” Simms is among 28 active company employees who hold the title of DuPont Fellow. Simms earned his bachelor of science degree in chemistry at North Georgia College and a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Purdue University. He joined DuPont in 1955 and has conducted research in ethylene copolymerization, adhesion and adhesives, composite materials and functional polymers for coatings. He holds more than 30 US patents. His major emphasis has been on the synthesis of resins of controlled structure which, when formulated into coatings, provide desired properties such as quicker drying, improved cure at lower cost, and improved appearance. In addition, Simms has represented DuPont in external organizations, and established internal print and electronic newsletters as well as participated in symposia for early communication of significant technical developments within the company. Wilmington, DE, USA June 20, 1994



Polymer Coatings Mini-Course, New Orleans, LA, USA, Oct. 10-11, 1994, presented by Drs Shelby Thames and James 0. Stoffer Topics include: waterborne, high solids, powder and solvent base coatings, function of the coating components, methods of formulation to meet new VOC regulations. For further information, pleae call: Dr Thames or Debbie, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS 39406-0076, USA. Phone: 601-266-5618 Fax: 601-266-5880