Elastic-plastic model for saturated sand

Elastic-plastic model for saturated sand

101A Geomechanics Abstracts General 795001 CONFEREEL"E ON CLAY F~.7.S penman, A D M Ground Emgng, VI2, N3, April 1979, P13-17 A report on the confer...

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Geomechanics Abstracts

General 795001 CONFEREEL"E ON CLAY F~.7.S penman, A D M Ground Emgng, VI2, N3, April 1979, P13-17 A report on the conference held at the Institution of Civil Engineers, Lotion in November 1978, with the 3 main sessions: englneering properties add perfca~nar~e of clay fills, road sub,fades, constructionI placement ~ methods of treatment of clay fills, some of the earlier literature on the subject is a l s o reviewed.

79500z G~OU~ CO~0L(PA~r OF 1978 AtonAL ~ ) Min Er~ng, V31, NS, May 1979, P512-514 Briefly reviews recent research ani developments in rock mechanics and ground control, ir~luding geotechnical instrmmentation, modelling of excavation processes~ roof bolts~ automatic rock burst monitoring, roof preco~dltloning to prevent rock bursts, grouted bolts, tunnel stress relaxation gauge, prediction of failure in mines, deep rigid anthers. 795003 N ~ I C A L BOUNDARY INT~X}RAL EQUATION M ~ O D FOR ELASTODYNAMICS. i. Cole, D M; Koslc~f, D D; Minster, J B BIAII Seismol Soc Am~ V68, NS, Oct 1978, P1331-

1357 The boundary initial value problems of e l a s t o dynamics are formulated as boundary integral equations. It is shown that these integral equations may be solved by time-stepping nmnerical methods for the unknown boundary values. A specific ~ i c a l scheme is presented for antiplans strain problems amd a numerical example is given. 79500~ GEOMECHANICS OF OROGENETIC EVENTS AND THEIR ~w~t~fS ON THE CONSTRUCTION OF ROCK STRUCTURES ON SUBSURFACE A~D UNDERGROUND. CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE 25TH GEOMECHANICAL C O I ~ , AUSTRIAN SOCIETY FOR GEOMECHANICS, SALZBURG, 14-15 OCT

795006 POINTS OF CONTACT AND PLANES (R• FRICTION WEEN GEG[/~Y AND ROCK MECHANICS (IN GE~4AN) Horninger, G Rock Mech, Suppl 6, 1978, ~7-54 (paper t o 25th G e o m e a h a ~ c a l Colloqv~tm~ A u s t r i a n Society for Geomechanics, Salzburg, 14-15

oct 1976) 795007 NEW ZEALAND GEOMECHANICS SOC]~IT: PAPERS PRESENTED TO THE SYMPOSI~ ON TUNNELLING IN NEW ZEALAND, HAMILTON, 1977 NZIE Proc Teeh Grps, V3, N3(G), 252P. P ~ I Wellimgton: NZIE, 1978 Presents 16 papers and discussion, under the main headings of: investigations, design, construction, data recc~ling and instrumentation, case studies. The papers are given separate entries in this issue.

Properties of Rocks and Soils 795008 ELASTIC-PI~IC M C D ~ FOR SATUR~ED SAND Baladi, G Y; Rohani, B J Geotech Emgmg Div, ASCE, VI05, E ~ , April

z979, ?~65-48o A 3-dimensional elaatic-plaat£c isotrol~c workhardening constitutive relatlonab~p is developed for slnn~lating the atress-strain-pare l~essure response of fluid saturated sand. The model rel~educes the hysteretic behaviour of the material under hydrostatic amd deviatccic states of stress accountirg fer ahear-iniuced volume chamge add %he effect of superimposed hydrostatic stress on the shearimg response. The behaviour of the constitutive modal udder axisy~ic triaxlal test corzlitions is examined add correlated with exlx~rlmental results for a fluid saturated ss/rl at both loose and dense initial states of compaction.

1976 Rock Mech, Suppl 6, 1978, 19~P

795005 TRENDS OF DEVELOPMENT IN GEC~ECHANICS (IN Muller-Salzburg, L ROck Mech, Suppl 6, 1978, I>3-15 (paper to 25th Geomechanical Colloquimn, Austrian Society for Geomechanlcs, salzburg, i~-15 Oct 1976) A keynote paper which emphasises the importance of geological factors in the treatment of rOck mechanical problems ard also of the need to interl~et tectonic phenomema, in addition to the use of data cor~erming the basic mechanical behaviour of rocks.

CONSOLIDATED CLAYS 795009 VISCOPLA~ICITY OF N C ~ Y Ansal, A M; Bazsmt, Z P; Krizek, R J J Geotech Emgng Div, ASCE, VI05, Z~Sl~, April

1979, P519"537 A constitutive law is developed to modal the behavlour of normslly consolidated Isotropic cohesive soils under multidimensional stress c~ strain paths. This law represents %he endochronlc form of plasticity add involves a m~mber of material variables used to model strain softemlmg and hardemimg, densification and dilatancy, friction, strain rate behaviour ard pore ~¢essure response. Data from the literature are used to demonstrate 1~e applicability of the approach to norm~11y consolidated clays.