Elastoplastic analysis of the stress condition of rock in the vicinity of a mine (in Polish)

Elastoplastic analysis of the stress condition of rock in the vicinity of a mine (in Polish)

133A deformation leads to greater deformation as well as to redistribution of the vertical stresses on the mine face. The problem is solved by applic...

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deformation leads to greater deformation as well as to redistribution of the vertical stresses on the mine face. The problem is solved by application of the iteration method to the initial stresses. 796083 CATEGORIES FOR SHAFT PROTECTION AGAINST THE .I~'~'~CTS OF MINING EXTRACTION (IN POLISH) Jelenaki, A~ KolodzieJ, M Prace Glownego Inst Gorn, Kcca~Ikat N6~, 1978, 10P Shafts were divided into different protection categuries, taking into account the function of t h e s h a f t , type of lining, and h~Irogeological corditions. Three degrees of damage were considered, ani the vertical strains were measured in a shaft during extraction. Five categuries of shaft protection are suggested fur shafts with brick ur concrete linings. Permissible values of vertical strains in linings are given fur each cat~gury. OF ~ o oR MORE ~ o ~ ~ z z s 796o~ z m ~ FOmmm BY ~ m m n m ~ n ~ m zN ~ a m z m sz~s (zN m u S H ) So~a, J Przegl Gum, V~4, NI2, Dec 1978, P51~-516 Presents a method of determiuing the ramge of influence of two ur more edges, in hurizontal ani vertical planes, on a neighbouring seam. On the basis of an analysis fur one bourdary, the influence of two bour~aries is discussed. 7%o~5 m m P A ~ m Z O N OF A ~ z ~ ~ z m ~ COAU FOR EQUIPPING IT WITH ~ SUPPORTS (IN POLISH) Zyz~k, Aj Twardokes, K Przegl Gorn, V3~, N12, Dec 1978, P522-~2~ Reports a method of driving a rise heading 4.7-5.0m wide in coal supported by roof bolting with boneed steel bolts. Monitoring of the behaviour of the bol%s during drlvage ani later is described. 7 ~

P R O B I ~ CAUSED BY THE IRRUPTION OF WATER IN G P ~ URD~GROUND WORKS, WITH SPECIAL H~LASIS ON THE WATER IRRUPHON$ FROM THE SEA T H ~ LIMESTONE KARST OR THROUGH IMPm~MEABI~ ROCK FORMATIONS Marinos, G F; Economopoulos, J N; Nicolaou, N G In: Proc Wurld Comgress on Water in Mining and Underground Works (SIAMOS-78), Granada, Spain, 18-22 Sept 1978, VI, P~63-~75. Pu~l Gr~r~a: Asociacion Nacional de Ingenieros de Minas, 1978 Discusses geology, tectonic effects and water ir~low at lignite anl metalliferous mines in Greece.

796087 CONTAMINATION BY MINING WASTES (IN SPANISH) Martin, J P In: Proc Wurld Com~ess on Water in Mining and Underground W ~ k s (SIAMDS-78), G r a r ~ , Spain, 18-22 Se~t 1978, V3, P1471-1475. Pt~l Granada: Asociacion Nacional de Ingenieros de Minas, 1978 Reviews the papers given in Session 5 of this coDfarenoe.

796088 APPLICATION OF HARD-ROCK BGRI~ MACHINES IN DEEP SOUTH AFRICAN GOLD MINES OF ANGLO AMERICAN CORPORATION S ~ m ~ , E; Taylur, J G Paper 55 to llth Ccmmomwealth Mining ard Metallurgical Congress, Hong Kong, May 1978 796089 TUN~-LI~3 MACHINE INSTRUMEh~ATION F ~ USE IN COAL MINES Temporal, J; Hignett, H J Transport anl Road Research Lab supplementary report 502, 1979, 15P An i ~ n t a t i o n system has been developed to monitor the cutting and overall performance of a full-face t-~_~111 ng machime. Information from transducers o~ the tunnelling machine was electronically comditiomed and then tr---m4tted to the surface for recording and subsequent analysis. A certificate of Intrinsic safety has been obtained fur the equipment, allowing its use in a coal mine. Auth. Avail : THRL, Old Wokingham Rd, Crowthcrne, Berks, UK


OF C ~ PROGRAMS APPLICABLE TO US MINING PRACTICES AI~ PRO~T~MS Sanfcrd, R L; Myers, T L; Stiehr, J F USS~ OFR 131-78, Nov 1977, 5~68P Avail: NTIS, Syringfield, Va, 22161, USA (FB


Tunnels 796o91 c ~ ~ s ~ T U m ~ m DESIGN Burr, A (editor) Lomdon: Institution Qf Civil Emgine~s, 1978, I~6P Imcludes papers on theuretical models, quasiplame strain amalysis, stress -~lyals, t - ~ l intersections, shallow tummels in s o f t ground, tunnel aligmment control s location of block release mechax~smss finite element calculations fer model tlmnels, design of large ,,~14ned openimgs in rock, tunnel lining design, storage of site investigation d~ta. 7960~ ~ N G ~ DrFFICULT CONDITIONS. PROCEn> INGS CF THE INTERNATIONAL TUNNEL SYMPOSII~, TOKYO, 30 MAY-I JUNE 1978 Kiteamra, I (editur) Oxfora: Pergamon P r e s s , 1979, 406P Contains 53 papers presented at this symposium, arramged in two parts. Part A c ~ i s e s special lectures by representative speakers from western Europe, Polamd, USSR, Japan, Thailand, New Zeaiand and the USA. Part B covers the main theme in four sections: (i) design amd p l a ~ g , (2) construction, (3) environment, (4) contracts.

796093 ROMEMETRO: DRIVING A NEW LINE UNDER AN ANCIENT CITY Harding, P G ~xnn ~xmmlg, VII, R6, July-Aug 1979, P13-18