Engelhard reports 1Q 2005 results

Engelhard reports 1Q 2005 results

FOCUS company is investing 20% of gross profits in R&D. According to analysts, new product sales could add $110 M to sales in 2006. Chemical Market Re...

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FOCUS company is investing 20% of gross profits in R&D. According to analysts, new product sales could add $110 M to sales in 2006. Chemical Market Reporter, 9 & 30 May 2005 (Website: http://www.chemicalmarketreporter.com)

Axens to supply technology to Belarus Axens will provide Prime-G+ gasoline desulfurization and C5/C6 alkane isomerisation processes to Belarus’ Mozyr Oil Refinery. The combined technologies are expected to allow the refinery to yield low sulfur, high octane gasoline that complies with Euro IV specifications. The 300,000 tonne/y isomerisation unit will be used to considerably boost gasoline octane while the 1.1 M tonne/y Prime-G+ unit will bring in ultra-low sulfur FCC gasoline. Sulphur, May-Jun 2005, (298), 8

Catalytica Energy Systems: 1Q 2005 financial results For its 1Q 2005 (ends 31 Mar 2005), Catalytica Energy Systems Inc has reported turnover of $1.299 M ($986,000 for its 1Q 2004), a net loss of $3.538 M (net loss of $3.241 M), and a loss per share of $0.20 (loss per share pf $0.18). There is detailed discussion of the business during the quarter. Catalytica Energy Systems 1Q Financial Results, 12 May 2005, 1-4 (Catalytica Energy Systems Inc, 430 Ferguson Drive, Bldg 3, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. Tel: +1 650 960 3000. Website: http://www.catalyticaenergy.com)

Codexis to supply fine chemicals and catalysts to India The US fine chemicals producer Codexis and the Indian company Shasun Chemicals and Drugs Limited have signed an agreement under which Codexis is to sell an undisclosed active ingredient from Shasun to producers of generic medicines. Codexis is to supply Shasun with the catalyst used in the biocatalysis production process. This is the MolecularBreeding process that Codexis is selling in association with Lonza. The advantages of this process are lower cost and fewer by-products than other processes. Teva and Pfizer both have agreements with Codexis on the MolecularBreeding process.

JULY 2005



The item gives other examples of the involvement of Indian fine chemical companies in Western markets. Chimie Pharma Hebdo, 23 May 2005, (299), 5 (in French)

Daiichi Kigenso developing zirconia uses

chemical-process markets combined with continued demand for new additives technology for petroleum refining to deliver improved margins and solid earnings growth. Engelhard 1Q Report 2005, 27 Apr 2005, 1-7 (Engelhard Corp, 101 Wood Avenue, PO Box 770, Iselin, NJ 08830, USA)

Environmental and energy applications for zirconia compounds are to be developed by Daiichi Kigenso Kagaku Kogyo as part of its medium-term management plan covering fiscal 2005-2007. Compounds suitable for use in automotive catalysts are being developed in Osaka together with use of zirconia compounds in solid oxide fuel cells. The company is experiencing increasing interest in its yttrium-stabilized zirconia and scandium-stabilised zirconia for use in the electrolytes for solid oxide fuel cells. The use of zirconia compounds for electrodes, fuel-reforming catalysts, and other applications is being investigated by the company. In autumn 2007, a fine ceramics plant is due to be brought onstream in Fukui Prefecture, Japan.

Engelhard buys Chinese catalyst business

Japan Chemical Week, 26 May 2005, 46 (2319), 2

EVC International 2004: review of the businesses: Catalysts and Additives

Engelhard reports 1Q 2005 results On 27 Apr 2005, Engelhard Corp reported net earnings for 1Q 2005, ended 31 Mar, of $58.0 M, or 47 cent/share, compared with $50.3 M, or 40 cent/share, for the same period in 2004. During 1Q, Engelhard and the US Internal Revenue Service reached agreement with respect to the company’s tax return for the year 2001. The agreement resulted in reversal of previously accrued income taxes totalling $2.7 M, improving results by 2 cent/share. 1Q 2005 revenues were $1.0 bn, approximately even with the prior-year period. Operating earnings from Environmental Technologies were $36 M, a decline of 1% following a 24% increase in 1Q 2004. Revenues rose 1% to $241 M. Unfavourable volume and mix in light-duty vehicles was partially offset by performance in other served markets and improved productivity. Operating earnings from Process Technologies increased 17% to $19 M. Revenues rose 12% to $148 M. Improved performance from

Engelhard has expanded its catalysts business with the purchase of the Nanjing Chemical Industry’s syngas catalyst unit. The deal includes production and R&D facilities in Nanjing that employ over 600 people. Engelhard makes the cobalt catalyst for Sasol’s Fischer-Tropsch slurry bed reactor, used in converting natural gas to synthetic diesel and petrochemical feedstock. The Nanjing Chemical business will extend Engelhard’s gasto-liquids catalyst operation into the market for syngas used to make ammonia, hydrogen, methanol, and other products. Chemical and Engineering News, 6 Jun 2005, 83 (23), 12 (Website: http://www.cen-online.org)

EVC international NV is a global supplier of speciality catalysts for making ethylene dichloride (EDC)/vinyl chloride (VCM) and high performance additives for the production of PVC resins. The successive growth of this business has been built on its unique position to provide higher value-added products coupled with technological expertise in EDC/VCM and PVC manufacturing. To further exploit the synergy of EVC’s catalysts and additives with its technical know-how, EVC has decided to promote the licensing of its world renowned EDC/VCM and PVC process technologies as an additional platform to expand its catalysts and additives business. EVC Annual Report 2004, 5 May 2005, 17 (EVC International NV, Ir Rocourstraat 28, 6245 AD Eijsden, The Netherlands. Tel: +31 43 409 91-91. Fax: +31 43 409 91-98. Website: http://www.evc-int.com)

Finnzymes looks far afield for enzymes A profile is presented of Finnzymes, Finland, which specializes in enzymes