Europump celebrates 50 years

Europump celebrates 50 years

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Europump celebrates 50 years This year we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the formal establishing of Europump. In an interview with Dr Soenke Brodersen, 1st Vice-President of Europump, World Pumps reports on how Europump has evolved and how it has contributed to the global pump manufacturing industry.


n March 1959, the European Working Group of Pump Manufacturers, comprising the associations in France, Germany, Italy and Belgium set up a mutual technical commission and at a plenary session held in Paris in November 1960, the European Committee of Pump Manufacturers was formed, with the name Europump being introduced. The origins of the Working Group can be traced back to the endeavours of the Association Française des Contracteurs des Pompes and the Fachgemeinschaft Pumpen within the German VDMA who together thought of creating a multilateral organisation to deal with the common interests of European pump manufacturers.

Major influence Today, the membership of Europump comprises 18 national pump manufacturing associations which represent more than 450 companies with a collective annual production estimated at €6 billion. Having played a central role in establishing and harmonising technical and quality standards for half-a-century, Europump has been a major influence in the global pump industry to the benefit of all pump manufacturers. The organisation’s close working relationship with the United States’ Hydraulic Institute reflects its global approach and responsibilities to its membership. Regular exchanges between both organisations over many years has been instrumental in establishing international standards, ensuring that the global pump market and industry is not divided into separate sets of ^^^^VYSKW\TWZJVT

standards and that the markets are open to healthy competition. Probably the biggest challenges that Europump has had to address in its history have been the globalisation of the pump market and the focus on energy efficiency. “Globalisation has had an enormous impact on the pump industry,” comments Europump 1st Vice-President Soenke Brodersen, “and this is challenging every manufacturer. Twenty to thirty years ago there was a difference in the demands of customers, but more recently the development of the internet and the on-line availability of information is stimulating a demand for the best technology to the lowest prices everywhere.” Europump provides a valuable platform for manufacturers to exchange experiences and to work together on developing standards. Using the offices of the Standards and the Technical Commissions, members are able to transcend the issues of competition between companies to the benefit of all. As an example, Dr Brodersen cites the mutual and common work on EUP Directive and the ongoing work into the related system approach, which sets out to encourage the pump industry to take part in energy saving activities. Dr Brodersen says that Europump first addressed energy efficiency some 15 years ago in response to the European Commission asking about the available energy efficiency of pumps. In the intervening period, Europump has been very active in

publishing guidelines for pump users and accompanying the development of the EUP Directive, which comes into effect in 2012. “We are trying on a neutral basis to develop papers and procedures to show pump users how to save energy and to show best practice cases that are open to everybody,” comments Dr Brodersen. “On a different front, the Marketing Commission is playing a key role in providing a channel for exchanging ideas on how to combat counterfeiting and product piracy, which is becoming a major problem for all manufacturers.” Europump has enjoyed steady growth over the past half century and it has stayed true to its original objectives. Its work is highly respected throughout the world and its contribution to establishing European manufacturers as a truly global force in the pump industry cannot be underestimated.

Industry support The mission of Europump published at the General Assembly in 2006 is still effective. It states that: “Europump shall develop appropriate programmes and tools to support the European pump industry in understanding and maintaining the knowledge of the fluid system technologies and the related market requirements. Further, Europump shall actively promote energy saving and environmental integrity and shall maintain an open and constructive dialogue with all constituencies determining or influencing the progress of our industry.”

Dr Soenke Brodersen, 1st Vice-President Europump

After 50 years Europump is stronger and better supported than at any time in its history, and its guides and books have become standard study material for all pump designers and specifiers. It has been proactive with regard to European legislation and as a result of its work it has achieved a very high degree of credibility with the European Commission by demonstratng that its interests go beyond the mere financial concerns of its members. Far from being a club to promote the interests of its members, Europump has shown that it is an outward-looking organisation that is committed to working with international governmental bodies to bring about informed legislation that will benefit all pump manufacturers and to create greater awareness of the technologies that are available to pump users.