Factors influencing friction & wear with solid lubricants

Factors influencing friction & wear with solid lubricants

LITERATI’RE 454 AND CURRENT SSSR, v. gg, no. 6, 1954, p. 1025-1027.) Henry Brutchcr, Altadena, Calif. Study of influence of different lubricants up...

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SSSR, v. gg, no. 6, 1954, p. 1025-1027.) Henry Brutchcr, Altadena, Calif. Study of influence of different lubricants upon tangential force, micro-structure, and microhardness through flow in surface zone. Photographs, tables. 4 ref. L 2

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Fluororcarbon -- Porous Bronze T Steel Backing = New Dry Bearing Material. Materials G Methods, V. 42, Sept. 195.5, p. 94-95. Excellent friction, chemical, and wear properties of polytetrafluoroethylene are combined with strength, thermal conductivity and dimensional stability of metals by impregnating porous metal matrix with resin. Photographs, table. Metallic Friction and Lubrication by Laminar Solids. A Review of Current Theories. Ernest Koenigsberg and V. R. Johnson. JIechanical Erfgi+zeerizg, V. 77 I’eb. lg.55 p. 141147, Analysis of validity of current knowledge and hypotheses. Diagrams, graphs. 48 ref. P.T.F.E.-Impregnated Dry Bearings. D. C. Mitchell and A. E. Burke. Engineers‘ Digest, V. 16, Feb. 1935, p. 53-58. Methods of impregnating bronze bearings with polytetrafluorethylene. Testing procedures. Performance of bearing. Tables, graphs, photograph, diagram, micrographs. g ref. Factors Influencing Friction & Wear With Solid Lubricants. M. B. Peterson and R. L. Johnson. Lubricatio1z Engineering, V. II, Sept.-ht. rg55,p. 325-330. Most data obtained with MoS, using low speed friction and wear apparatusforsteel testspecimens. Photograph, graphs, tables, micrograph. 8 ref. Filled Teflon for Dry Bearings. S. Ricklin and Robert R. Miller. Matevials & Methods, V. 40, Oct. 1954, p. 112-114. Four new compositions provide improved service under severe conditions. Photographs, tables.


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Das Reibungsverhalten von KunstharzPresstoffen in Gleitlagern. The Friction Characteristics of Non-Metallic Sleeve Bearings. Ernst Wenger. Stahl und Eisen, v. 74? no. 19. Sept. g, 19.54. p. 1202-1212. Principles of friction and lubrication. Comparisonof various types of bearings. Diagrams, graphs, photographs, table. 12 ref. 2.3. Processing Lubricants Symposium on Metal-Working Cutting.

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