Ferro reports 2Q 2012 results: performance coatings

Ferro reports 2Q 2012 results: performance coatings

FOCUS Ferro reports 2Q 2012 results: performance coatings Ferro Corp’s net sales from its performance coatings segment dropped to $157,315,000 in 1Q 2...

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FOCUS Ferro reports 2Q 2012 results: performance coatings Ferro Corp’s net sales from its performance coatings segment dropped to $157,315,000 in 1Q 2012 (period ended 30 Jun 2012) from $163,481,000 in 1Q 2011 (period ended 30 Jun 2011), while income fell to $9,699,000 from $10,497,000. The segment’s net sales rose to $309,829,000 in 1H 2012 (period ended 30 Jun 2012) from $300,181,000 in 1H 2011 (period ended 30 Jun 2011), while income rose to $17,758,000 from $16,844,000. Sales declined largely as a result of changes in foreign currency exchange rates. Original Source: Ferro Corp Results 2Q 2012, 25 Jul 2012, (Ferro Corp, 1000 Lakeside Avenue Cleveland, OH 44114 1147, USA, tel: +1 (216) 641 8580, website: http://www.ferro.com) © Ferro Corporation 2012

Finnish company Teknos erecting €15 M paints plant Finnish company Teknos Oy is to erect another paints and coatings plant near St Petersburg. Investment is put at €15 M and the plant is due onstream in 2014. Output will be 15,000 tonnes/y liquid and powder coatings. This figure could double by 2017. Teknos had sales of €26 M in Russia in 2011, with paints produced in Russia accounting for €4 M. Original Source: Chemie Aktuell, 21 Sep 2012, (Website: http://www.maerkteweltweit.de) (in German) © MBM Martin Brueckner Medien GmbH 2012

IMCD and DSM sign distribution agreement The Dutch speciality chemicals distributor IMCD has signed an agreement with DSM for the distribution of coating resins in Spain. The firms are already distribution partners in France, the UK, Benelux, Germany and S and E Europe. Original Source: Chimie Pharma Hebdo, 17 Sep 2012, (605), 14 (Website: http://www.industrie.com/chimie) (in French) © ETAI Information 2012




PPG white paper covers performance expectations for UVdurable coil coatings PPG Industries’ (PPG) coil and extrusion coatings group has issued a white paper titled ‘Performance Expectations for UV-Durable Coil Coatings.’ The six-page document highlights differences between siliconemodified polyester (SMP) and super-polyester coatings in comparison to 70% polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) coatings. It also explains how polyester and PVDF coatings are formulated and defines performance characteristics such as ‘chalk’ and ‘fade’ with the goal of helping readers identify the best coatings for their applications and budgets. There also is a section illustrating the advantages of applying a clear topcoat to metal building panels and components as part of a three-coat PVDF coating system for use in industrial and seacoast environments. PPG Industries’ vision is to continue to be the world’s leading coatings and speciality products company. Original Source: PPG Industries Inc, One PPG Place Pittsburgh, PA 15272, USA, tel: +1 412 434 3131, website: http://www.ppg.com (20 Sep 2012) © PPG Industries 2012

CIN invests €12 M in Maia plant for production of powder paints CIN is spending €12 M to boost the output capacity of its powder paint factory in Maia, Portugal. The investment is being carried out in three phases over five years, with the first phase already completed in Jul 2012. The first phase involved an investment of €6 M and is expected to raise output by 50% to reach 10,000 tonnes/y. Phase II will involve the installation of a specific products unit, while Phase III will see the installation of new production lines to boost installed capacity to 14,000 tonnes/y. The expansion project will expand the R&D area and

C O AT I N G S initially, add 15 jobs to the existing 58. Original Source: PPCJ, Polymers, Paint, Colour Journal, Sep 2012, 202 (4576), 6 (Website: http://www.polymerspaintcolourjournal.com/) © Quartz Business Media Ltd 2012

Asian Paints beats estimates, 4Q FY 2012 net up 34% at Rup 250 crore Asian Paints has posted consolidated net profit of Rup 250 crore for 4Q FY 2012, outperforming growth estimates with a 34.4% gain from the yearago level. Consolidated net sales surged 29.5% at Rup 2539 crore, in the same period under review. Asian Paints is the largest paint company in India based on market capitalization. According to Asian Paints Ltd, a dividend payment of Rup 30.50/share will be made on or after 26 Jun 2012, pending shareholder approval at the company’s Annual General Meeting scheduled for 25 Jun 2012. (1 crore=10 M, 1 lakh=100,000). Original Source: Chemical Business (India), Jun 2012, 26 (6), 27 (Website: http://www.printsjournals.com/) © Prints India 2012

GreenVolts to use Henkel’s Aquence coatings to protect its CPV solar equipment from corrosion Henkel’s Aquence Co-Cure technology has been chosen by GreenVolts Inc to protect its concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) solar equipment from corrosion and UV damage. Henkel teamed up with GreenVolts and paint and coatings supplier AkzoNobel to design a process that allows Henkel’s Aquence autodeposition coatings to be layered with a powder topcoat and to ‘co-cure’ them in a single oven. The Aquence process provides solar components with a smoother, higher quality surface, improved durability, and ultraviolet protection for 25 years. Original Source: Coatings World, Sep 2012, 17 (9), 9 (Website: http://www.coatingsworld.com/) © Rodman Publishing 2012