Filtration Society celebrates 50 years

Filtration Society celebrates 50 years

10 Technology news Filtration+Separation September/October 2014 Xylem completes trial of AOP treatment system GE Instruments simplify drinking wate...

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Technology news Filtration+Separation September/October 2014

Xylem completes trial of AOP treatment system

GE Instruments simplify drinking water monitoring GE Instruments introduced the M5310 C total organic carbon (TOC) analyser, which has been engineered to support disinfectants and disinfection by-products rule (DBPR) compliance.

previous 5310 C series. It has automated calibration, verification and data analysis which automatically calculates percent TOC removal for influent and effluent streams or samples.

The M5310 has an analytical range of four parts per billion (ppb) to 50 parts per million (ppm).

Other feature improvements include a large, colour, touchscreen displaying more menus and a smaller, space-saving profile (19.2 cm/7.6 in wide) for efficient use of valuable bench space.

GE Instruments’ TOC analyser can provide readings in two minutes, and analyses TOC 50% faster than the company’s

Xylem’s AOP system, also known as Promix.

Xylem has completed the trialling of a revolutionary treatment system which can remove water contaminates to within safe regulatory limits following concerns from UK water companies who face large financial penalties if uncompliant. The eight-month trial, which was completed earlier this year in partnership with Anglian Water Innovations, involved the use of ozone oxidation, in combination with hydrogen peroxide, to create an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP).

The objective was to establish whether the Xylem AOP system, which is called Promix, is capable of removing background and spiked levels of contaminants, such as Metaldehyde and Clopyralid, from surface water. During the trial, Xylem assessed Promix’s ability to maintain bromate levels below 5 μg/l. When oxidised, bromide becomes bromate, which is a human carcinogen and a listed compound by the World Health Organisation and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

The analyser can simplify drinking water monitoring.

HPSA dryers fitted with new controllers Hi-line Industries Ltd says that its range of heatless pressure swing

Filtration Society celebrates 50 years The Filtration Society will mark its 50th anniversary with a two-day conference in Chester, UK 13-14 November 2014. The aim of the society is not only to celebrate the last half century, with a look back on our history, but also to look at the future of our diverse and important field. A number of leading authorities from around the world are already committed to speak and more are currently being added. Alongside the conference, there will be an exhibition, featuring the latest technologies

The range of products has also been extended to cover air flow capacities from 230 to 17,000 Nm3/h as well as accommodating operating pressures up to 40 bar, with standard units rated at 11 bar.

in wet and dry filtration with opportunities to catch-up with old acquaintances and meet new people who are driving progress in business, research and the application of filtration. Chester is a beautifully preserved city with Roman and Medieval history on show offering plenty to see in quieter moments. On the evening of 13 November we will be holding a dinner to celebrate our Society in a more relaxed atmosphere.

adsorption (HPSA) desiccant dryers are now all equipped as standard with their new HDC-1 digital controller, providing a digital dewpoint display.

Hi-line Industries HPSA desiccant dryers are now equipped with their new HDC-1 digital controller.

All the dryer models are fitted with safety relief valves as standard, while the desiccant beds save energy as the stand-by condition on dewpoint control is significantly longer. Operation is simple owing to limited moving parts being utilised with positively driven ball valve action, with no shuttle valves incorporated.