Flowserve opens Dallas HQ

Flowserve opens Dallas HQ

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Pump Industry Analyst

February 1998

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INGERSOLL-RAND ACQUIRES JOHNSTONE PUMP Ingersoll-Rand Company has acquired the assets of Johnstone Pump Company, based in Troy, Michigan. Johnstone manufactures industrial piston pumps, automated dispensing systems and related products, which primarily are used by the automotive industry to apply adhesives and sealants. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Johnstone, which employs approximately 95 people, will become part of Ingersoll-Rand's Production Equipment Group, a leading supplier of fluid-handling products, tools, automated production systems, hoists, and power-assisted material-handling systems for worldwide markets. "Johnstone's products and technologies complement those of our existing A R t ® fluid handling product line, which enables us to offer customers more choices in meeting their dispensing-system requirements," said Steven T Martin, president of the Production Equipment Group. "In addition, we look forward to using Ingersoll-Rand's already strong presence in automotive and industrial markets to expand Johnstone's participation beyond its traditional customer base."


rlQ Flowserve Corporation has opened its new corporate headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Flowserve is the industrial flow management company formed in July by the merger of BW/IP lnc and Durco International Inc. As part of its

merger integration process, the company has closed BW/IP's former headquarters in Long Beach, California, and Durco's former headquarters in Dayton, Ohio, merging the two operations to a new location in Dallas. Operating in 25 countries, with more than 7000 employees, Flowserve produces highly engineered and modular pumps, precision mechanical seals, smart, specialty, and quarter-turn valves and valve actuators, and provides a range of related flow management services. Flowserve's 1997 sales were approximately US$1.2 billion. Contact details for the new headquarters are: Flowserve Corporation, 222 W Las Colinas Blvd, Suite 1500, Irving, TX 75039, USA. Tel: +1 972 443 6500; Fax: +1 972 443 6800.

PENTAIR SHARPENS STRATEGIC FOCUS Effective 1 January 1998, Pentair Inc has realigned its nine operating subsidiaries to form three distinct operating groups. The three new groups are Electrical and Electronic Enclosures; Professional Tools and Equipment; and Water and Fluid Technologies. They replace the Specialty Products and General Industrial Equipment groups which have been operational since 1991. "Although we have been talking about our business strategies in terms of these three groups for the last two years, this reorganisation allows us to format our segment financial reporting in a way that is consistent with our operating structure," said Winslow H Buxton, Pentair chairman and chief executive officer. "This step reflects the sharper strategic focus that Pentair has adopted to guide its

growth and development in the years ahead." Pentair's Hoffman Engineering and Schroff enclosures businesses comprise the Electrical and Electronic Enclosures Group, while PorterCable, Delta International, Century Manufacturing, and Lincoln Automotive make up the Professional Tools and Equipment Group. The Water and Fluid Technologies Group consists of the Pentair Pump Group, Fleck Controls, and Lincoln Industrial. Pentair executive vice presidents Gerry Kitch, Joe Collins, and Rick Cathcart lead the Electrical and Electronic Enclosures; Professional Tools and Equipment; and Water and Fluid Technologies groups, respectively.

DERLAN ANNOUNCES C$6.5 MILLION CONTRACTS Derlan Industries Limited's pump companies, Ruhrpumpen of Witten-Annen, Germany and Corporacion EG of Monterrey, Mexico, have obtained contracts valued at C$6.5 million for delivery of pumps in the coming year. The first contract valued at C$3.5 million is to supply process pumps to Kellogg Ltd of London, UK for a project in Karsto, Norway. The second contract is to supply flare, pipeline, and utility pumps valued at US$2.1 million to PCKSchwedt in Germany. In addition, a third contract valued at US$900 000 is for the supply of water pumps to Centromin in Peru. The significance of this order lies in the fact that Ruhrpumpen, which Derlan acquired in early 1997, is to supply markets which have been developed by Corporacion EG.

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