Fluid dynamics and applied mathematics

Fluid dynamics and applied mathematics

July, 1963.] BOOK NOTES 8I ~?LUIDDYNAMICSANDAPPLIED MATI-IEMATICS, edited by J. B. Diaz and S. I. Pal. 207 pages, diagrams, 6 X 9 in. New York, Gor...

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July, 1963.]



~?LUIDDYNAMICSANDAPPLIED MATI-IEMATICS, edited by J. B. Diaz and S. I. Pal. 207 pages, diagrams, 6 X 9 in. New York, Gordon and Breach, 1963. Price, $8.00.

ATOMIC ENERGY DESKBOOK, by John Hogerton. 673 pages, illustrations, diagrams, 7 X 10 in. New York, Reinhold Publishing Corp., 1963. Price, $11.00.

This volume contains ten papers presented at a 1961 symposium held at the University of Maryland. The ten authors are all high level authorities in their own specialties. Sample topics covered include nonliuear buckling of thin shells, differential equations, singular partial differential equations, turbulent first-order reactions, kinetic theory, Landau damping, and shock tubes.

Prepared under the auspices of the Division of Technical Information of the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission, this deskbook is a combination dictionary and encyclopedia covering more than a thousand entries ranging from brief definitions to full length articles. Orientation is toward subjects of industrial importance, although information on military applications is included.


piled by Robert Hofstadter. 690 pages, illustrations, diagrams, 7 X 9 in. New York, W. A. Benjamin, Inc., 1963. Price: $10.00 (cloth); $6.95 (paper). Dr. Hofstadter has collected reprints of articles on nuclear and nucleon structure, with emphasis on electron scattering as a method for probing such structures. Other related topics, such as mu-mesic atoms, pion-pion interactions, and dispersion theory, have been included.


edited by Warren Ibele. 493 pages, diagrams, 6 X 9 in. New York, Academic Press, Inc., 1963. Price, $18.00. Thirteen leading authorities from the United States, England and Germany have contributed fourteen papers to this volume. The subject matter is up-to-date and authoritative. In the light of the increasing importance of heat transfer in biology, physiology, zoology, chemistry, physics and engineering, these contributions should be of interest to a wide audience. The problems discussed include nonclrcular duct convective heat transfer, chemically reacting gases, energy transport in rarefied gases, radiant interchange between surfaces, ablation coolrag, plasma heat transfer, viscosity of water and steam at high pressures, high temperature thermodynamic properties, and energy balance of high intensity arcs in argon. Each c~ntribution has its own list of symbols used.

PItYSlCAL GEOCHEMISTRY, by F. Gordon Smith. 624 pages, diagrams, 6 X 9 in. Reading (Mass.), Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., Inc., 1962. Price, $15.00. Covering material normally found only in scattered references in scientific journals, this advanced undergraduate and graduate level text is designed especially for economic geologists, petrographers, and mineralogists. It also covers the geochemical problems relating to the melting and crystallization of rocks and the deposition of minerals. The work is divided into two parts; the first is a systemization of theoretical aspects of crystals, especially minerals. The second is a synthesis of a self-consistent theory of hightemperature, high-pressure processes which are related to igneous rocks and mineral deposits.

AIR, SPACE, AND INSTRUMENTS, edited by Sidney Lees. Draper Anniversary Volume. 516 pages, illustrations, diagrams, 6} X 9-} in. New York, McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., 1963. Price, $15.00. This volume of original contributions is a fitting tribute to Charles Stark Draper in commemoration of his sixtieth birthday. Written by Draper's distinguished former students, colleagues, and friends, the book represents the tremendous achievements in the fields of science and engineering. The book provides an authoritative treatment of each of the various areas of engineering where Draper made important advances and introduces material which is unobtainable else-