Further cutbacks at Ahlstrom

Further cutbacks at Ahlstrom

Industry news Filtration+Separation July/August 2009 H2O Innovation purchases membrane filtration specialist H2O Innovation Inc. is to acquire Profes...

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Industry news Filtration+Separation July/August 2009

H2O Innovation purchases membrane filtration specialist H2O Innovation Inc. is to acquire Professional Water Technologies, a California, USA-based company that develops, manufactures and sells speciality membrane pre-treatment and maintenance solutions. The purchase price is US$3.7 million, which may rise to US$ 5.7 million, depending on sales. Professional Water Technologies develops products for maintaining and operating municipal, industrial, and commercial membrane filtration systems, in particular for reverse osmosis systems. The company synthesises and manufactures solutions

for membrane pre-treatment applications, and develops specific blends for maintenance, preservation, and cleaning of membrane systems that maximises the operating efficiency, economy, and longevity of reverse osmosis systems. Professional Water Technologies also offers analytic and technical capabilities aimed at maximising the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of reverse osmosis systems. “This acquisition positions H2O Innovation as a complete membrane filtration expert providing everything from customised system design to

manufacturing, maintenance and operational efficiency consulting. Professional Water Technologies also significantly enhances our international reach through its network of distributors. Its strong track record, combined with our solid experience in designing and manufacturing custom-built membrane filtration systems, will undoubtedly make a positive contribution to H2O Innovation’s future successes in North America and elsewhere” said Frederic Dugré, president and chief executive officer, H2O Innovation Inc. www.h2oinnovation.com

IChemE launches new corporate partner scheme The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) has launched a new corporate partner programme to integrate and enhance various strands of its business and forge stronger links with industry employers. Corporate partners will be able to pay a one-off annual fee to ensure involvement in IChemE’s whynotchemeng and ichemeoncampus campaigns, as well as cover costs for accredited company training schemes (ACTS) and professional development support for staff. Partners will also benefit from a range of PR and marketing opportunities with IChemE.

IChemE says that the initiative is built around four areas of support: securing the talent pipeline of graduate chemical engineers; recruiting and retaining competent, qualified staff; ensuring that training and development programmes remain relevant, up-to-date and of high quality; and influencing key audiences on a limited budget through IChemE events, activities and publications. While companies will still be able to invest in single components of the corporate partner package, such as whynotchemeng sponsorship or ACTS, IChemE chief executive, David Brown believes many will

see the benefits of becoming a corporate partner. He says: “Corporate partners will have greater involvement with IChemE and will be able to point to a badge of excellence that will help them secure and retain the talent they need. They’ll also save money and reduce administration. Many of the employers we work with, whether through ACTS, whynotchemeng or oncampus are already eligible for corporate partner status. We’ve had strong signs of interest within industry and have already begun signing up our first corporate partners,” says Brown. www.icheme.org/ corporatepartners

Further cutbacks at Ahlstrom Ahlstrom has issued a proposal to start further collaborative discussions on temporary layoffs at its glassfibre plant in Karhula, Finland. The negotiations concern the whole personnel of the plant. The possible layoffs and measures already taken to make cost savings are targeted to match the production volumes of speciality reinforcements and glassfibre tissue to the current demand. The cost saving effort is predicted to result in temporary layoffs for approximately 150 people, with an expected duration of less than 90 days. The Karhula plant employs around 400 people. www.ahlstrom.com

New CEO for German company Bruno Steis has been named as chief executive officer of German company inge watertechnologies AG. The board member formerly responsible for Business Development and Marketing Bruno Steis has now replaced Wolfgang K. Distler in the planned handover. Bruno Steis left Siemens Venture Capital GmbH (SVC) a year ago to join the executive board of inge watertechnologies AG. He spent nine years at SVC as an investment partner specialising in environmental and water treatment technologies. Wolfgang K. Distler will continue to assist inge watertechnologies AG in an advisory capacity. www.inge.ag