1484 altogether appropriate in this connexion, but the brings indifference, and it would astonish many to designation is nevertheless quite correct, ...

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altogether appropriate in this connexion, but the brings indifference, and it would astonish many to designation is nevertheless quite correct, for the vehicles are hear Sir J. Crichton Browne saying to them, "You are fitted up with special invalid couches and have removeable smothered in the products of combustion all the year round ; stretchers on which pupils may, if required, be conveyed in winter these settle down on you in fogs, grim and undisturbed from their own apartments to their places in the horrible....... A sable incubus embarrasses your breathing,

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The vehicles are constructed to carry seven or eight children, together with the nurse in charge. They have a neat appearance, resembling that of a small omnibus.


MARTIN-LEAKE, V.C. week that His Majesty the King had

hideous scum settles on your skin and clothes, a swart, awning offends your vision, a sullen cloud oppresses your spirits, and you quietly tolerate all this, apparently having come to regard it as inevitable and as a penalty inseparable from industrial prosperity" ; and he then went on to show that this curse of the towns might be mitigated, if not entirely removed. It would be worth while to make little or no profit from gas if by its use the manifold injuries caused by smoke could be prevented. a

WE announced last awarded the much-coveted decoration for valour, the Victoria Cross, to Surgeon-Captain Arthur Martin-Leake, of the South African Constabulary. Surgeon-Captain Martin-Leake is one of the four sons of a well-known barrister, the late DEATH IN THE POLICE CELL. Stephen Martin-Leake, author of an excellent legal text-book. AN inquiry was held recently at Streatham concerning the After leaving Westminster School he received his medical of a medical man in a cell at the police-station in death education at University College Hospital, the choice of which he had been placed because he had been found lying hospital being dictated by the fact that his uncle by marriage, in the public highway, so that the police were under the late Sir John Russell Reynolds, who had a great regard helpless the erroneous impression that he was drunk and incapable, for him, was consulting physician to the institution. When in which he died without medical assistance being the news of the early disasters attending the South African and summoned. The danger to members of the community campaign reached England Arthur Martin-Leake, who had the thus placed in the unaided diagnosis to confidence served his time as house surgeon at University College owing or the police-serjeant is frequently brought of constable the Hospital, volunteered for service as a civil surgeon. The War Office, however, stated that no more surgeons were before our notice and we should have thought that by this time it would have obtruded itself upon the observation required for the forces-at that time such was the of the higher authorities responsible for the regulation of the stereotyped answer given to medical men who offered force. We concede that a large number of the persons help. He therefore went out as a trooper in the police into our police cells as drunk and incapable from Herts Yeomanry. After a year’s service he was given brought the streets are in fact drunk and incapable and suffer no a civil post on the medical staff at Pretoria and again harm from being left in a recumbent position to about a year later was appointed to the South African particular it off" on a plank bed. We concede that in the case "sleep in which service he has literally covered which we are calling attention there may have been little to himself with glory. Mrs. Martin-Leake, his mother, in the symptoms readily observable to distinguish the case may well be proud of her family, for the wearer of drunkenness. We would, however, ask the considerafrom the Victoria Cross is one of four sons who are actively tion of the authorities for certain propositions which serving the Empire. One is a captain in the Cheshire seem to uspolice not only to the case of the medical pertinent, Regiment now serving in South Africa ; another is in the man which we are dealing with quite apart from his Royal Engineers, and was in Peking during the enzetcte; and connexion with the medical profession, but to a very large a third is in command of H.M.S. Bramble now in Chinese number of cases of illness and accident. Respectably waters. We congratulate Surgeon-Captain Martin-Leake upon dressed persons do not as a rule allow themselves his splendidly earned distinction. to be with diink in public places to overcome the extent of having to lie down in the street GAS AS A SOURCE OF POWER. without power to get themselves conveyed to their homes. APROPOS of Sir J. Crichton Browne’s vigorous denuncia- Respectably dressed persons have usually documentary evition of the smoke nuisance at the recent Sanitary Conference dence of their identity about them and their friends can be at Manchester an important resolution was passed at the last communicated with. Nearly all persons picked up in the meeting of the City Council of that town reducing the price of streets smell of drink because some are drunk, some on gas for power purposes from 2s. 9d. to 2s. per 1000 cubic feet feeling ill have dosed themselves with spirits, and others within the city and from 3s. to 2s. 3d. without the city, have been in the hands of Samaritans whose first separate fittings being provided by the consumer. The reason idea has been to pour alcohol down their throats, pergiven is the dread of the competition of Mond gas. It was haps spilling a considerable quantity on their clothes. stated by one of the members that the latter "could be pro- Many, if not most, of the class likely to be under the influduced at a tenth of a penny per horse-power per hour," and ence of drink are known to the police in the district in The man known to frequent a certain he thought that the corporation would do well to reduce the which they live. and to for to even ls. or ls. 1000. Another 6d. public-house get drunk there, if he is picked up price power per insensible was outside that smoke caused the it, cannot complain if the policeman pollution mostly speaker thought " to of who takes him and the use of the station forms an opinion as that the by cottages encouragement gas ’cookers" would tend more than anything to reduce the smoke to the cause of his condition. But even in his case nuisance. The small manufacturers who try "to get more there is something to be said on the side of caution. power out of their machinery than their boiler-room would Even the person who is under the influence of drink and afford" were considered to be greater offenders than the drink only, or of a temporary seizure for which drink alone larger ones, but when the great chimneys are pouring out is responsible, should not be left to pay the penalty of his their inky clouds we are reminded of the kettle calling the folly with his life, if his life is in danger. The person to pot black. However the production of smoke is appor- decide the question whether there is such danger is the tioned among these various agencies the total results divisional surgeon and not the policeman, and the policeare disastrous to the amenities of town life and man should summon the surgeon, at any rate in all depressing to the health and vigour of many hundreds cases of insensibility. It is better that this should of thousands in Manchester and Salford. But habit be done on some occasions unnecessarily than that lifee