Genencor releases new enzyme product

Genencor releases new enzyme product

FOCUS Research Center is reported. An examination is made of the effects of various factors such as the temperature of the gel formation, the calcinat...

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FOCUS Research Center is reported. An examination is made of the effects of various factors such as the temperature of the gel formation, the calcination temperature and time, the type of complexing agent and the type of Lanthanum (La) in the synthesis of LaFeO3 for use as a catalyst in the production of syngas from methane. The optimal conditions are given. Original Source: Xiandai Huagong (Modern Chemical Industry), 20 Aug 2011, 31 (8), 35-37,39, (Website: (in Chinese) © China National Chemical Information Center 2011



catalyst which releases hydrogen from the ammonia-borane complex under mild conditions. This makes the complex a candidate material for reversibly storing hydrogen for use in fuel cells. Patents are pending. Original Source: TCE (The Chemical Engineer), Oct 2011, 844, 18 (Website: © Institution of Chemical Engineers 2011. Original Source: Fuel Cells Bulletin, Sep 2011, 10 (Website: © Elsevier Ltd 2011


Mitsui to market latest metathesis technology for propylene

Albemarle Corp forms Albemarle Environmental Division

The latest generation of Mitsui Chemicals’ proprietary metathesis technology for propylene manufacture is planned to be offered commercially to external users. The technology makes use of the company’s Hyper III catalyst, promising considerably higher activity and longer service life than earlier catalysts. Mitsui will first adopt the technology at an olefinconversion plant at its Osaka site within 2011. It intends to sell the catalyst independently and, also to commercialize a system based on the catalyst in alliance with an engineering firm. Mitsui has been investing in new plants and capacity additions for production of polypropylene compounds that are based on propylene provided by offshore petrochemical makers.

Albemarle Corp, a global developer, manufacturer and marketer of highly engineered speciality chemicals, has announced the formation of Albemarle Environmental Division. The newly formed division focuses the resources of Albemarle in this important market segment within the air pollution control industry. Albemarle Environmental Division is a part of the company’s Fine Chemistry Global Business Unit and is a solution provider to the coal-fired utility, cement kiln, and industrial boiler markets, supplying a variety of proprietary, powder activated carbon sorbents, advanced sorbent injection systems, bromine chemicals for mercury removal, and testing and demonstration services. PR Newswire, 27 Sep 2011 (Website:

Original Source: Japan Chemical Web, 19 Sep 2011 (Website: © The Chemical Daily Co Ltd 2011

Genencor releases new enzyme product California-based Genencor has introduced a new enzyme product, named Accellerase TRIO. The enzyme was develop to help biorefinery firms to more cost-effectively produce cellulosic fuels from a variety of feedstocks, including switchgrass, wheat straw, corn stover and municipal solid waste. Original Source: Biorefining Magazine, Aug 2011 (Website: © BBI International 2011

New catalyst releases hydrogen from ammonia-borane Chemists at the University of Southern California have developed a


Novozymes’ carbon capture project selected for US Department of Energy Funding The US Department of Energy (DOE) has selected Novozymes’ carbon capture project as one of 16 technologies chosen for research funding. Novozymes, together with Doosan Power Systems, University of Kentucky, and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, will carry out the three-year project with total budget for all parties of approximately $2 M, of which DOE will fund 80%. Entitled “Low-Energy Solvents for CO2 Capture Enabled by a Combination of Enzymes and Ultrasonics,” the project brings together expertise in enzyme technology, power generation, gas separation, and ultrasonic technology

development. The team will develop and evaluate the performance of an integrated laboratory system that uses an experimental enzyme, together with ultrasonics in a low temperature process to separate carbon dioxide from flue gas. Novozymes will provide the enzymes to carry out the testing. Press Release from: Novozymes A/S, Krogshojvej 36, 2880 Bagsvaerd, Denmark, tel: +45 4446 0000, fax: +45 4446 9999, e-mail: [email protected], website: (7 Sep 2011)

PATENTS Polyether polyols made in a microstructured reactor The mixed reactants, such as propylene oxide and glycerol, plus the mixed metal cyanide catalyst, are passed through a special crossflow micro-reactor and the catalyst is removed subsequently with a porous membrane. US 8,034,980, BASF AG, Ludwigshafen, Germany, 11 Oct 2011

Novel catalysts for making biodiesel Biodiesel is made by the catalysed transesterification of vegetable triglycerides with methanol. There is a need for solid catalysts for this which are easily separable from the products. Lamellar alkali metal titanates, which can be fabricated in a variety of forms, are suitable for this. US 8,034,130, Petroleo Brasileiro SA-Petrobras, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 11 Oct 2011

Styrene made from toluene and syngas without the mediation of methanol or ethylene The usual product of reactions between toluene and syngas is xylene, but this patent specifies those conditions which yield styrene. Many types of catalyst can be used. US 8,030,532, Fina Technology Inc, Houston, TX, USA, 4 Oct 2011

Improved acrylonitrile catalysts Acrylonitrile is made by the catalysed ammoxidation of propylene. The catalyst is typically a bismuth phosphomolybdate. These two related