Grace and Al Dahra to build first FCC catalysts manufacturing plant in Middle East

Grace and Al Dahra to build first FCC catalysts manufacturing plant in Middle East

FOCUS Its patents are high profile, having been cited 3000+ times in other people’s patents, including those of: Air Liquide; Air Products; Chevron; C...

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FOCUS Its patents are high profile, having been cited 3000+ times in other people’s patents, including those of: Air Liquide; Air Products; Chevron; Conoco-Phillips; Exxon-Mobil; Linde; Marathon; Praxair; Shell; Texaco; Total/Fina; Udhe; and UOP. The strength of Oxford Catalysts’ intellectual property is further proven by unsuccessful challenges. Velocys (the group’s subsidiary) recently successfully defended 7 patents against invalidity challenges, with 1 additional patent still in re-examination. These patent challenges arose as a defence by CompactGTL following a claim of infringement by Velocys against Catacel (one of CompactGTL’s suppliers). The infringement case against Catacel is proceeding in the US courts. As part of this case, in Oct 2011, the judge granted Velocys’ motion for sanctions against the other side and a ruling on damages to be awarded to Velocys in relation to this is still pending at the date of this report. On 19 Mar 2013, Velocys filed a case in the UK High Court against CompactGTL Limited alleging infringement of a number of the group’s UK patents. Intellectual property lies at the heart of the group’s competitiveness. Although it has sought a business solution in preference to legal action, for its own sake and that of its partners and customers, the group will not tolerate its intellectual property being misappropriated.



UPM and Renmatix collaborate to advance Plantrose process for biochemicals UPM and US-based technology provider Renmatix Inc have entered into a non-exclusive joint development agreement (JDA) in the area of biochemicals. Under terms of the JDA, both companies will further develop Renmatix’s water-based Plantrose process to convert woody biomass into low-cost sugar intermediates for subsequent downstream processing into biochemicals. Offering costcompetitive bio-alternatives for select petrochemicals on an industrial scale is the long term goal of this initiative. The Plantrose process employs water at very high temperatures and pressures to breakdown biomass through supercritical hydrolysis. Under such conditions water can act as both a powerful solvent and catalyst, creating rapid reactions. Original Source: UPM, 2013. Found on SpecialChem Cosmetics and Personal Care Innovation and Solutions, 14 Jun 2013, (Website:

NEW PLANTS Grace and Al Dahra to build first FCC catalysts manufacturing plant in Middle East

The French Toulouse White Biotech (TWB) centre has signed an agreement with Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant covering joint strategy development and technology transfer. TWB will focus on biocatalysts, physiology, and microbial engineering. Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is based in Ghent, Belgium. It offers process optimization and scaling-up for new biological processes. The centre can offer contract manufacturing from kilogramme to several tonne scale.

WR Grace & Co and Al Dahra Agriculture have executed a jv agreement to build the first fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) catalysts manufacturing facility in the Middle East. The state-of-the-art facility, which represents a capital investment of approximately $200 M, will serve refineries throughout the Middle East and potentially into South Asia. It will be built on just under 150,000 sq m of land in the Kizad Industrial Zone approximately 70 km from the city of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). A logistics hub will be completed in 1Q 2014. Detailed engineering work for the full manufacturing facility is underway and construction is expected to begin in 4Q 2013. The facility will create approximately 200 new jobs and is scheduled to begin operations in 4Q 2015.

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TWB signs partnership agreement with Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant


Inbicon, Denmark, has tested its ethanol from biomass refinery Inbicon announced a major technical milestone achieved by its first biomass refinery in Kalundborg, Denmark. Since opening in Dec 2009, the demonstration plant has operated for over 15,000 hours, turning wheat straw into cellulosic ethanol and other renewable fuel. Inbicon has spent over a decade and more than $200 M developing, proving, and optimizing its technology. It has committed $20 M more to ongoing R&D. The knowledge gained from 15,000 hours of running and improving the Inbicon Biomass Refinery – a 4 tonne/hr wheat straw operation – will make commercial performance guarantees robust and financeable. Original Source: Inbicon, 2013. Found on PR Newswire, 4 Jun 2013, (Website:

Semi-synthetic antimalarial brewed The French pharmaceutical company Sanofi has officially started a new artemisinin production facility in Garessio, Italy. Pending approval from the World Health Organization, Sanofi is expected to produce around 35 tonnes of artemisinin in 2013, and 50-60 tonnes in 2014. This will meet about a third of global demand. The initial cost will be $350-400/kg (£230260/kg). Sanofi’s fermentation process uses genetically engineered yeast that turns glucose into artemisinic acid and costs around €15 M (£12.9 M). Original Source: Chemistry World, Jun 2013, 10 (6), 12 (Website: © Royal Society of Chemistry 2013

Poland: Mostostal contract for BASF plant doubles Polish construction company Mostostal Zabrze has received a further contract in connection with the building of a catalyst plant for BASF in Sroda Slaska, lower Silesia. The contract covers the second phase and is worth Zloty 72.2 M. The total value of the contract is now Zloty 146.8 M. Commissioning of the first plants is set for 1Q 2014. Completion of all ten product lines is set for 2016. Original Source: Nachrichten für Aussenhandel, 5 Jun 2013, (Website: (in German) © MBM Martin Brueckner Medien GmbH 2013