H2O Innovation wins new North American contracts worth C$3.1mn

H2O Innovation wins new North American contracts worth C$3.1mn

MARKET PROSPECTS with Water Corp and Transfield Services, of 19 water treatment plants, 14 wastewater treatment plants and two advanced water recyclin...

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MARKET PROSPECTS with Water Corp and Transfield Services, of 19 water treatment plants, 14 wastewater treatment plants and two advanced water recycling plants as well as 13 dams. It will start in July 2012, and last for 10 years, with a possible further extension of five years. Degrémont, Transfield Services and Water Corp will form an integrated alliance called Aroona.

Veolia Water increases sludge pasteurisation for Thames Water


eolia Water Solutions & Technologies will design and build an extension to the existing sludge pasteurisation plant at Thames Water’s Mogden Sewage Treatment Works in the UK. The work is part of a major upgrade of the Mogden facility that will increase process capacity by 50%. Each of the four new pasteurisation streams will comprise thickened sludge transfer pumps, a pasteurisation reactor, a heat exchanger, reactor blowers and pasteurised sludge transfer pumps. Each stream of the new plant will be controlled by a local control panel which will interface with the Mogden SCADA system. The work is scheduled for completion by January 2013.

Aquatech to construct water softening plant in Oman


quatech is to provide a 237 m3/hr produced water softening plant for the Amal Steam Facilities Phase 1B in the Amal oil fields in Oman. Aquatech will supply a unique ion exchange technology-based super softening plant to treat high TDS and high temperature produced water. The treated water will be fed to the steam generators for generating steam, which will be injected into the heavy oil wells to enhance the extraction rate of oil. The Aquatech technology will include a nutshell filtering unit, followed by a primary

April 2012

strong acid cation unit, a polishing strong acid cation unit, and a weak acid cation unit. The end product will have hardness reduced to less than 1 ppm, and will be used for process water. The Amal Steam development is the largest single brownfield development in South Oman. The engineering-procurement contractor for the project was the Worley Parsons group, through Worley Parsons Oman Engineering LLC. The facility is owned by Petroleum Development Oman. Aquatech has successfully executed a number of projects in the Middle East, including work for Shell and Occidental Mukhaizna.

H2O Innovation wins new North American contracts worth C$3.1mn


2O Innovation Inc has won C$3.1 million in new contracts to provide custom-built water treatment systems and equipment for industrial and municipal customers in the US and Canada. Under one of the contracts, H2O Innovation will design, build, test and commission a greensand and reverse osmosis system for a boiler feed water treatment package for an oil & gas producer in Northern Alberta. The Canadian company will also deliver a two-skid reverse osmosis water treatment system to the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona to produce potable water. H2O Innovation will also provide operator training, installation assistance and performance testing services. The Municipality of Sainte-Sophie in Quebec’s Laurentians region has contracted H2O Innovation to design and supply a nanofiltration membrane treatment system including pre-treatment. The system will produce drinking water by removing sulphides and dissolved solids from raw water taken from an underground source. H2O Innovation will design and provide a skid-mounted drinking water production system, including green sand filters and reverse osmosis with calcite polishing, for Swan Lake First Nation in Manitoba. The

company’s scope includes the supply of associated feed, recirculation and distribution pumps. A H2O Innovation reverse osmosis system will also be delivered to the Yucaipa Valley Water District in California. This water reuse system will be used at the Water District’s wastewater treatment facility where it will reduce the salinity of the plant’s effluent, making it usable for irrigation and other non-potable uses.

United Envirotech to acquire two water plants in China


nited Envirotech Ltd is acquiring a water supply plant and a wastewater treatment facility in Changyi City, Shandong Province, China. The water plant supplies industrial water and the wastewater plant treats industrial wastewater from textile companies based in the industrial parks in Changyi. The 40 000 m 3/day wastewater treatment plant is currently operating at near full capacity, while the 40 000 m3/ day water supply plant is expected to start operation in the second quarter of this year. United Envirotech will spend approximately RMB105 million acquiring the two plants and about RMB60 million upgrading the existing wastewater treatment plant using the Singapore company’s advanced membrane technology. PepsiCo cuts fresh water consumption at Chile snack plant PepsiCo is installing an integrated water reuse solution from Siemens at its snack food production plant in Santiago, Chile that will cut fresh water consumption by up to 70%. The integrated reuse solution includes a MemPulse membrane bioreactor (MBR) system from Siemens’ Industry Automation Division, which will separate and treat liquids and solids. Wastewater treated by the Siemens system will be reused in various internal manufacturing processes. The installation is part of a corporate initiative to help standardise water reuse at PepsiCo facilities throughout South America.

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