HeartRhythm Journal Celebrates 10 Years

HeartRhythm Journal Celebrates 10 Years

THE PRESIDENT’S PAGE HeartRhythm Journal Celebrates 10 Years Anne M. Gillis, MD, FHRS President, Heart Rhythm Society From the University of Calgary,...

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HeartRhythm Journal Celebrates 10 Years Anne M. Gillis, MD, FHRS President, Heart Rhythm Society From the University of Calgary, Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This month, we celebrate a milestone in the history of HeartRhythm Journal — the 10-year Anniversary. What a tremendous accomplishment, for the Society, Founding Editor Doug Zipes, MD, FHRS, Managing Editor Joan Zipes, and for all of the scientists whose groundbreaking research has made the Journal what it is today. The Society’s history is deeply rooted in research — as the field of electrophysiology was growing, it became clear that a journal was needed to convey the latest discoveries taking place around the world. The journal PACE was introduced, and the North American Society for Pacing and Electrophysiology (NASPE) soon followed. When NASPE rebranded as the Heart Rhythm Society 10 years ago, it was clear that the field now needed a journal dedicated exclusively to research in electrophysiology, and so HeartRhythm Journal was established. From the start, the Journal has played a significant role in bringing together the international heart rhythm community. Since its inception, HeartRhythm has been provided as a benefit to HRS members. So important is its content that no other distribution option was ever considered. There is no doubt that this initial decision was the right one — the Journal is consistently rated as the most valuable member benefit. The choice of Founding Editor was clear: Past President Doug Zipes was internationally known and respected for his work in electrophysiology and brought to the role the ideal appreciation for both basic and clinical science. In the past 10 years, he has taken HeartRhythm on a remarkable journey. Under Doug’s leadership, the Journal has evolved, becoming an extension of the Society’s brand. Through the years, the Journal has progressed, taking advantage of electronic and mobile technologies to expand its reach. Today, the Society is recognized around the world as a preeminent source for cutting-edge, peer-reviewed science in electrophysiology. Address reprint requests and correspondence: Anne M. Gillis, MD, FHRS, Professor of Medicine, Department of Cardiac Sciences, University of Calgary, HRICRmGAC72,3280 Hospital Dr NW Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2N4Z6. E-mail address: [email protected]

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Anne M. Gillis, MD, FHRS The Journal has also helped to open the doors of the field to many a young scientist or emerging clinician. Just as their futures have been driven by the Journal, so is the future of the Journal driven by the field. HeartRhythm has remained nimble, continuously adapting to the changing landscape. As we experience the influx of a younger generation of heart rhythm professionals, the Journal will continue to adapt to meet their very different needs. Indeed this coming year, we will launch an on line Case Report journal to address a present unmet need for our members. It has been an exceptional 10 years for the Journal, marked by a multitude of accomplishments. On behalf of the Society, I would like to express my gratitude to Doug and Joan Zipes for their exemplary leadership and to thank them for their dedicated service. As we look ahead, the Journal begins not only a new decade, but also a new era as we will soon welcome a new Editor-in-Chief. While the science of electrophysiology will continue to evolve in ways yet unknown to us, one thing is certain: HeartRhythm Journal will continue as one of the most significant global periodicals in our field.