Herpes simplex virus type I expression vector

Herpes simplex virus type I expression vector

Patent Reports kin-2 (IL-2) as part of the vaccination 14 days postvaccination. regimen preferably for 5 to Genetics Herpes Simplex Virus Type I Ex...

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Patent Reports kin-2 (IL-2) as part of the vaccination 14 days postvaccination.

regimen preferably

for 5 to

Genetics Herpes Simplex Virus Type I Expression Vector Breakefield et al. General Hospital Corporation US 5501979; March 26, 1996 A recombinant HSV-1 vector capable of infecting and being propagated in a nonmitotic cell. The vector can be used to treat neurological diseases and produce animal and in vitro models of such diseases.

Method of Detecting Cellular Material Bowe et al. Genzyme Corporation US 5501954; March 26, 1996 A rapid procedure for detecting DNA in a cell while preserving the morphology of the nucleus for analysis. The method comprises depositing a cell onto a polymeric membrane filter wherein the DNA contained in the cell is retained on the polymeric membrane filter and is available for binding with a fluorescently labeled nucleic acid probe, incubating the polymeric membrane filter with the labeled nucleic acid probe, and detecting the labeled nucleic acid probe wherein detection is indicative of the presence of the DNA.

PCR Diagnosis of Human Papilloma Virus Type 16 Bavin et al. The Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine US 5501947; March 26, 1996 Oligonucleotides (A): and (B): and their derivatives. These oligos may be used as a pair of primers for the detection of IIPV 16 DNA in a sample without false positives arising due to the presence of other HPV strains.

VP6-Encapsulated Drug Delivery Campos et al. University of Saskatchewan US 5503833; April 2, 1996 Compositions and methods for preparing and delivering encapsulated biologically active agents to specific cell types. Substances can be encapsulated in the VP6 inner capsid protein of rotavirus and delivered to selected cells, tissues, and organs. Targeting agents can be linked to the surface of the VP6 sphere so that appropriate agents can be delivered to preselected cells and tissue types.

Alpha Interferon Composition and Method for Its Production from Human Peripheral Blood Leukocytes DiPaola et al. Interferon Sciences, Inc. US 5503828; April 2, 1996 Improved alpha interferon composition characterized by high specific activity, a purity greater than 95%, and which upon use in humans is further characterized by a substantial reduction in side effects normally associated with alpha interferon compositions. This composition may be used therapeutically in the treatment of cancers and diseases of the immune system and/or viral etiology.

Interleukin-3 HumanMurine Hybrid Polypeptides and Recombinant Production of the Same Braford-Goldberg et al. G.D. Searle & Co. US 5501962; March 26, 1996 Recombinant human interleukin-3 (hIL-3) variant or mutant proteins (muteins) in which segments of the poiypeptide sequence of the human IL-3 polypeptide have been replaced by segments of the murine (mouse) interleukin-3 (mIL-3) polypeptide to form human/ murine chimeric hybrid polypeptides.

Fungi Process for Preparing Glucanase Resistant Yeast Mutants

Pharmaceuticals Hyhrldoma and Monoclonal Antibody Which Inhibits Blood Coagulation Tissue Factor/Factor VIIa Complex Brunck et al. Corvas Inc. US 5506 134; April 9, 1996 Coagulation protein antagonists which include monoclonal-type antibodies and related cell lines for the production of specific, neutralizing antibodies against factors VII and VIIa and the tissue factor/factor VIIa bimolecular complex.

Human Antibodies Against Varicella-Zoster Virus Lake et al. Sandoz Pharmaceuticals Corporation US 5506132; April 9, 1996 Human monoclonal antibodies specific for the glycoprotein unit of Varicella-zoster virus.

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Jamas et al. Massachusetts Institute of Technology US 5506124; April 9, 1996 Three-dimensional glucan matrix compositions prepared by separating growing yeast from its growth medium and subjecting the yeast with cell walls intact to an alkali material, thereby extracting whole glucan particles having an intact cell wall structure.

Method of Preparing Foreign Protein in Yeast, Recombinant DNA, Transformant Arimura et al. Green Cross Corporation US 5503993; April 2, 1996 A method for preparing foreign protein in yeast using an expression recombinant DNA comprising DNA encoding the serum albumin signal peptide adjacent to DNA encoding the foreign protein.

Vectors for Use in Filamentous Fungi Macrophage InBammatory Protein-3 and -4 Li et al. Human Genome Sciences, Inc. US 5504003; April 2, 1996 A human macrophage inflammatory protein-3 (MTP-3) and a human macrophage inflammatory protein-4 (MTP-4) and DNA (RNA) encoding such polypeptides.

Buxton et al. Gist-Brocades N V US 5503991; April 2, 1996 Vectors for use in tilamentous fungi such as Aspergillus sp. in particular, whereby protein coding regions may be inserted therein to achieve expression or expression followed by secretion of the coded protein from the host.

Enzyme Microb. Technol.,

1997, vol. 21, July