Histochemistry, theoretical and applied

Histochemistry, theoretical and applied

0020-71IX/87 $3.00 + 0.00 Copyright © 1987 Pergamon Journals Ltd Vol. 19, No. 5, p. 487, 1987 Printed in Great Britain. All rights reserved Int. J. B...

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0020-71IX/87 $3.00 + 0.00 Copyright © 1987 Pergamon Journals Ltd

Vol. 19, No. 5, p. 487, 1987 Printed in Great Britain. All rights reserved Int. J. Biochem.

BOOK REVIEWS Proteins and Peptides--Edited by H. U. BERGMEYER, The Vital Force; a Study of Bioenergetics----FRANKLINM. HAROLD. 577 pp. 1986. Freeman, San Francisco. $37.95. Methods of Enzymatic Analysis, Vol. IX, 3rd edition, 571 pp. 1986. Weinheim, New York. DM 310. This textbook is aimed at students and research workers in This multi author volume deals with enzymatic and enzyme physiology, biochemistry, microbiology, and cell biology but will also be useful to all those interested in the functionimmunoassays of specific proteins and peptides. The chapters deal with urinary albumin, retinol binding proing of living systems. The chapters deal with energy, work and order; the metabolic web; energy coupling by ion teins, lactoferrin, ferritin, thyroglobulin, thyroxine binding globulin, alpha 1 fetoproteins, carcinoembryonic antigen, currents; energy transduction in bacteria; useful work in bacteria; vestiges of evolution; mitochondria and oxidative pregnancy specific beta glycoprotein, pregnancy associated plasma protein A, collagen, fibronectin, myoglobin, myosin phosphorylation; harvesting the light; carriers, channels and heavy chain, interferon, beta 2 microglobulin, compliment pumps; transport mediators and mechanisms; the major C5a antigen, sex associated antigen (H-Y), alpha 2 microorgans of movement; filaments, tubules and vesicles-topics globulin, kinogens, calmodulin, coaggulation protein C; in cell motility; signals for communication and control: Hormones (ACTH, human growth hormone, prolactin, morphogenesis and biological order. The text is written in FSH, TSH, HCG, glucagon, insulin, secretin, gastrin, a manner that will interest the reader, giving good backAngiotensin I, oalcitonin, T3, T4). Each section has a ground information as well as current views there are also short introduction that provides basic information on the excellent illustrations. The book wdl provide information substance to be tested, practical details of how to assay the and stimulate the imagination of most readers. substances including preparation of the reagents, equipment required, the test, validation of the method, and further references. A very useful volume. Antigens and Antibodies--Edited by H. U. BERGMEYER. Methods in Enzymatic Analysis, Vol. X, 3rd edition, 509 pp. 1986. Weinheim, New York. DM 310.

This volume is the first of two devoted to practical instructions for the determination of antigens and antibodies. Enzyme immunoassays are available for a wide range of systems and this volume gives those of clinical importance. The multi author chapters deals with problems of standardization, antigen secreting cells, antibody secreting cells, MAb antibody screening, immunoglobulins and immune complexes (IgG, lgM, IgA, IgE), antigens and antibodies in allergic and auto immune diseases (RBC autoantibodies, platelet antibodies, Anti-DNA, rheumatoid factors, antisperm, gliadins), antigens and antibodies in viral diseases (Herpes simplex, Bovine Herpes virus 1, Pseudorabies virus, Varicella zoster, E-B virus, cytomegalus virus, Rotavirus and adenovirus, Rubella, Influenza, Mumps, Measles, Respiratory syncytial virus, Rabies, Enzootic bovine leukosis, Feline leukemia, Foot and mouth, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Human T lymphocyte virus III.) Each section has a general introduction, practical details how to carry out the assay, and references to further reading. A very useful volume.


Histoehemistry, Theoretical and Applied--A. G. E. PEARSL Vol. 2. Analytical Technology, 4th edition, 594 pp. 1985. Churchill Livingstone, London. $125. Professor Pearse has made many valuable contributions to the histochemical localization of specific substances in tissue sections. This volume summarizes much of his practical knowledge and experience of the methods used for the localization of proteins, peptides and amino acids; glycosylated proteins; nucleic acids and nucleo-proteins; carbohydrates and mucosubstances; atfinity cytochemistry; aldehydes and ketones; pigments and pigment precursors; biogenic amines; and inorganic constituents and foreign substances. The theoretical basis for each of the tests is provided and there are full practical details of the reagents used and the method of carrying out the staining. Each chapter has an extensive bibliography so the reader can follow up literature. A very useful volume for those who wish to understand what they are doing and why, in their histochemical staining.