Human Embryology

Human Embryology

592 AMERICAN JOURNAL OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY Krafka 's Human Embeyologyt2 is part of the 1\ledi to read in spite of the pr;>sent lmge :ma •liwr...

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Krafka 's Human Embeyologyt2 is part of the 1\ledi<'P. l ~tudents Series which appears under the editorship of Fred C. Zapffe. Tht> volume~ on bacteriolo!,ry and medical biochemistry have already appNnPd. Thi!' scrie:< aims to give the basic foundation and to omit nones~ential~ in order that a Htudent may poRsess a textbook whieh he has tim;> to read in spite of the pr;>sent lmge :ma •liwrse ••.urrieulum, :wd one he can affor,l to buy. Krafka has sucreeded in supplying· ~u<'h a textbook of embryology. Beraus•· of our advan\'~ in knowledge, the material in this embryology is praetieally based on humans and no longer requires referene.e to le~s developed and more primitive form~. In spite of its limitations, the treatment of the subje!'t is Yery detailed, and therf.'· fore can be referred to not only by the student, but by those intercKted in looking up YariouK points in embryology or refrpshing their Jmowledg<' ,)f the Ruh,jed. The simple line drawings whieh doubtless aid in keeping down the cost, are ,·ery ~atis· factory. The e.hapters on the embryology of the femal<> and male genital traets are excellently handled. In describing hormonal reg·ulators, the author uses sud1 expressions as antituitrin S and progynon B, which are trade names, respectively, for ('horioni<' gonadotropk, and estrogenic. produetR. 'fhe same may h!' said of the use of antuitrin G. J<'o1· a future edition, it might be well to remember that the accepted spelling of estrogens an(l androgens iR not '' e>
This volume constitutes a complete and satisfactory record of the valuable meet· ing held in St. Louis, April f~ to 10, 1942,14 under the sponsorship of the American

Committee on Maternal Welfare. The Congress itself was an important and wellattended gathering whose proceedings may be regarded as a current reference work in the entire domain of obstetrics and gynecology, together with its related :fields of activity. The varied contents are too extensive to he readily summarized and it is "Human Embryology, By .Joseph Krafka. Jr .. M.D., Ph.D. Professor of Microscopic Anatomy. University of Georgia School of Medicine. With 222 illustrations, 395 pages. Medical Students Series. Paul B. Roeber, Inc., Kew York, 1942. 1 •Contl'ibtltlons to Embeyolo~ry. Volume XXX (Nos. 181·197), Published by the Carnegie Institute of Waslt1n'8'ton, Wa.ehtngton, D. c .. 1942.. "'rransaetion!i ot the l!lece~D.4 ..lm«