Hydrogenics, APC back-up power for ISP

Hydrogenics, APC back-up power for ISP

NEWS Nuvera Europe relocates, to host hydrogen rail conference N uvera Fuel Cells Europe has relocated to new offices in San Donato Milanese, on th...

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Nuvera Europe relocates, to host hydrogen rail conference


uvera Fuel Cells Europe has relocated to new offices in San Donato Milanese, on the edge of the northern Italian city of Milan. The new offices offer increased operational efficiency and a more functional layout, allowing integration of the sales, application engineering and field assistance teams. In addition to the new Milan offices, Nuvera has also upgraded its industrial fuel fell qualification labs in Osio Sopra, near Bergamo, to include new diagnostic and testing equipment. This move will allow the firm to better service its customers and partners as it moves towards commercialization of its fuel cell products. The company has also announced that it will host the Third International Hydrail Conference in Bergamo, Italy, to take place 25–26 June 2007. This annual conference is the only one of its kind dedicated solely to the advancement of hydrogen railway technology. Contact: Nuvera Fuel Cells Europe Srl, Via XXV Aprile 2, I-20097 San Donato Milanese (MI), Italy. Tel: +39 02 5161 6758, Fax: +39 02 5161 6721, www.nuvera.com For more information on the Hydrail conference, go to: www.hydrail.com

Mesoscopic, Toto link up on fuel cell generators


olorado-based Mesoscopic Devices (MD) and Toto Ltd in Japan have agreed to cooperate on the development of portable fuel cell generators, with MD appointing Toto to supply miniature tubular solid oxide fuel cells for its MesoGen Orion portable generator. Over the past eight years MD has designed, built and demonstrated portable fuel cell generators for industrial and military partners. Its SOFC-based systems are designed to use practical fuels, including propane, LPG and kerosene. The units are more compact, efficient and quieter than conventional generators powered by internal combustion engines, and run for longer periods than batteries, which makes them ideal for remote power needs for commercial, industrial and military applications. ‘Toto’s cell technology enables simpler, more reliable fuel cell generators to be built,’ explains Dr Joseph Poshusta, program manager for the MesoGen Orion. ‘Combining the company’s

January 2007

cell technology with our stack and system technology yields very compact, portable, sub-kW fuel cell generators.’ ‘MD’s proven ability to make and deploy complete systems that work reliably will enhance Toto’s market opportunities immediately,’ says Satoshi Matsuoka, chief researcher for Toto’s Fuel Cell Development Group. ‘Ceramic fuel cells represent a natural extension of our existing product lines, and we have been working on them for 15 years.’ Privately owned Mesoscopic Devices has developed SOFC technology, as well as fuel reforming and desulfurization systems. It designs, fabricates and manufactures portable fuel cell generators for industrial, commercial and military applications. Toto has been conducting SOFC R&D since 1990, and has applied processes suitable for mass production to the fabrication of tubular cells. Contact: Mesoscopic Devices LLC, Broomfield, Colorado, USA. Tel: +1 303 466 6968, www.mesoscopic.com

InfraStruXure, with an integrated fuel cell product, offered an excellent option for us, so that today we are providing the full-time availability that our customers demand with new technology that is clean, compact and best of all, reliable.’ Last summer Hydrogenics signed a manufacturing and supply agreement with APC, for the delivery of up to 500 HyPM XR fuel cell power modules [FCB, October 2006]. The HyPM XR hydrogen fuel cell power module is a key optional component of APC’s InfraStruXure, and fits seamlessly with the product design architecture. A standard APC 42U rack enclosure can house up to three 10 kWe fuel cell modules. Contact: Hydrogenics Corporation, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Tel: +1 905 361 3660, www.hydrogenics.com Or contact: American Power Conversion Corporation, West Kingston, Rhode Island, USA. Tel: 1 800 788 2208 (tollfree in US) or +1 401 789 5735, www.apc.com

Or contact: Toto Ltd, Kitakyushu-City, Fukuoka, Japan. Tel: +81 93 951 2707, www.toto.co.jp

MTI taking orders for Mobion30, prototypes for Samsung

Hydrogenics, APC back-up power for ISP



n Canada, Hydrogenics has collaborated with American Power Conversion (APC) to install a back-up power system for Interlink Connectivity, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) based in Toronto. This 20 kW APC InfraStruXure unit, with integrated fuel cell system, is among the first urban office tower settings to incorporate Hydrogenics’ HyPM XR power modules to supply back-up power to a critical network – in this case on the fifth floor of a 21-storey building. The installation has passed all local certifications, and will be used as a reference point for future installations in similar settings worldwide. It is supplied with sufficient on-site hydrogen to allow it to provide back-up power for approximately 8 h. Interlink has also established an agreement with a commercial supplier to deliver hydrogen, if additional run-time is required. This ensures that unlimited back-up power is maintained for the company’s critical data center. ‘We needed a back-up power system with an extended run-time that would work within our existing building structure,’ says Alvin Starr, president of Interlink Connectivity. ‘The cost of integrating a diesel system into this building was prohibitive because of the building’s age and design, and adding many batteries to our space was also out of the question. APC’s

S-based MTI MicroFuel Cells, the developer of the Mobion® micro fuel cell technology, says that it is now ready to accept orders for its Mobion 30M system prototype from qualified customers for evaluation purposes, as the firm moves to set up military market test sites. The company has also delivered next-generation fuel cell prototype units to Samsung Electronics in Korea, in the first in a series of planned deliveries resulting from the alliance formed between MTI Micro and Samsung last May [FCB, June 2006]. The Mobion 30M addresses the urgent need for a lighter and more compact power source for the 21st century soldier, and is an example of MTI Micro’s commercial technology being adapted for a wide range of military applications to improve soldier mobility and effectiveness. The unit offers a number significant advantages, such as: •

Less weight, at one-third less than the weight of equivalent batteries. One fuel cell and three easy-to-swap, 100% methanol fuel cartridges deliver the energy of 11 primary BA5590 batteries. Instant power, with the hybrid fuel cell and battery system providing instant peak power of 120 W and a continuous power output of 30 W. No special disposal requirements, as methanol is biodegradable.

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