IdaTech, ACME, Ballard sign new agreement for telecoms backup

IdaTech, ACME, Ballard sign new agreement for telecoms backup

NEWS The H300 demonstrates unique characteristics with a real-time hydrogen fuel gauge, on-demand hydrogen generation, and rapid canister insertion/re...

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NEWS The H300 demonstrates unique characteristics with a real-time hydrogen fuel gauge, on-demand hydrogen generation, and rapid canister insertion/removal. In collaboration with Trulite, a leading developer of portable and semi-portable hybrid power systems, SiGNa utilized Trulite’s FCS-300™ PEM fuel cell system to demonstrate the technology. The FCS-300 delivers 300 W of continuous power, and has multiple electrical outputs. ‘The H300 platform provides the only highperformance, portable hydrogen generation system to the fuel cell industry,’ claims Andrew Wallace, Director of the Alternative Energy Research Center at SiGNa Chemistry. ‘This system will enable hydrogen fuel cell developers to readily evaluate sodium silicide and adapt their systems to be compatible with SiGNa’s technology.’ California-based Trulite is developing portable and semi-portable hybrid power generators using PEM fuel cells and hydrogen generation from sodium borohydride, for reliable off-grid power. SiGNa Chemistry Inc, Alternative Energy Research Center, Davis, California, USA. Tel: +1 530 554 2217, Trulite Inc, El Dorado Hills, California, USA. Tel: 1 888 495 0674 (tollfree in US),


IdaTech, ACME, Ballard sign new agreement for telecoms backup


S-based IdaTech, ACME Group in India, and Ballard Power Systems in Canada have terminated their existing fuel cell system supply agreement, and replaced it with a new, more flexible distribution agreement between IdaTech and ACME for ElectraGen™ PEM fuel cell solutions for wireless telecoms backup power in India. Under the new agreement, Acme can distribute a range of IdaTech fuel cell products, focused on the natural gas fuel cell system currently under development at IdaTech. The IdaTech natural gas fuel cell product development, incorporating the Ballard FCgen™-1300 PEM fuel cell stack, continues to make good progress. Pricing and volumes in the agreement are flexible, and based on local market conditions. Shipment of the ElectraGen hydrogen fuel cell systems, incorporating Ballard FCgen-1020 PEM fuel cell stacks, under the original supply agreement is unaffected by this change.

December 2009

Under the terms of the distribution agreement, ACME and IdaTech will work together to develop the Indian telecoms market for backup fuel cell systems. In particular they will work towards large-scale deployment of the IdaTech natural gas fuel cell system, which was the focus of the original fuel cell supply agreement. The natural gas fuel cell system will incorporate the Ballard liquid-cooled FCgen-1300 PEM fuel cell stack. IdaTech’s ElectraGen products can be powered by hydrogen or by its proprietary fuel reformer system, which converts natural gas or liquid fuel into high-purity hydrogen onsite, on demand. The ability of IdaTech to provide multi-fueling options was key in the ACME decision to partner with IdaTech. IdaTech signed the original supply agreement with ACME and Ballard in October last year [FCB, November 2008]. IdaTech recently admitted that a milestone in the product acceptance process was likely to be missed [FCB, November 2009]. The original supply agreement allowed for an extension of the product acceptance process, but IdaTech chose to terminate the supply agreement. IdaTech says that it has resolved a significant number of cost barriers in developing the natural gas fuel cell system, and has added significant new technology to its portfolio. Much of this new capability will also be leveraged in the next-generation IdaTech methanol/water fueled fuel cell systems, which due for launch in late 2010. IdaTech LLC, Bend, Oregon, USA. Tel: +1 541 383 3390, Ballard Power Systems: ACME Group:

Plug Power, SFO Technologies sign GenSys manufacture, supply deal for India


lug Power Energy India Pvt Ltd, an affiliate of the US-based fuel cell manufacturer, has signed a strategic manufacture and supply agreement with Kerala-based SFO Technologies (a NeST Group Company), to build Plug Power’s GenSys® PEM fuel cell systems in India. The companies have entered into a five-year agreement, under which NeST will manufacture Plug Power’s fuel cell systems in India. NeST will also provide support for vendor

development, procurement, manufacturing, testing, and shipment of the GenSys systems. In this way NeST will provide Plug Power with world-class manufacturing and supply expertise in the Indian telecoms market. At the same time, its location allows for the export of products to other key markets in Africa and Asia. The Indian telecoms market is expected to grow with the approximate addition of 50 000 towers annually over the next three to five years. The companies are currently preparing for the production of the first 200 GenSys units sold to WTTIL, the cell tower arm of Tata Teleservices Ltd (TTSL) [FCB, September 2009]. Plug Power expects to have all 200 units shipped by the end of March 2010, and to install approximately 1000 systems throughout India by the end of 2010. The GenSys system will provide continuous power to cell tower sites with no or extremely unreliable electric grid service. An estimated 10% of the cell towers in India currently operate completely off-grid, where the primary power is provided by diesel generators. Plug Power’s GenSys units are fueled by liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), allowing the customer to eliminate logistics associated with the delivery of pure hydrogen. Plug Power Inc, Latham, New York, USA. Tel: +1 518 782 7700, SFO Technologies (a NeST Group Company), Kochi, Kerala, India. Tel: +91 484 661 4000,

Swedish government invests in Powercell


ouriertransform, the Swedish government’s venture capital company for the automotive industry, is investing SEK60 million (US$8.5 million) in Powercell Sweden AB. The Göteborgbased company develops, produces and sells PEM fuel cells, fuel reformers, and auxiliary power units (APUs). Fouriertransform’s investment will take the form of money injected directly into the company in exchange for new shares. Through Volvo Technology Transfer, AB Volvo will remain the largest owner of Powercell Sweden AB, with more than 40% of the shares. The other owners are OCAS and Midroc New Technology. ‘We regard it as very positive that Powercell will gain an additional strong financial owner,’ says Per Wassén, Powercell’s chairman, and investment director at Volvo Technology Transfer. ‘This

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