IdaTech order adds to Indonesia telecoms backup

IdaTech order adds to Indonesia telecoms backup

fUelCELLS BULLETIN ISSN 1464-2859 August 2010 Horizon goes commercial with fuel cell for UAVs S ingapore-based Horizon ...

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ISSN 1464-2859 August 2010

Horizon goes commercial with fuel cell for UAVs


ingapore-based Horizon Energy Systems has begun commercial sales of its new Aeropak™ hydrogen fuel cell power system, with shipments to some of the world’s leading manufacturers of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The PEM fuel cell unit is designed to triple flight durations compared with existing battery-operated 5–10 kg class mini-UAVs. Horizon Energy Systems has made a significant leap forward by turning its ultralight PEM fuel cell system technologies into a practical and commercial product ready for use in UAVs. Battery-powered electric motors only allow mini-UAVs to stay airborne for an hour or two, but Horizon’s Aeropak technology enables the same mini-UAVs to stay airborne for 8–10 h at a time, without increasing takeoff weight. This capability offers the possibility of conducting multiple missions in a single takeoff, which offers significant savings on logistical and operational costs. ‘The Aeropak is no longer a proof of concept, a benchtop demonstrator, or a one-off working prototype,’ says Gareth Tang, MD of

Horizon Energy Systems. ‘It is a field-tested airborne system with a high degree of reliability, and we are already taking orders from a number of world-leading UAV market participants.’ The Aeropak integrates Horizon’s advanced fuel cell technology with easy to use, dry-fuel chemical hydride cartridges. Storing 900 Wh of usable electrical energy and weighing just 2 kg (4.4 lb), the all-inclusive Aeropak is simple, reliable, and can be fully operational within minutes. Prior to the completion of the commercial Aeropak, Horizon demonstrated its capabilities through a series of pioneering fuel cell flights, which included HyFish, a 1 kW fuel cell powered jetwing UAV integrated by the DLR German Aerospace Center [FCB, December 2007], and the Pterosoar development which set a distance world record in late 2007 [FCB, January 2008]. Last fall BlueBird Aero Systems unveiled the first commercial fuel cell UAV, the Boomerang, powered by a Horizon PEM fuel cell [FCB, October 2009]. Horizon will officially unveil the commercial Aeropak at AUVSI, the world’s largest UAV trade show, in Denver, Colorado in late August. Horizon Energy Systems, Singapore. Tel: +65 6872 9588,

IdaTech order adds to Indonesia telecoms backup


S-based IdaTech has received a further order for its PEM fuel cell systems for use in backup power applications in Indonesia. As part of this Phase III rollout, IdaTech has received an order for 154 ElectraGen™ fuel cell systems from its local partner, Cascadiant. Solutions integrator Cascadiant has been awarded the Phase III expansion contract to install and support the ElectraGen fuel cell systems. Cascadiant has successfully installed more than 100 fuel cell systems with several wireless operators across Indonesia. IdaTech will supply systems for deployment on the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Lombok. The initial ElectraGen fuel cell installations have already demonstrated a significant increase

in network availability and performance [FCB, May 2010]. These latest deployments are a continuation of Cascadiant’s objective to install fuel cells on wireless networks, increasing availability in regions with unreliable or limited grid power while reducing the industry’s carbon footprint. ‘Fuel cells are becoming increasingly popular among network operators, because they are significantly cleaner and quieter than diesel generators, reduce the number of batteries required at telecom sites, and are less likely to be involved in theft,’ explains Marshall Towe, president/CEO of Cascadiant. IdaTech LLC, Bend, Oregon, USA. Tel: +1 541 383 3390, Cascadiant:

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