Implementation of a computerized maintenance management system

Implementation of a computerized maintenance management system

Engineering Information Abstracts (Part I) radio link conditions is investigated and performances of modified protocols are tested. In English EI Orde...

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Engineering Information Abstracts (Part I) radio link conditions is investigated and performances of modified protocols are tested. In English EI Order Number: 98024086949 Keywords: Mobile telecommunication systems; Cellular radio systems; Wide area networks; Asynchronous transfer mode; Performance; Network protocols; Interfaces Žcomputer. T itle: C O M M U N IC A TIN G A C R O SS PA R A LLEL MESSAGE-PASSING ENVIRONMENTS Author(s): Reinefeld, Alexander; Gehring, Joern; Brune, Matthias Source: Journal of Systems Architecture v 44 n 3-4 Dec 1997. Elsevier Sci B.V. Amsterdam Netherlands. p 261-272 ISSN: 1383-7621 CODEN: JSARFB Publication Year: 1997 Abstract: We present a small, extensible interface for the transparent communication between vendor-specific and standard message-passing environments. With only four new commands, existing parallel applications can make use of our PLUS communication interface, thereby allowing inter-process communication with other programming environments. Much effort has been spent in optimizing the communication speed across Internet and Intranet links. Our current implementation supports process communication between PVM, MPI, and PARIX. With only marginal additional effort, the interface can be adapted to support other message-passing environments as well. In English ŽAuthor abstract . 15 Refs. EI Order Number: 98024088173 Keywords: Interfaces Žcomputer.; Data communication systems; Parallel processing systems; Computer programming; Response time Žcomputer systems.; Telecommunication links; Computer simulation; Network protocols; Optimization; Wide area networks

2.3. Applications Title: IMPLEMENTATION OF A COMPUTERIZED MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Author(s): Godot, A.; Villard, P.; Savournin, A. Source: Proceedings of the IADCrSPE Asia Pacific Drilling Technology Conference, Mar 3-6 1998. Dallas, TX, USA. Soc Pet Eng ŽSPE. Richardson TX USA. p 959-961 Paper: 39344 CODEN: 002453 Publication Year: 1998 Abstract: In 1993, after years of using a manual maintenance system based on individual historical cards ŽT,CARD board., Forasol-Foramer decided to update the system by installing a Computerized Maintenance Management System ŽCMMS. on all drilling units, the objective being to eliminate the non-productive time. In accordance with the criteria that the Company highlighted, the Technical Department selected a CMMS software. This program, made up of interconnected modules, can handle all aspects of maintenance, including work order management, preventive maintenance scheduling, history of maintenance done on the equipment, equipment costs, stock


control, purchasing and reporting. In order to adapt the standard product to the Company’s specific Preventive Maintenance System, the Technical Department modified the green presentation and the dialog boxes and created new reports before its implementation on the drilling units. In addition to interface modification, more important was the incorporation of nearly forty years of experience in all the job plan that had to be defined. The responsibilities and the procedures the users are required to follow have been defined and a user’s manual has been created. A CMMS training course has also been introduced in order to familiarize senior staff to the customized software and to facilitate manoeuvering in the Windows environment for those personnel who are not computer literate. After 4 years of operational experience, the Company claims that the use of a CMMS leads to an improved system of maintenance, together with an enhanced work reporting indicating precisely which maintenance work has been completed and providing a diminution of non-productive time. In English ŽAuthor abstract . EI Order Number: 98034137461 Keywords: Oil well drilling; Graphical user interfaces; Computer control; Maintenance; SCADA systems; Computer software Title: RECOGNITION OF HUMAN HEAD ORIENTATION BASED ON ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETOWRKS Author(s): Rae, Robert; Ritter, Helge J. Source: IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks v 9 n 2 Mar 1998. IEEE Piscataway NJ USA. p 257-265 ISSN: 1045-9227 CODEN: ITNNEP Publication Year: 1998 Abstract: Humans easily recognize where another person is looking at and often use this information for interspeaker coordination. We present a method based on three neural networks of the local linear map type which enables a computer to identify the head orientation of a user by learning from examples. One network is used for color segmentation, a second for localization of the face, and the third for the final recognition of the head orientation. The system works at a frame rate of one image per second on a common workstation. We analyze the accuracy achieved at different processing steps and discuss the usability of the approach in the context of a visual human-machine interface. In English ŽAuthor abstract . 19 Refs. EI Order Number: 98034134093 Keywords: Neural networks; Computer vision; Color image processing; Human computer interaction; User interfaces; Object recognition; Image segmentation; Optical filters Title: CREATING DYNAMIC HMIS FOR MODERN DISPLAY SYSTEMS Author(s): Bennett, Paul A. Source: Information Display v 14 n 2 Feb 1998. SID Santa Ana CA USA. p 16-18 ISSN: 0362-0972 CODEN: INFDAB Publication Year: 1998 Abstract: HMI designers are constantly improving the advanced data-display and control mechanisms for their products.