India imposes dumping duty on LAB imports from China, Qatar, Iran

India imposes dumping duty on LAB imports from China, Qatar, Iran

FOCUS protein, magnesium stearate, xanthan gum) for sprayable or liquid O/W emulsions. It is said to create emulsions with a very light and nongreasy ...

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FOCUS protein, magnesium stearate, xanthan gum) for sprayable or liquid O/W emulsions. It is said to create emulsions with a very light and nongreasy skin feel and to be very versatile in manufacturing procedure. Its vegan counterpart is symbio prot V (INCI: hydrolysed vegetable protein, sodium citrate, magnesium stearate, xanthan gum) for O/W emulsions with 'liquid to light jar textures and a special skin feel'. Finally, symbio prot M (INCI: sodium citrate, hydrolysed milk protein, magnesium stearate, guar gum, xanthan gum) is described as an innovative blend that is 'highly effective' at low dosage. It creates medium to high viscosity emulsions with no additional gelling agents needed. At the European Coatings Show, Clariant unveiled its innovative Dispersogen SPS/SPG dual stabilizer system (p 5) to help overcome the stirring and application problems associated with silicate paints - which are increasingly popular as they do not require protection with biocides - while Evonik (p 3) introduced pigment compatibilizer Tego Color Aid and wetting agent Surfynol 355. Elsewhere, Lubrizol presented hyperdispersant Solsperse 74000 for UV-cured inks. Caroline Edser

RAW MATERIALS CEPSA to increase its LAB production capacity in Brazil to 260,000 tonnes/y Spanish group CEPSA has completed a revamping project to expand production at its Deten Quimica plant in Camacari, Bahia, Brazil. The revamping process allows it to increase the plant's annual production capacity from 220,000 tonnes of linear alkylbenzene (LAB) up to 260,000 tonnes. With this project CEPSA reaffirms its international leadership position in the production of LAB, reaching a global capacity of 600,000 tonnes/y. The plant improvement project has involved an investment of €64 M that, besides the work in the process area, includes the acquisition of 65 new pieces of process equipment, the transformation of part of




the existing equipment and the construction of a new electrical substation. The work carried out as part of the revamping of the Deten Quimica plant has also permitted the introduction of various innovations and improvements in product quality as well as the optimization of the production processes. It has also resulted in improvements in the plant's energy efficiency and emissions due to its lower consumption of natural gas and electricity. The revamp will allow the company to further meet growing demand from the Latin American market. It will also allow the firm to respond to the increase in local demand for LAB in Brazil, which is expected to grow at a 2.3%/y rate through to 2030. Deten Quimica is a joint venture between CEPSA, with a 72% share, and Brazilian oil and gas company Petrobras, which holds the remaining 28%. CEPSA's other LAB operations include a 120,000 tonnes/y plant at Becancour, Canada; however, the company currently has no production facilities in the USA. Original Source: CEPSA, 3 Apr 2017 (Website: © CEPSA 2017. Original Source: PetroChemical News, 10 Apr 2017, 55 (15), 1 (Website: http://www. © William F. Bland Co. 2017

India imposes dumping duty on LAB imports from China, Qatar, Iran India's Finance Ministry has introduced definitive anti-dumping duties on linear alkylbenzene (LAB) imports from Iran, Qatar and China, ranging from $23.78/ tonne to $300.22/tonne. Original Source: Business Line, 15 Apr 2017, 24 (90), 9 (Website: http://www. © The Hindu Business Line 2017

SURFACTANTS SDC to produce surfactants in Saudi Arabia According to the local press, Saudi groups Maydan Industry for Industrial Development and Investments and Ahmad Kassim Al-Amoudi Group have signed an agreement with South Korean engineering company SFC covering the construction of a

surfactants factory in Saudi Arabia. The three partners are to create a joint venture company called Surfactant Detergent Company (SDC). This will be located at the heart of the Plaschem Park in Jubail (managed by Sadara and the royal commission for Jubail and Yanbu). The project represents an investment of Riyal 189 M (c €45 M) and is part of an agreement previously signed by the SDC partners with Sadara (the joint venture between Saudi Aramco and Dow Chemicals) covering long-term supplies of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide. Sadara will also build the pipelines to supply SDC's new factory from the Jubail petrochemicals complex. Original Source: Chimie Pharma Hebdo, 24 Apr 2017, (798), (Website: http://www. (in French) © ETAI Information 2017

Lubrizol introduces mild sensory polymeric emulsifier: Pemulen EZ-4U The Lubrizol Corp's new Skin Essentials division (a combination of its former Skin Care and Dermal Care segments) has announced the release of Pemulen EZ-4U. Described as 'a new generation of acrylate-based polymeric emulsifier', the product is designed to provide a simpler processing solution with greater formulation flexibility, as well as mildness and pleasant light sensory, to better serve market needs. Pemulen EZ-4U non-ethoxylated polymeric emulsifier is reported to be easier to use and faster to disperse relative to existing polymeric emulsifiers, thus reducing manufacturing complexity and frustration. It merges excellent emulsion stability with desirable viscosity and smooth texture into a single polymer for robust performance that can be counted on to meet all formulation needs. The emulsifier thickens and stabilizes oil-in-water emulsions at low use level and offers compatibility with a broad range of oils. According to Lubrizol, no hydrophiliclipophilic balance calculation is required, and Pemulen EZ-4U allows for cold or hot processing. It also offers greater formulation flexibility through minimized structuring over a wide pH range (4-9) leading to a smooth, appealing texture. In addition, the new product provides a refreshing light sensory with quick-break effect, and a wide variety of textures is possible, June 2017