Indoor air quality guide

Indoor air quality guide

FARR Manufacturing & Engineering Bowling Green, KY..; FARR Manufacturing & Engineering is offering a 2-page, color flyer featuring ...

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FARR Manufacturing

& Engineering

Bowling Green, KY..;

FARR Manufacturing & Engineering is offering a 2-page, color flyer featuring their Model MBW Modular Belt Washer. The literature includes color photos of the system and lists both standard and optional features.

available from Advanced Chemical Co. describing precious metal recovery from solutions, precious-metal-bearing burnables, meltable materials, Aqua Regia digestible material recovery, gold plating scrap refining, and ion exchange resin refining. Circle 304 on reader service card

Circle 301 on reader service card

Rosemount Analytical,


Process Management Irvine, Calif;

ACE Equipment Co. offers a new literature piece titled “Tips on Buying a Burn Off Oven.” This booklet offers advice on what to look for when purchasing a burn off oven to strip paint and powder coating from racks, hooks, parts, etc. The literature illustrates with test and photographs the critical features in an oven and how to determine the best system for your application. Included categories are: Physical Features, Controls, Insulation System, Performance, Exhaust Stack, Accessories, Sizing, and Service. Circle 302 on reader service card

Poly Systems USA Inc. Bayonne, N.J.; www,

Technical data sheets are available describing Poly Systems’ Solvon line of cleaning and degreasing solvents. Included in the data sheets are a product description; a hst of physical properties; recommended applications; and compatibility, safety, and packaging information. Circle 303 on reader service card

Advanced Chemical Co. Warwick, RI.;

A color folder with several individual single-page inserts is

June 2003

Bulletin B1055-247/rev.A features Rosemount Analytical’s Solu Comp II Rinse Tank Control System. The 2-page, color bulletin explains what the system does, how is cuts down on operating costs, and lists its features. Circle 305 on reader service card




Belmont Metals Inc. Brooklyn, N. Y;

Belmont Metals has announced the publication of a Data Sheet AL-l, Aluminum. The 2-page, easy-toread data sheet describes the benefits and general applications as well as details the mechanical, physical, and chemical properties of pure aluminum. The sheet also offers valuable information on topics such as casting technique, melting, casting characteristics, joining, fabrication properties, and available forms and shapes. Circle 306 on reader service card


Ultrasonics Corp.

Danbury, Conn.; www. bransonicxom

Model DHA-1000 Ultrasonic Cleaning System is described in a 2page flyer from Branson Ultrasonics Corp. The key features and typical applications are listed along with a background on the firm.

Analytical Instruments Inc., Fitchburg, Mass.;

SPECTRO Analytical has released a new Application Report that documents a simple, cost-effective method of analyzing sludge from lubricant oil to determine the presence of trace quantities of selected elements. The report summarizes the results of laboratory tests conducted using the company’s TITAN benchtop ED-XRF spectrometer. Circle 308 on reader service card

GEI International


Syracuse, N.Y;

A new 48-page catalog, available from GE1 International, describes in detail with photographs many products for use in applications requiring accurate measurement, inspection, etc. Measuring devices from simple rulers to sophisticated optical microscopes capable of measuring as small as 0.0005 in. are featured in the catalog. Circle 309 on reader service card I



Roswell, Ga.;

Kimberly Clark’s 8-page, pocketsize guide, “‘A Reference Guide to Indoor Air Quality,” provides a glossary of common industry terms, formulas and conversion charts, a chart on typical particulate sizes, and technical data. The brochure also includes samples of INTREPID Filtration Media. Circle 310 on reader service card


Circle 307 on reader service card

Kueser Compressors Inc., Fredericksburg, Vu.; &eser Compressor 111~‘s updated

guide to selecting the right compressed air treatment equipment is now available. The B-page, color