Itching for success

Itching for success

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Adhesives need no surface preparation

3M’s latest structural adhesives are applied straight to the plastic.

MINNESOTA, USA, based 3M has added two products to its range of adhesives for low surface energy plastics. Scotch-Weld DP-8010 and DP-8010NS are two-part acrylicbased structural adhesives (10:1 ratio by volume) designed to replace screws, rivets, plastic welding and two-step processes which include chemical etchants, priming or surface treatments. 3M says the grades bond many plastics, including grades of polypropylene,

polyethylene and other thermoplastics without the need for surface preparation. Both adhesives have a quick handling strength for applications requiring fast assembly. Scotch-Weld DP-8010NS is a non-sag adhesive, and as such can be used where high viscosity is needed, such as bonding vertical surfaces. Cure takes place at room temperature and both products are resistant to water and humidity. Neither contain solvents. The adhesives are designed for application with the 3M™ EPX™ Plus II Application system to ensure proper mix ratios and thorough mixing. They are also available in bulk containers for use with appropriate meter mix equipment. 3M; tel: +1-800-567-1639, ext. 5013; website: adhesives.

Itching for success A PROTECTIVE cream developed by Ferro Industries Inc and occupational skin care specialist Stockhausen Inc aims to prevent contact dermatitis caused by working with glass fibre. The dual purpose skin protector, Stoko® Emulsion, is said to shrink the skin's pores in order to prevent glass fibre particles penetrating the epidermis and causing itchy irritation. Ferro says that the solvent and silicone free cream also acts like

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an anti-perspirant, reducing the amount of sweat produced by hands, particularly when wearing gloves, and therefore preventing contact dermatitis. Statistics compiled by the US Bureau of Labour show that an average of three days of work are lost by employees with dermatitis, resulting in a cost to industry of over US$1 billion in lost work days and productivity each year. Ferro Industries Inc; website:

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