John Crane expands in filtration

John Crane expands in filtration

NEWS Andritz opens new research centre for tissue A ndritz has inaugurated PrimeLineTIAC, its new tissue innovation and application centre in Graz,...

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Andritz opens new research centre for tissue


ndritz has inaugurated PrimeLineTIAC, its new tissue innovation and application centre in Graz, Austria. The PrimeLineTIAC comprises a complete, state-of-the-art tissue production line, including laboratory facilities for tests and trials to develop new products and processes in the tissue sector. It is available to tissue producers and suppliers, research and development companies and universities. Customers and developers can conduct tests and trials under many different conditions, for example to optimize fibres for a specific product, improve product qualities, increase dryness and reduce energy consumption. The impact of variables such as stock preparation, chemicals, vacuum, machine clothing, pressing and drying with hot air and steam can all be measured and evaluated accurately. For the trials, Andritz experts from the R&D, stock preparation, machine design and engineering, automation and pump departments are available for collaboration and discussions, while customers can also bring along their own team of specialists. The PrimeLineTIAC has its own complete stock preparation line together with an approach flow system. Different kinds of pulp can be processed in one production line, which is split into separate short fibre and long fibre lines. Andritz worked with a number of key partners on this project including Albany International Corp, Danfoss Drives, Fibria, IBS Paper Performance Group, Nash, Södra, Solenis, as well as Flowtec, Lantier, EDELVENT and the Kumera Corp. The PrimeLineTIAC is sponsored by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG as part of its R&D infrastructure promotion program. For further information, visit

Grundfos signs training MoU with the Saudi Council of Engineers


rundfos has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) 14

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to provide training to the council’s members across Saudi Arabia. Headquartered in Riyadh, the SCE operates under the supervision of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Commerce and has more than 240 000 engineers as members. The Grundfos training will provide recent graduates with basic skills and knowledge of how pumps work, pump applications, technologies and types, as well as the most sustainable solutions. The one-month courses, which include a mix of theory and practice, will be SCE-approved. There are further plans to offer advanced training to SEC’s more experienced members and to help engineering professionals stay at the forefront of the latest developments in pumps and water application systems. The MoU also extends to events and marketing activities and will create a platform for the exchange of knowledge. Grundfos Gulf Distribution FZE, which was incorporated in Dubai in 1989, is the regional headquarters of the company for Eastern Europe, Western Asia and Africa. For further information, visit

John Crane expands in filtration


miths Group plc, the parent company of mechanical seal specialist John Crane, has agreed to acquire Seebach GmbH, a provider of highly-engineered filtration solutions, from Avedon Capital Partners for an enterprise value of E60 million. When the deal closes, Seebach will be integrated into the John Crane division which already offers a range of oil and gas filtration products. Vellmar, Germany-based Seebach develops customized solutions for use in the automotive, chemical, mining, pharmaceutical, and food and drink industries, and for particle filtration in hot or chemically aggressive gases and fluids. Smiths says that the acquisition complements John Crane’s existing filtration operations and underlines its commitment to accelerate growth in the business. John Crane moved into filtration in 2008 when Smiths bought Indufil BV, a Dutch manufacturer of patented systems used for rotating equipment in the petrochemical and power sectors.

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