Latest telecom backup power trial for Acta, Chinese distribution

Latest telecom backup power trial for Acta, Chinese distribution

NEWS existing fuel cell powered forklift fleet is served by Air Products’ hydrogen fueling technology and infrastructure, including an outdoor liquid ...

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NEWS existing fuel cell powered forklift fleet is served by Air Products’ hydrogen fueling technology and infrastructure, including an outdoor liquid hydrogen storage and compression system, along with piping to multiple indoor fueling dispensers [FCB, November 2012, p7]. It is anticipated that the new logistics centre, which will be as large as the current vehicle assembly plant, will receive about 240 semitrailer truck deliveries daily, and the fuel cellpowered lift trucks will handle nearly 3 million automotive parts per day. Plug Power, Latham, New York, USA. Tel: +1 518 782 7700, Air Products, Hydrogen Energy: Mercedes-Benz US International:

PNNL project with Nuvera, Plug Power for refrigerated trucks


new project led by the US Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory will demonstrate tractor trailers whose transport refrigeration units (TRUs) are powered by hydrogen PEM fuel cells supplied by Nuvera and Plug Power. The four trucks will be deployed to transport perishable and frozen foods to grocery merchants in Texas, California, and New York. The fuel cells will do the work normally done by a small diesel engine, which keeps the cargo at the proper temperature while the trucks are making deliveries. Quiet operation and zero emissions from the TRU will mean that trucks can make deliveries at any time of day. Each truck will still be equipped with a main diesel engine for propulsion. ‘This is a great application for a fuel cell. A fuel cell can potentially provide a clean, quiet, and efficient alternative by powering the electric motor,’ says Kriston Brooks, the PNNL researcher leading a team to oversee and evaluate the two-year programme. Massachusetts-based Nuvera Fuel Cells and Plug Power in Albany, New York will each receive $650 000 from DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy; the companies will provide matching funds and labour. Each fuel cell powered refrigerated trailer will run for at least 400 h at each demonstration site, delivering goods from the distribution centres to stores or other outlets. In one project, Nuvera will work with Thermo King, a manufacturer of transport temperature 4

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control systems for a variety of mobile applications, to develop the refrigeration unit to keep the truck cool using Nuvera’s Orion™ PEM fuel cell stack. That truck will make deliveries for a Sysco food distribution facility in Riverside, California and for a San Antonio, Texas food distribution centre for the H-E-B grocery store chain [FCB, August 2009, p4]. In the other project, Plug Power will work with Carrier Transicold and Air Products to equip trucks making deliveries for a Sysco food distribution facility on Long Island, New York. The trucks will be equipped with Plug Power’s GenDrive® PEM fuel cell product [see the Plug Power feature in FCB, December 2011]. Both the Sysco and H-E-B facilities already use forklifts powered by hydrogen fuel cells, part of a trend fostered by DOE to increase industrial use of the technology. At both companies, the infrastructure to provide hydrogen for the fuel cells is already in place; the hydrogen is generated onsite from natural gas and water using Nuvera’s PowerTap™ hydrogen generator and refueling system. For the site using Plug Power technology, the hydrogen will be supplied by Air Products using an outdoor hydrogen dispenser. Contact: Mr Kriston Brooks, Applied Materials Science Group, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, Washington, USA. Tel: +1 509 372 4343, Email: [email protected], Web: Nuvera Fuel Cells, Billerica, Massachusetts, USA. Tel: +1 617 245 7500, Plug Power, Latham, New York, USA. Tel: +1 518 782 7700, Thermo King: Sysco: H-E-B: Carrier Transicold: Air Products, Hydrogen Energy:


Latest telecom backup power trial for Acta, Chinese distribution


talian-based Acta SpA has signed a contract with a new customer for a trial of its Acta Power backup power system, for a second major mobile telecoms company at a base station in the Philippines. Acta has also signed a distribution deal with Shanghai Sunwise Energy Systems to target the

Chinese backup power and energy storage markets. The Acta Power self-recharging backup power system incorporates a hydrogen PEM fuel cell from FutureE Fuel Cell Solutions (based on a Ballard stack) and Acta’s low-cost onboard hydrogen generation technology [FCB, May 2013, p4]. The modular system is available with a 2 kW or 4 kW power output and with a 500 or 1000 L/h alkaline hydrogen generator. It includes a wireless GSM communication module for remote management, control, alarm and assistance. The system uses filtered rainwater for its water supply, and avoids the cost and logistical barriers of hydrogen delivery to remote base stations. It competes on cost against diesel and battery solutions, and avoids the theft risk associated with diesel, battery, and methanol fuel cell systems. The first Acta Power trial in the Philippines was announced in July [FCB, July 2013, p1], building on trials in Africa [FCB, June 2013, p6] and Australia, all with major mobile telecom operators, and a separate renewable energy storage trial in the UK [FCB, August 2013, p7]. The new Philippines trial is in partnership with Lead Core Technology Systems Inc (LCTSI), which specialises in battery systems and engineering support services for telecoms and other industries. LCTSI will be Acta’s engineering and client services partner, responsible for installation and technical management of the trial, as well as promotion of the installed system within the client’s organisation. The trial unit will be shipped in October, and undergo initial testing onsite for one month prior to a two-month live trial at a grid-connected telecom base station. ‘We have seen a strong level of interest in the capabilities of the Acta Power among the major mobile phone operators in the Philippines, and we are delighted to be entering our second trial agreement there,’ says Acta’s chief executive Paolo Bert [see the Acta feature in FCB, September 2012]. ‘We believe there is an outstanding business opportunity in the region for our unique backup power system.’ Meanwhile, Acta has signed a non-exclusive distribution agreement for the Chinese backup power and energy storage markets, with Shanghai Sunwise Energy Systems. ‘We have received many enquiries for our products in China, and we look forward to being able to exploit commercially this enormous and difficult market thanks to the great experience Sunwise has gained in the Chinese hydrogen market,’ says Paolo Bert. The new partnership aims to strengthen distribution of Acta’s electrolysers and the Acta Power backup power system in the Chinese

September 2013

NEWS market. Sunwise believes there is also great potential for these products in applications such as banking, utilities, and hydrogen generation for transportation and industrial applications. Sunwise is a leading supplier of hydrogen energy systems and distributed energy systems and equipment for the Chinese market. Its business includes hydrogen supply and storage systems for industrial applications and transportation, hydrogen station design and engineering services, and distributed generation power plant development.

Africa, to conduct various levels of evaluation and demonstrations of its OorjaPac systems [FCB, June 2013, p6]. The MOU participants, including Powertech System Integrators and HySA Catalysis, aim to commercialise this Oorja product for deployment in the telecom tower market in South Africa.

Acta SpA, Crespina (Pisa), Italy. Tel: +39 050 644281,

European ene.field project installs first residential CHP units

Lead Core Technology Systems Inc, Philippines: Shanghai Sunwise Energy Systems: (in Chinese) Chinese Hydrogen Energy website: (in Chinese)

Oorja, Genersys ESS sign Latin American telecom market deal


alifornia-based Oorja Protonics has executed a three-year reseller agreement with Genersys Energia Solar Sabre (Genersys ESS) in Mexico City for the marketing, sale, and distribution of Oorja’s direct methanol fuel cells in the Latin American telecom market. The agreement includes committed revenue of $4.2 million for the sale of the OorjaPac™ family of products through Genersys ESS to various leading telecom carriers in Latin America. The agreement aims to have Genersys ESS integrate Oorja’s DMFC technology, and conduct various levels of demonstration and evaluation of the system. Genersys ESS is targeting the telecom and backup power system markets, and works with an extensive technology portfolio of products. The company has an established track record with leading telecom carriers for installing and managing large turnkey managed services, and plans to utilise its technical knowledge and experience of integration with various types of power generation and energy storage systems. The OorjaPac family of fuel cell products operates on widely available and low-cost liquid alcohol fuel [see the Oorja Protonics feature in FCB, March 2012]. This provides the benefit of minimal infrastructure requirement, making the fuel cells attractive for both existing and new facilities with a very attractive payback timescale. Oorja recently executed a Memorandum of Understanding with several entities in South

September 2013

Oorja Protonics, Fremont, California, USA. Tel: +1 510 659 1899, Genersys Energia Solar Sabre: (in Spanish)


he first two fuel cell-based combined heat and power (FC-CHP) units have been officially installed in Germany by the ene.field project partners Baxi Innotech and Elcore, in homes in Homburg and Munich, respectively. These units are the first of around 1000 small-scale FC-CHP units that will be installed and monitored in dwellings across a range of European countries throughout the project period [FCB, October 2012, p4]. The outcomes will provide the project team with a valuable, practical, and up-to-date dataset on domestic energy consumption and the applicability of small-scale CHP across Europe. ‘The ene.field project provides great support to increase the number of systems operating in European homes,’ says Dr Manfred Stefener, CEO of Elcore. ‘The data collected in the households will serve to generate a comprehensive report on the potential of fuel cells in Europe.’ The Elcore 2400 features the company’s high-temperature PEM (HT-PEM) fuel cell technology, and is rated at 300 W output power for 2400 kWh per annum of energy generation [FCB, May 2013, p1]. The project aims to extend the learnings from the practical implications of installing, operating, and supporting a fleet of fuel cells in homes throughout a number of European countries, and dealing with the variety of realworld customers across Europe. In this way ene. field will demonstrate the environmental and economic imperatives of small-scale FC-CHP, and lay the foundations for improved market exploitation in the near future. The ene.field project is co-funded by the European Commission’s Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU). It brings together 26 partners, including utilities and nine European manufacturers

Fuel Cell Seminar & Expo 21–24 October, Columbus, Ohio, USA The 2013 Fuel Cell Seminar & Energy Exposition, Featuring Hydrogen Fuel will bring together the fuel cell and hydrogen energy industries with their stakeholders and customers. This year’s theme is Fuel Cells and Natural Gas: Securing America’s Energy Future. Technical presentations The programme includes plenaries from Honda R&D Americas, the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association, University of Dayton, Drive Natural Gas Initiative, General Motors, Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, FuelCell Energy, California Fuel Cell Partnership, DOE Fuel Cell Technologies Office, Breakthrough Technologies Institute, Ohio State University, NASA Glenn Research Center, Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition, and the Aiken Center for Hydrogen Research. The technical sessions cover portable power, industry status, military (including unmanned vehicles), APUs, telecom backup, commercialisation & market analysis, aerospace, fuel conversion & handling, fuel cells for transportation applications, hydrogen utilisation & infrastructure, materials handling applications, advanced fuel cell components & systems, transportation fuel cells R&D, membrane and fuel cell component R&D, stationary applications & market economics, SOFC developments, SOFC materials & modeling, biogas & biofuel cells, hydrogen production & storage, CHP, fuel processing, high-temperature fuel cells, PEMFC components & systems, education, and fuel cell education & technology at Ohio State University. There will also be an extensive set of poster presentations. Exposition The Expo showcases US and international companies and organisations with the latest developments, technologies, and products in the fuel cell and hydrogen energy industries. It includes the Supply Chain Exchange, a networking event for suppliers from Ohio and the Midwest to connect with national and international integrators. There will also be a Ride & Drive. Short courses and workshops The main meeting will be preceded by short courses including Trigeneration, Waste, Trigeneration, Waste to Energy Biogas, Smart Grid, and Infrastructure. Industry and research facilities tour There will be a full-day tour of industry and research facilities in the area, including the Ohio State Center for Automotive Research, Battelle, Honda’s Marysville Auto Plant, and the Transportation Research Center. Website:

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