The following advertisers have supported The Home Study Program that appears in this issue. CHILDBIRTH GRAPHICS Childbirth Graphics announces the lau...

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The following advertisers have supported The Home Study Program that appears in this issue. CHILDBIRTH GRAPHICS

Childbirth Graphics announces the launch of a new product line to help parents understand pain relief options in labor and birth. Developed by nationally recognized childbirth educator Penny Simkin, PT, the five-product series includes a 23" × 35" full-color chart and 24-page booklet that explains anesthesia and analgesia options, as well as n o n p h a r m a c o l o g i c pain relief methods. Another chart helps mothers clarify their feelings and preferences about pain medications and includes suggestions for labor partners, doulas, and caregivers to help the laboring woman achieve her goals. The same information also is available on convenient pads of tear-off sheets. A series of 24 double-sided flashcards explains medications used in labor and birth, addressing benefits and risks, usage tips, alternatives, and when they are used. The series will premiere in May mailings of the Childbirth Graphics catalog. The catalog includes models, videos, and printed materials for educating parents and professionals about all aspects of the childbirth experience. For a free copy of the catalog, call tollfree (800) 299-3366, extension 287, or fax toll-free to (888) 9777653. The Childbirth Graphics i n t e r n e t site is at h t t p : / /, and E-mail goes to [email protected] com.

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LifeStyles is the largest supplier of condoms to health care agencies in the United States. A team of inhouse specialists work with public sector and institutional accounts to meet their requirements. Discounted pricing, the largest variety of packaging and types of condoms available, quick delivery, easy ordering, and technical support are some of the reasons why LifeStyles is and continues to be the market leader for the past 20 years. If you are considering distributing condoms through your health care facility, contact customer service for information on pricing and products at 1-800-3278659. At LifeStyles, education is considered an important part of the program. In response to customers' requests, educational kits called PEP Talk I and II were developed. The first kit sold out. The current kit stresses basic AIDS education. It features a video hosted by Whoopi Goldberg, along with an assortment of handouts and other instructional aids. Excellent for teens, the video encourages abstinence and also discusses prevention.

Innovative marketing programs in the retail area have made LifeStyles the fastest growing brand in the retail condom market. The Safer Sex in the 90's video contest reached into

the community and asked the questions "How would you write a condora commercial?" and "How does LifeStyles need to direct the message so that safer sex commercials are heard through the clutter?" Contest winners won cash awards. The winning commercials can be seen on cable TV as well as on the company's web site at For more information on the above call 1-800-327-8659. Your comments are always welcome.


MedaSonics, Inc., the market leader in fetal Dopplers for 25 years, manufactures and markets the new First Beat ~ fetal Doppler. Only First Beat, the new "blue" UItrasound Stethoscope ® from MedaSonics, offers Early Detection Mode (EDM) for increased sensitivity in detecting early pregnancy without switching probes. Plus, with the new noise reduction feature, initial contact noise is eliminated, allowing fetal heart sounds to resonate clearly. First Beat is smaller than the original blue model and has an integrated speaker/heart rate display. It still fits comfortably in the palm of your hand or your pocket. First Beat can plug into all MedaSonics headsets, pocket or tabletop speakers. First Beat, like all MedaSonics

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